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Superfluous Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Superfluous Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Learning many vocabularies might seem impossible, especially if you do not know where to start. However, once you start with a few words and put in the effort, the whole process becomes simple. The important thing is to learn one word at a time; kick start the journey with “superfluous definition.”

Superfluous is an adjective that means being more than enough or unnecessary because it is more than required. Use this word when discussing something more than necessary or exceeds what is needed—talk of surplus, excess, waste, surplus, etc.

If you have ever been in a situation where you feel that the things someone is doing are unnecessary, then this is the perfect example of something or a situation that is superfluous. However, there is more to this word, so read on to know the superfluous definition, meaning, how to spell, pronunciation, and use in various sentences.

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What Is The Definition Of Superfluous?

Superfluous: Redundant in terms of requirement and necessity. Use the word when describing things that serve no valuable purpose for those with no excuse for being there or participating in something. These are things that are more than needed, required, or desired.

When something is “superfluous,” you can do away with it. Something that does not make sense in a particular situation; a great example is the fifth tire on a four-wheeled car.

Here are example sentences:

  • The lecturer told us to remove all the superfluous wording in the essay.
  • In the past, such an inquiry might have been superfluous.
  • I find it somewhat superfluous that you have five mobile phones while you only use two.

More To Know Around The Meaning Of Superfluous

Have you ever encountered this word in a context and wondered whether it refers to the meaning you know? Other times you want to clarify whether it is a positive or negative word. Let’s help you answer that in the form of questions.

Can a person be superfluous? Yes, people can be superfluous. A great example is having five people on a double date. In this case, the fifth person is “superfluous” and not needed.

Does superfluous only mean wastefulness? Suppose you read books written using the old English or those written many years back. In that case, you might come across the word “superfluous,” which means wasteful or extravagant. However, note that this is an obsolete meaning that has been revised to accommodate more meanings.

What part of speech is superfluous? The word “superfluous” is an adjective which means that it is a word that names an attribute of a noun.

Is superfluous a positive word? The word superfluous means something excess, leftover, or not needed. However, having a surplus, in this case, refers to something that is not required or something wasteful. Thus, the word superfluous has a negative connotation.

What Is The Meaning Of Superfluous?

Superfluous: Having to discard something because it is excess. Use the word when talking about something unreasonable or inappropriate in magnitude. These things exist in large amounts of numbers in a way that is not necessary.

Here are example sentences:

  • I find sending letters through the postal mail superfluous in this technological age.
  • The priest called me out using my first, middle, and last name, which I found superfluous.
  • There was a lot of superfluous information in the news that did not seem to help anyone.

Synonyms Of Superfluous

Synonyms are two or more words or expressions of a similar language that have nearly the same meaning in some or all senses. Here is a list of synonyms of the word “superfluous.”

  • Extra
  • Excess
  • Redundant
  • Leftover
  • Excessive
  • Gratuitous
  • Unjustified
  • Wasteful

Antonyms Of Superfluous

Antonyms are words that have opposing meanings to another word. Here are antonyms of Superfluous.

  • Needed
  • Essential
  • Vital
  • Needful
  • Acute
  • Compelling
  • Significant
  • Reasonable

Rhymes For Superfluous

Rhyming words have similar words entirely or at the end of the word. Here are some rhyming words of superfluous.

Fun Facts About The Word Superfluous

One fun fact about the word superfluous is that this is a word accepted in scrabble. The score of this word when you play scrabble is 16.

Superfluous and sufficient are different. The assumption that people have when they learn the meaning and definition of these two words is that they are direct synonyms, but that is not the case. The word superfluous means excess of something efficient, while on the other hand, surplus means more than needed. However, in superfluous, the addition is redundant and unimportant, while in surplus, the addition may be good.

How To Use Superfluous In A Sentence

When using the word “superfluous,” note that it is an adjective, and it should name an attribute of a noun. This is also a word with a negative connotation. Use the word when describing things that are unnecessary or more than needed.

Learning how to use words in sentences is key to using them correctly. A common mistake that people make is to use words without understanding them. So they end up confusing the audience. Avoid this by learning to use new words in sentences.

Words Forms of the Word Superfluous

Superfluous is a word with many word forms. You use the word form in contexts that require the word but not exactly how it is. Here are a few word forms of the word “superfluous.”

  • Superfluously (Adverb)
  • Superfluity (Noun)
  • Superfluousness (Noun)
  • Superflux (Noun)

10 Examples Of Superfluous In A Sentence

One of the best and simplest ways to learn a word is through various sentences that use the term. Read some of the sentences that have the word “superfluous” below.

  1. I will quit my acting role since the director is annoying me with superfluous details and changes.
  2. My new smartwatch was delivered in a superfluous package, three times the usual packaging.
  3. One of the new policies in the company I work in is that people should not make superfluous mistakes.
  4. After the party, you should repack all the superfluous dishes in a box.
  5. The report was too long and tedious since it has superfluous details.
  6. The writing team thought the editorial process was superfluous but the editor helped them realize why it was important.
  7. I got a request to be present at the board meeting, but my attendance was superfluous.
  8. The organization is restructuring and cutting out superfluous layers of management.
  9. Smith’s prediction for the feature is that parents will become superfluous as robots will play and nurse the children.
  10. The crowd behaved so well that the presence of the police was superfluous.
  11. Since Kelly knew about the event, our comments were only superfluous.

How Do You Spell Superfluous?

The correct spelling of “superfluous” is “S.U.P.E.R.F.L.U.O.U.S.”

An error that people make when spelling the word is to include one “u” when writing the word instead of using two “u”s. If this is a new word, you might have a hard time spelling the word. So, have this in mind.

One thing you must understand about learning the English language is that it has perplexing spellings, which even some native English speakers have difficulty understanding. So, never assume you know the spellings of a word; do your research before writing it down to be certain that you know the correct spellings.

How Do You Pronounce Superfluous?

Pronounce the word “superfluous” as “suh·pur·floo·uhs” in American English and “soo·puh·floo·uhs” in British English. 

The English Language has different accents. So, as a beginner, you must choose the correct “accent” to pronounce the word correctly. Once you have selected the accent you will use, you can practice it. Avoid learning English without determining the accent, as this might lead to some people not clearly understanding what you are saying.

How Many Syllables Are In Superfluous?

The word “superfluous” has four syllables divided into “su-per-flu-ous.” The stressed syllable of the word is “per.”

Syllables are beats, and they help people better understand words and how to pronounce them. That way, they will easily understand the pronunciation, which also helps with the spelling. So each time you learn a new word, emphasize the proper spelling of that word.

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History & Etymology of Superfluous

Superfluous is from two Latin words, “super” and “fluentem.” The word “super” in Latin means above or over the top, and the word “fluentem” means able and agile. The combination of these words in Latin is “superfluous,” which means “overflowing or running over.”

Understanding the history of a word you’re learning is vital. That way, you will better understand its origin and appreciate the changes the particular word has undergone over the years.

When Was Superfluous First Used?

Records first used the word “superfluous” in the 15th century. The first use of the word “superfluous” meant something that exceeds something necessary or sufficient.


Learning a new word is always exciting and overwhelming. But reading a word without practicing it is not enough. If you want to be a pro or improve your language, the best way to do this is by practicing as often as possible. Involve your colleagues, family, or peers in the learning process by using the word “superfluous” in your daily conversations.