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TCA Copywriting

TCA Copywriting: Notes from the Other Side of the Desk

Generally, the TCA copywriting projects I work on keep me behind the pen. Frankly, it’s where I’m in my element. Figuring out the best course of action, delving into the psyche of a client’s target market, and constructing smart, crisp copy all form part of a thrilling adventure that also happens to pay the bills.

Although fleshing out ideas in an effort to squeeze every drop of profit out of a product or service is an exciting challenge, it’s refreshing to tackle a project from a different angle. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a dynamic team of writers, providing guidance and feedback when necessary.

Creating a Cohesive Writing Team

Establishing a cohesive team isn’t rocket science, it’s management 101. If you’ve ever lead a group, you know the importance of working towards a common goal. It’s about creating an effective team that works like a well-oiled copywriting machine.

Working with freelancers sprinkled across the globe sounds more daunting than it really is. Yes, time zones do pose a dreadful problem, especially when you’re facing a deadline crisis at 3.a.m. Sometimes, you just have to take a hit for the team, grab extra caffeine, and get to work. After all, it’s not only for the good of the project, but also for the good of the group. Show you are willing to go the extra mile and it’s likely your team will follow.

Although interaction depends on the project, you should respond to any communication within a reasonable amount of time. When you’re addressing questions or concerns, share the information with everyone. It saves time and unnecessary frustration in the end. The last thing you want is several emails asking the same thing.

Be friendly and consistent because no one likes a mean boss. If you’re approachable, you’ll find there are fewer hiccups.

We’re All Just Human

Let’s face it, the sting of criticism burns, and it burns badly. You’ll be hard-pressed to find writers who enjoy having their copy ripped to shreds. However, feedback is still a valuable tool that will inevitably help your team improve the quality of their work.

Evaluate sales copy constructively while keeping in mind you have a client to please. Supply feedback in increments to help reduce a writer’s feeling of overwhelm. You’ll find your team less resistant to changes you suggest, which allows both the writing and editing processes to flow smoothly.

Compromise and Take a Risk

Picture of TCA Copywriting Tips

Introduction to TCA Copywriting

Every now and then, you’ll question whether a piece of copy is suitable for a client’s project. If you’re certain the style of writing simply won’t fly, then don’t let it pass your desk. However, on the rare occasion your gut instinct tells you to take a chance, pitch it to the client as an option. Both you and the client may be pleasantly surprised. If not, then you can easily fix the problem with a fresh draft of copy.

Keep in mind copywriters have instincts too, so you won’t always see eye to eye. No one ever said compromise was easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. It’s your call, but consider sharing the copy with your client, even if it’s only to gain valuable feedback.

Don’t Let the Talent Get Away

There’s no doubt you’ll face a smorgasbord of writing styles when working with a group of talented wordsmiths. Despite the fact you may need to implement some sense of uniformity with regards to style, there’s a good chance you’ll find a few gems among the mix. These writers have a pure knack for selling.

If you happen to find such a gem, then encourage the individual to see the project through to its conclusion. Depending on the nature of the project, writers will drop out or join your team at various stages. Keep as many of them on-board as possible, as long it’s not to the detriment of the final product.

Whether you’re a project manager or writer, we’re interested to hear about your challenges and triumphs working with a group. Share your team’s stories in the comment section below. We’ll also gladly answer any questions you have about TCA copywriting and our other content services.

Write Sales Copy

Write Sales Copy Effectively


writing sales copy pointersHit the Bull’s-eye

Do you struggle to write sales copy that’s effective, compelling, and hits the mark with your prospect? If your answer is yes, then you might not be laying enough groundwork. It simply isn’t reasonable to throw a few persuasive words together and expect them to sell your product.

Believe it or not, your work begins long before your finger tips even hit the keyboard. In fact, if you don’t spend time on the blueprint, it is a wonder how you manage to write any sales copy at all. Consider the following four pillars you’ll place the strength of your copy on and determine how you can make them stronger.


writing sales copy pointersUnderstand the Product or Service

Whether you’re selling a miracle formula designed to stop a receding hairline in its tracks or cupcake mix, researching your product or service is essential. If you don’t know what you’re working with, there’s no way you’re going to sell it.

The bottom line is that you need to know your product or service inside out and then some. Get down to the nitty-gritty by fleshing out your offering. Make sure you know everything there possibly is to know about the features and benefits. Also, determine what sets this specific product or service apart from the rest. What makes it so unique that your prospect won’t find it anywhere else? Keep in mind, this could be a combination of factors. Sometimes you have to sell the perfect blend of benefits instead of relying on just one.

Sales Copy Tip IconTip! Be truthful when writing your copy and don’t create hype where there isn’t any. Readers can sense when a product or service is masquerading as something it’s not.


writing sales copy pointersUnderstand the Client

If you’re writing sales copy for someone else, there’s no room for misunderstandings. It’s a waste of your time, and it’s a waste of your client’s time. We all know that time is money, so get it right in the beginning. Ask the right questions and you’ll quickly see your copy align with your client’s expectations.

Find out what your client envisions for the copy and what message he or she wants the potential buyer to receive. This type of information will help you craft copy that not only fits in with the client’s brand, but helps sell effectively. Build trust and credibility and you’ll be well on your way to higher conversion rates.


writing sales copy pointersUnderstand the Prospect

hire the content authority for sales copy

Hire Us for Writing Your Sales Copy

You have to know who your buyers are and why they’re buying. The importance of target market research cannot be stressed enough. Besides information on target demographics, geography, culture and economics, you need to look at aspects such as behavior and trends. Qualify your prospects; they must have a need for your product, or service, they must have the money to spend, and they must have the authority to buy.

When you write your sales copy, make sure you write from the perspective of a potential buyer. Then ask yourself whether or not you would buy the product or service. If not, you should assess the reasons why and revise your copy.


writing sales copy pointersUnderstand the Project

Before you embark on any project, always make certain you understand what it entails. Sales copy comes in many different formats and styles. Often the wrong mix spells disaster. Determine where your copy will be used and how it will be used. Are you writing direct mail letters, marketing emails, sales letters, forum ads, etc.? Whatever type of sales copy it might be, have a look on the Internet for examples of successful pieces. Study why the piece is successful and find ways to improve yours.

Reassess these four pillars whenever you write sales copy that doesn’t produce results. Always make sure your copy is built on the information each pillar provides. You will find you’re producing effective and powerful copy in no time at all.

Writing Sales Copy

Writing Sales Copy: Crafting Words that Sell

Writing sales copy is tough work. It requires an immense amount of research, plenty of brainstorming, and a good dose of marketing savvy. These days you can’t turn a corner without seeing some form of sales copy, especially on the web. The simple fact is that it’s a very necessary part of creating success. No matter what type of website you own, you need impressive copy to get people reading and most importantly, buying.

Why Writing Sales Copy Is So Important

Copywriting isn’t about fancy verbiage and a driving call to action. It’s about promoting yourself and your website in such a way that you build your brand, boost traffic, and generate leads. It’s about establishing credibility and trust, and connecting with your prospect on a personal level.

Writing exceptional sales copy is a vital part of a marketing strategy you cannot afford to ignore. You need copy that demands the attention of the public and motivates them to visit your website. Copywriting helps you present a clear and consistent message to your prospects. You can tell them who you are, what you’re about, and why they should listen to what you have to say.

In addition, well written SEO copy improves your search engine rankings, resulting in an increase in eyeballs viewing your offer and a push in revenue. Ultimately, you need promotional copy to give you a competitive advantage over rival sites.

When You Need Sales Copy Written By a Professional

Sales copy is somewhat temperamental. Chuck the wrong ingredients together and your conversion rates start throwing a tantrum. This is when you might consider investing in the services of a professional copywriter.

Launching a new product or service – You need to send new products or services out into the world with the right message. Copywriters can help you craft a message that not only promotes your offering, but stays true to your brand. They understand your product or service, and they understand your target, which puts them in a position to pitch your offer successfully.

A sign depicting the idea of how to write good sales copy

The How-To of Writing Sales Copy

Implementing a marketing campaign – Running a marketing campaign is a major undertaking. Your copy needs to be pitched at many different levels, using many different platforms. A professional will adapt your promotional material to speak to a variety of audiences through several different marketing mediums.

  • When you need an expert’s advice – You’ll need to rely on a copywriter if you have no clue about the art of writing sales copy. These talented individuals have the tools and know-how to push your promotional material in the right direction.
  • When your current sales copy stinks – Let’s face it, you rely on good conversion rates for revenue. After all, you have business expenses to meet each month, and your family can’t starve. When your conversion rates are at rock bottom, it’s time to think about what a professional can do for you. A copywriter can adapt the wording to meet current trends and consumer behaviors, while putting the sparkle back into your copy. With a few changes, you’ll have fresh copy that sells.
  • When too much is at stake – Sometimes the risk is far too high to write your own promotional material. There’s no sense in taking a chance when it could cost you dearly. Rather look at a copywriter as a valuable asset to your business and spend the money on a skilled individual.
  • When you need a fresh perspective – There are times when you are simply too close to your offering. You have a thorough understanding of the ins and outs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to speak to your audience. As a result, you could entirely miss the point that hits home with your target.

Writing good copy that sells is a skill copywriters spend many years studying and practicing. Their talent can bring your business far more revenue than you’ll spend on their fees. The bottom line: don’t settle for mediocre writing when you can have brilliant copy that boosts your profits.

What Is Copywriting?

What Is Copywriting?

If you’ve only just joined the Internet marketing game, you’re probably searching for answers to that all-important question: what is copywriting? Simply stated, copywriting is the art of writing persuasively. However, writing persuasively is far more complex than it seems. While you will soon find out there is plenty to learn about creating compelling copy, below you will find a brief breakdown of the basics, and how you can use it to benefit your business.

Eliminating the Confusion: Copywriting vs. Content Writing

On your journey to Internet marketing stardom, “content writing” and “copywriting” are terms you will come across regularly. Some people make the unfortunate mistake of using them interchangeably, but they are, in fact, two very different things. Each presents its own sticky challenges and the level of difficulty in mastering them varies for every individual.

Copywriting refers to the specialized art of writing promotional literature that motivates people to take a particular action. It is an integral component of both offline and online marketing, and provides you with the opportunity to set your business apart from your competitors. Copywriting is convincing, persuasive, and highly interactive. It’s the strategic and effective use of words to target the psychological and emotional triggers of your prospects.

In comparison to content writing, copywriting highlights the benefits of products and services while connecting directly with the reader. Promotional literature generally includes sales copy, sales letters, billboards, advertisements, posters, direct mail pieces, sales scripts, product brochures, websites, multimedia, and many other forms of written marketing material.

Content writing, on the other hand, refers to writing that informs and educates readers. While you can use it to prompt people to buy, it is not always used for promotional purposes. A blog entry is the perfect example of content writing.

Copywriting: Your Business Boosting Friend

Copywriting is extremely powerful if used correctly. It allows you to craft a message that resonates with your target audience, ensuring your sales skyrocket. With the right words, you can create a buzz about your business and captivate your target market almost effortlessly. As a result, your traffic increases, your leads increase, and your conversion rates go through the roof. Investing in effective copywriting is really investing in your financial future.

Making a connection with prospects is an essential part of marketing. Compelling, conversational copy not only allows you to make that important connection, but it can take your business from mediocre to exceptional. The livelihood of your company depends on how well you communicate your message through your promotional material. Make sure your copy isn’t just good, make sure it’s great.

Search engine optimized copy has an additional advantage, as it can improve your website’s rankings drastically. Your copy can provide your business with powerful positing in all major search engines. The potent blend of competitive keywords and persuasive writing is an unbeatable combination. Creating this combination is a talent that requires more than simply being able to write. Few people become true experts, which is why professional copywriters sometimes command a small fortune for their craft. It’s no wonder why they demand high fees either, since their skill will bring your company a fortune.

So, in a nutshell, what is copywriting? Copywriting is about being influential. It’s about tapping into the hearts and minds of your target audience and understanding their needs. It’s about providing them with what they want and solving their problems. It’s about giving them a reason to trust you, believe in you, and buy from you. Now all you need to decide is whether you’re going to learn to write impressive copy yourself, or hire a professional.

Writing Good Copy

The Mechanics of Writing Good Copy

Writing good copy requires practice, and plenty of trial and error. Copywriting is like being handed all the parts to a complex machine, and then being told there’s no manual included. Although you’ll pick up tips and advice along the way, and you might vaguely know what each component is supposed to look like, you’re the person responsible for making all those precious parts work in harmony.

With copywriting the results are always different, but if you know what each component is for and how you can use it to your advantage, you’ll be able to produce sales pieces with high conversion rates almost effortlessly. Some components are easier to master than others, but as long as you continue to make progress, you’ll find you can excel in the field of copywriting.

#1 Captivating Headlines

The headline is your first opportunity to intrigue your readers. If you can’t grab attention and spark interest, the chances are you won’t get people to read any further. To write a fantastic headline, you need to know your target market deeply. Step into their shoes for a moment to find out about their objectives and what motivates them. Use the information to create compelling headlines that attract.

Reel the right people in by promising them a benefit that meets their objective. When readers believe they have something to gain from what you have to say, they are more likely to give your copy a chance. Whether you make a shocking statement, use a question to provoke curiosity, make a bold promise followed by a guarantee, or simply employ a commanding tone, you must generate a sense of curiosity and make people believe that reading your copy is worthwhile.

#2 Reader Focus

The way you write will influence the way people think, and feel. Most importantly, your copy will influence how they behave. Sure, your aim is to write promotional material, but if you don’t focus on the reader, your potential to gain a new client is lost. Empathize; make your readers feel you understand their problem. People want you to show them how you can make their lives better by solving their problems.

#3 A Relevant Message

Again, this element of writing good copy requires you to understand your target market deeply. In other words, write for the right people. For example, if you’re selling ready-made meals and you’re targeting working moms, then your copy needs to help working moms relate to your message.

Create a bond with these women. Empathize with the fact that the last thing they want to do is stand in the kitchen preparing a meal when there’s laundry to do and homework to supervise. Show them how they’ll benefit from the convenience of having ready-made meals on hand. Explain how spending less time slaving away in the kitchen will give them more quality time to relax and catch up with their kids. Explain how nutritious your meals are, so they realize they are taking care of their family’s health at the same time.

In essence, your copy should make a personal impact that triggers both the emotional and psychological triggers of a specific group of individuals.

#4 A Conversational Tone

Writing good copy means writing in the way you talk. A conversational tone keeps your copy from sounding boring and stuffy, which helps keep people tuned in to what you’re saying. It also helps you make a connection with people, which is important if they’re ever going to trust you.

#5 Communicate, Don’t Confuse

Marketing hype, fancy language, and technical jargon do nothing for your copy. Keep your language simple, clean, understandable, and polished if you want to keep people reading. Use persuasive, clear, and logical arguments to convince your target market that what you’re offering is best.

Great writing is free of ambiguity. It flows well, it makes sense, and it’s concise. It isn’t littered with common spelling and grammatical errors. There should be a clear thought process that leads your reader to take action. Claptrap only confuses, it doesn’t communicate your message.

#6 Provide Social Proof

Social proof shows that people have used your product and seen results, which can boost your sales drastically. You can add testimonials, quotes, statistics, and reviews to your copy. Showing that people find your product or service helpful can help to solidify your credibility.

#7 Promote Unique Benefits

Don’t make the mistake of confusing features with benefits. Features tell us about the product; benefits sell the product. Consider the ready-made meals example again; features might include microwave-friendly packaging and nutritional information, while benefits include convenience and extra leisure time.

Benefits let consumers know what rewards are in it for them. You can use persuasive writing to create an emotionally charged picture of what a reader’s life could be like if she simply placed her order. Find a benefit about the product that sets it apart and then promote its uniqueness. Show working moms why they should purchase your meals instead of paying a visit to their local store and getting something from the freezer.

#8 A Driving Call to Action

A call to action is not only about telling people what to do next, but it’s also about motivating them. You’ve guided them through the entire sales pitch, now is the time to get them to make a decision. Inspire your prospects to take the action you want them to take, whether it’s signing up for membership, filling in a form, downloading an e-book, or buying. Let them know they’ll be missing out if they decide to click away from the page. You need to direct them, so they’ll respond positively.

When you learn to master each of these elements, you’ll find that writing good copy comes easily and naturally. You’ll also find that you quickly learn what works best for a certain product and what doesn’t. The slightest change in your copy can mean a dramatic change in conversion rates, so keep testing your sales pieces to achieve the results you desire.

Hiring a Copywriter

important graphic about copywriters

8 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter

Being a copywriter means far more than simply slapping a few powerful words together. No one can honestly expect to produce a decent conversion rate using this method. It is a profession that requires tons of focus and talent. The art of writing copy is complex, which is why hiring a professional has several benefits.

Bullet Point Graphic Arrow 1. Send the Right Message Effectively

Sending a strong brand message through your copy is vital to your business. A good writer possesses the ability to take your vision and convey it to your target audience perfectly. Letting your readers receive a brand message that is as clear as dishwater is something you simply cannot afford. Ambiguity and inconsistency have no place in copywriting, which is why you need an expert to provide clear and cohesive messaging.

Bullet Point Graphic Arrow2. Connect With Your Target Market

People want you to connect with them. They do not want to hear a bland marketing spiel that makes them feel mislead and alienated. You need punchy, entertaining copy that grabs attention and generates interest. A copywriter can help you make that precious connection with your target market. In addition, a professional can write for multiple social media platforms, helping you spread your message extensively, and in ways that will make your reader feel connected to you.

Bullet Point Graphic Arrow3. Fresh Ideas

Professional copywriters are loaded with original, creative, and entertaining ideas for engaging copy. They offer a fresh perspective, which is extremely beneficial during times when your content seems stale. Don’t look at hiring a skilled professional as an additional expense, but rather an investment. You’ll find that the knowledge brought to your team is invaluable, and you won’t be complaining when you start to see results in your rising sales.

Bullet Point Graphic Arrow4. Avoid Writers Block

Writing isn’t always easy. It can become time-consuming, tiring, and it can often suck the creativity right out of you when you least expect it. Every writer goes through a dry spell where the words just don’t seem to flow. Times like this can be frustrating, and there is no doubt it has reduced many to tears. However, forcing out content that’s below par can hurt you and it can hurt your company. Rather hand your project over to a professional and watch as your ideas are weaved into works of wonder. You will not only benefit from exceptional copy, but you’ll save your sanity.

Bullet Point Graphic Arrow5. Achieve the Right Tone

Copywriters are trained to adapt their writing tone and style to suit your business needs. Whether you need copy that’s conversational, informational, or promotional, an experienced writer can provide you with content that’s relevant to your audience. This type of versatility results in more visits, which leads to more sales.

Bullet Point Graphic Arrow6. Search Engine Optimized Copy

Copywriters understand how important SEO is to your business. They know how to use keywords, and they know how to use them strategically. By employing a professional, you’ll benefit from balanced keyword rich content that doesn’t tip the scale and alarm search engines. A great writer knows how to integrate SEO into your messaging, ensuring you are seen and heard. In essence, a copywriter can help protect your high search engine rankings. In addition, copywriters can apply SEO techniques to any type of copy you need, whether it’s for your blog, website, or online sales letter.

Bullet Point Graphic Arrow7. Persuasive Copy

Convincing and persuasive copy is the key to getting those highly sought-after conversion rates. A copywriter knows how to hook your prospects and get them to take action. Besides triggering the right emotions, they can make customers believe and trust you. They can tackle your project from a variety of unique angles and craft an influential and compelling message to perfection.

Bullet Point Graphic Arrow8.  World Class Content

Professional copywriters are researchers, writers, editors, and proofreaders all built into one. They spend a significant amount of time looking at various resources, so that you receive something unique. They have an excellent grasp on using language correctly, which means there won’t be a spelling or grammatical error in sight. They check their facts, don’t plagiarize, and they provide content worth reading.

Overall, a copywriter adds great value to your copy and your business. Although most people can string a sentence together, it doesn’t necessarily mean others want to read it. Hiring a professional to join your team ensures you save time, increase sales, and build your brand. Ultimately, you’ll have access to competitive copy that blows your competition right out of the water.

Copywriting Tips

Learn how to Create Killer Copy | 5 Basic Copywriting Tips

Truth be told, if you’re not crafting pieces with the following copywriting tips in mind, you’re probably not achieving the results you’re capable of producing. There’s no denying that words are a powerful drug. They evoke emotions, they create perception, and they influence behaviors. The way you use words to persuade and convince says a lot about your ability as a copywriter.

Your job is to produce compelling, interactive copy that sells. Part of your mission is to turn browsers into buyers, which you’re not going to do with stale, boring writing. When your content lacks that likeability factor, or repels instead of attracts, you need to consider where you’re going wrong.

Let’s face it; if your sales pieces aren’t converting at 100% there is always room for improvement. In fact, expert copywriters never stop honing their skills. The ever-evolving writing industry demands that you stay on top of trends and adapt accordingly.

Provide Entertainment Value

People hate reading bland copy that sounds like a lecture. They want you to engage and entertain them, while still providing them with the facts. A dash of humor often makes all the difference. Become a storyteller, and help people relate to you. Your aim should be to trigger the right emotions, as well as your reader’s imagination. They want to feel you understand their problem, and they want you to solve it. Entertaining copy gets your sales piece read.

Write Crisp, Clean Copy

Exceptional copy is readable, understandable, and uncluttered. Present your thoughts in short paragraphs, avoid jargon, and use a format that’s easy on the eye. Don’t be cryptic either, because the last thing you want is for your audience to walk away in confusion. Since many people browse, make certain you use bold headlines appropriately. Great copywriters get the message across, even when people simply scan the page.

Create Interactive Copy

Interactive copy is about creating curiosity, generating believability, conducting one-on-one conversations with people, and motivating your reader to click on links and take action. You have to be direct if you want to direct people. In addition to telling them what to do, tell them why and how they should do it. Use verbs!

Practice Word Economy

When it comes to copywriting, short, sharp, convincing sentences are the order of the day. Most people detect fluff within the first few words, which generally leads them to believe the article holds no real value. The best copywriters make every word count by making sure they promote and sell a product or service in as few words as possible. You’ll find these are the writers landing gigs without much effort.

Present the Facts and Promote the Benefits

Don’t create hype where there isn’t any, don’t be pushy, and don’t lie. People want you to get to the point, and they want to know how the product or service you’re promoting is going to fulfill their needs. When they perceive value in what you’re offering they are more willing to part ways with their cash. Keep it simple, tell the truth, and present a positive message in your copy. When people believe you’re being honest with them, they will trust you. This helps establish credibility and a reputation that boosts sales.

No matter where you are on your journey as a copywriter, you can use these copywriting tips to sharpen your skills and hone your talent. Words are your strength; don’t let them be your weakness. Although you may find it rough when you begin your career, keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Always remember that what you write is often the difference between making a fortune and bankruptcy.

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