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Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips

Learn how to Create Killer Copy | 5 Basic Copywriting Tips

Truth be told, if you’re not crafting pieces with the following copywriting tips in mind, you’re probably not achieving the results you’re capable of producing. There’s no denying that words are a powerful drug. They evoke emotions, they create perception, and they influence behaviors. The way you use words to persuade and convince says a lot about your ability as a copywriter.

Your job is to produce compelling, interactive copy that sells. Part of your mission is to turn browsers into buyers, which you’re not going to do with stale, boring writing. When your content lacks that likeability factor, or repels instead of attracts, you need to consider where you’re going wrong.

Let’s face it; if your sales pieces aren’t converting at 100% there is always room for improvement. In fact, expert copywriters never stop honing their skills. The ever-evolving writing industry demands that you stay on top of trends and adapt accordingly.

Provide Entertainment Value

People hate reading bland copy that sounds like a lecture. They want you to engage and entertain them, while still providing them with the facts. A dash of humor often makes all the difference in copywriting. Become a storyteller, and help people relate to you. Your aim should be to trigger the right emotions, as well as your reader’s imagination. They want to feel you understand their problem, and they want you to solve it. Entertaining copy gets your sales piece read.

Write Crisp, Clean Copy

Exceptional copy is readable, understandable, and uncluttered. Present your thoughts in short paragraphs, avoid jargon, and use a format that’s easy on the eye. Don’t be cryptic either, because the last thing you want is for your audience to walk away in confusion. Since many people browse, make certain you use bold headlines appropriately. Great copywriters get the message across, even when people simply scan the page.

Create Interactive Copy

Interactive copy is about creating curiosity, generating believability, conducting one-on-one conversations with people, and motivating your reader to click on links and take action. You have to be direct if you want to direct people. In addition to telling them what to do, tell them why and how they should do it. Use verbs!

Practice Word Economy

When it comes to copywriting, short, sharp, convincing sentences are the order of the day. Most people detect fluff within the first few words, which generally leads them to believe the article holds no real value. The best copywriters make every word count by making sure they promote and sell a product or service in as few words as possible. You’ll find these are the writers landing gigs without much effort.

Present the Facts and Promote the Benefits

Don’t create hype where there isn’t any, don’t be pushy, and don’t lie. People want you to get to the point, and they want to know how the product or service you’re promoting is going to fulfill their needs. When they perceive value in what you’re offering they are more willing to part ways with their cash. Keep it simple, tell the truth, and present a positive message in your copy. When people believe you’re being honest with them, they will trust you. This helps establish credibility and a reputation that boosts sales.

No matter where you are on your journey as a copywriter, you can use these copywriting tips to sharpen your skills and hone your talent. Words are your strength; don’t let them be your weakness. Although you may find it rough when you begin your career, keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Always remember that what you write is often the difference between making a fortune and bankruptcy.