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Literary Ingenuity of The Content Authority Ignites Search Engine Success!

Integrating well-written content into a company website is the backbone of all online business success.  Currently, backlink building and on-page SEO are the craze of Cyberspace marketing.  Heeding such hints can be helpful and highly valuable. Such strategies must be put into proper context, however.

Despite the most diligent application of the latest high-tech literary adaptations, a basic truth remains unchanged.  The simple fact is that taking an e-business to the pinnacles of profitability requires scrupulous avoidance of being so bogged down in the “trees” that you become blind to the surrounding “forest.”

Compelling Content Is Clearly Key

Why do soap opera viewers repeatedly tune into favored television networks time after time for their next daytime drama “fix“?  Program content, of course!

One 1970s nighttime TV series was so popular that local officials all across American noted detectable decreases in municipal water pressure immediately after its finale episode aired. Millions of simultaneous toilet flushes caused this fascinating phenomenon.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

High-quality written content yields similar results for web-based businesses. Like oxygen and a fledgling open flame, online prominence and profitability are self-sustaining and mutually maintaining.

To ignite a fire, you must first strike a match. Likewise, incorporating superior content into your webpage is the first step to incite phenomenal commercial success.  An initial stroke of literary ingenuity is all it takes to instigate the chain reaction of mutual attraction.

Anatomy of a Beneficial Business Cycle

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Written Content For Business Websites




The following illustration highlights exactly what happens immediately after good written content goes live on your commercial website:
First, very intrigued site visitors create incoming back links to your site within other online realms similar to yours.  Such links capture the interest of like-minded internet users. Meanwhile, web spiders and search engines also become very attentive.

Very soon, such voluminous virtual “crosstalk” sends your site’s hit rates soaring. Before long, all of Cyberspace is abuzz with animated discourse about your dynamic virtual platform!

Quality Content Imperative for Internet Marketers

The effective usage of written content is more essential for e-merchants than for other marketers.  Internet-based businesses must rely more heavily upon visual imagery and effectual written presentations than do their conventional commercial counterparts.

Unlike traditional retailers, online merchants cannot depend primarily upon prominent signage and strategic physical location to bring in business.  Rather, pertinent concepts about products and services must be conveyed exclusively via exceptional visual and documentary displays.  These are the mainstays of modern-day virtual business.

Precision = Efficiency + Productivity

When shrewdly employed, written content can be a very effective tool for target marketing. A primary advantage of textual content is its easy adjustability for optimal alignment with audience demographics.  Frequent tweaking and fine-tuning of webpage content ensures proper concentration and market penetration. Such rapid, efficient modifications are not always possible or feasible for other advertising media.

Fundamentals of Fantastic Written Content

Try the following exercise.  Think of your favorite website.  Then, ask yourself the question, “What compels me to visit this URL time after time?” Most likely, your answer to this query will be the relevant, recent, or compelling nature of the site‘s featured content.

Whatever bothers you also bother others.  Similarly, whatever you like usually appeals to many others as well. Thus, the same type of high-quality tutorials, helpful hints, FAQs, and captivating articles you enjoy are also others’ primary motivations for recurrent re-visitations of your own domain.

Following are some specific characteristics of superior website content:
– Back to Basics

The fundamentals of bolstering the fiscal bottom line of any business have remained unchanged since the beginning of time.  Contrary to popular perception, creating a competent, affective online business presence entails far than mere keyword stuffing.  Webpage content must also have many other attributes to keep visitors coming back for more of what you have to offer.

– All-Important SEO

It is true that optimal keyword placement within a site’s written content can boost its search engine rankings.  Do not make the tragic mistake of omitting such terms altogether.  Search engine users and internet spiders rely on such verbiage to locate your site. Inadequate or improper keyword inclusion into your site’s written content will cause its death via “virtual obscurity.”

Maintain scrupulous vigilance into the most relevant, recently used search query terms. This helps you gauge future keyword trends that give invaluable insights and a great competitive edge.
– Evergreen Is Essential

As its titular label implies, evergreen text is truly timeless. Every industry and business has certain features and characteristics that are constant.  Putting fresh spins on familiar subjects featured within webpage content is very prudent.

This is especially true when skillful online creative writing techniques are employed. In fact, exceptionally skilled literary experts at The Content Authority can quickly transform yesteryear’s “stale news” into exciting recent trends and current present-day events.

– Interesting Is Imperative

Webpage content presented in a format that is both interesting and informative induces widespread interest.  Whetting would-be customers’ “whistles” is very wise. It keeps “cold” contacts coming back and telling all their buddies about your site. In due time, these prospects warm up and combust into full-fledged customers who are on fire for your product or service.

– Links are your lifeline

High-profile hyperlinks compel visitors to keep clicking your site’s internal hyperlinks for further views of well-written content contained deep within. Meanwhile, the click is ticking as their visit lengthens during their leisurely visit. Simultaneously, web-crawling spiders like well-placed on-page links so well that they carry your search engine rankings into outer orbits.
– Precision pays; concision counts

Research consistently reveals that easily navigable sites which require relatively few mouse clicks to get to desired content has a strong correlation with return visit frequency. Thus, the lesson here is very clear:  Written content displayed on your company’s website must be relevant, conspicuous, concise, and captivating.

– Scannable is Superior

Web surfers hardly ever peruse webpage content word for word. Instead, they visually scan virtual fora for notable quips, quotes, and phrases. To capture their sustained interest with sufficient rapidity, eliminate large blocks of unbroken textual content.  Cluttered pages turn off site visitors by burying pertinent concepts within a bunch of superfluous copy. Not to mention, of course, its virtual incapability of displaying properly on viewers’ computer screens.

– Titles

Titular designations should convey clearly and concisely precisely, what your webpage is all about. Individual content titles should be part of a coherent scheme that fits your site’s overall theme. Do not overdo clichés, puns, or industry slang. Search engine spiders view such verbiage as a virtual nuisance.

“Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.”

Primitive ink drawings on stonewalls have given way to instantaneous written content delivery about any subject matter desired.  Lengthy horseback rides are no longer necessary to glean the latest news.

Despite the array of modern-day technological advances, a fundamental fact has stood fast since man first devised formal language.  The ultimate impact that any message has upon its intended recipient is directly related to the quality with which it is presented.

Smeared ink or an unclear heralder’s voice irrevocably compromises the substantive communication.  Likewise, if online written content is convoluted, vague, and fraught with grammatical error, its intended message is irrevocably lost.   This does not include the irreparable damage to your business credibility and commercial image.

Your Ultimate Source of Quality Written Content

In recognition these and other timeless marketing realities, The Content Authority pioneered and maintains an impressive array of innovative literary tools to create superior written content for any type of website.

Whether you need a prompt rebuttal to a competitor’s claims, press release coverage for a new product, or a comprehensive written image-building campaign, we stand ready to fulfill your requirements to the letter.

Find out for yourself why the willing, able staff of affiliate writers at The Content Authority is your first, last, and only true source of outstanding literary talent.

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