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Learn the ABC’s of a Moneymaking Sales Page

Learn the ABC’s of a Moneymaking Sales Page

Learn the ABC’s of a Moneymaking Sales Page

(Part One)

Creating an effective sales page requires a perfect blend of components that communicate the right message and persuade the right audience. Not only should you have a deep understanding of your product and prospect, you should also have a thorough understanding of the essential components and their purpose. Consider how each of these elements affects the success of your copy before you put on your writing cap.

number 1 icon for sale pagesAn Irresistible Headline

Purpose: The headline grabs attention, cultivates interest, pre-qualifies your prospect and makes a promise. That’s a lot of pressure for one sales page component, which is why it’s the most important. Honestly, you can’t afford to make a hash of your headline if you want to compel your prospect to read further.

Tip: The perfect headline speaks to the needs, and desires of readers, while promising a result that will meet their objectives. Conduct exhaustive research on your target market and identify the ultimate hook. Practice writing powerful headlines that sell to your target.

number 2 icon for sales page opening An Opening That Tempts

Purpose: Opening paragraphs are designed to entice readers to keep on reading. This is your opportunity to establish a relationship through emotional affinity and trust. Connect with your readers by empathizing with their problem and elaborating on your headline’s promise. Explain that you have the solution; the answer they simply must have.

Tip: Keep your opening paragraphs juicy and intriguing enough, so your prospects want to learn more about your offer. If you make your entire marketing spiel within the first few paragraphs, the chances are you won’t get them to the “buy” button all the way at the bottom of your page.

icon number 3 sales page opening headlineCaptivating and Compelling Sub-headlines

Purpose: Sub-headlines act as bait for scrollers, and they persuade your prospect to continue reading the copy. They are perfect for highlighting key points, breaking up your text, and grabbing attention. Most importantly, they tell your reader about the following portion of copy. A skilled copywriter can write sub-headlines that convey the right message even if a prospect merely skims the page.

Tip: Concentrate on writing sub-headlines that keep your reader hooked. Study successful sales copy and consider how the sub-headlines keep you reading. Determine what makes them work and then apply the same principles when writing your own.

icon number 4 sales page imagesPictures That Speak A Thousand Words

Purpose: Images provide visual proof and help establish credibility, besides breaking up the monotony of the text. Visual representations help strengthen your copy and give you an advantage by proving the business, service, product, or claim exists. If you have images that convey the benefits, or even the quality, you up the stakes further. The reality is consumers are more likely to purchase something they can see. They want to know what the product looks like, so they have an idea of what to expect.

sales page and satisfaction go hand and hand

Importance of Consumer Satisfaction

In addition, adding a professional photograph of yourself allows your prospect to make a connection with you. This goes a long way in establishing credibility and trust. You want your prospect to feel as comfortable as possible about making a purchase, so consider attaching a picture to your name.

Tip: Whether you’re using images of your product, screen shots, or a photograph of yourself, make certain it looks professional and complements the layout of your sales page. Also, make sure the images add value to your copy. Don’t add them simply to fill space; they must communicate something about your offer visually.

While these four components barely touch the tip of the iceberg, they have a huge impact on the success of your sales page. In the next installment, we’ll discuss components that add value to your offer, allow you to strengthen the emotional connection between you and your prospect, and much more. Stay tuned for part two!