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Hey there!  So glad you decided to stop by our About Us page… You must be interested in learning a bit more about… well, us… Here you go…

The Content Authority was founded in 2009 and is run by a nimble team made up of a developer, an operations guy and me – a marketer.

I started The Content Authority 10 years ago because the way in which content was purchased, delivered and presented for marketers and agencies was too confusing, too disorganized and way too slow for everyone.  These days the business of content is much more streamlined, easy to manage and cost effective for most anyone wanting to source it through sites like The Content Authority.

So the difference between content companies today is all about utilization of technology, support and integration into systems that marketers & agencies already use and are looking to make their lives more simplified.  I look forward to the next several years as we further improve upon our base platform to create the technology systems that support and integrate where you are.

Do you want to connect? I’m the only Shawn Manaher in the entire world, so you should find me pretty easy! 🙂

Chief Ideas Guy at The Content Authority