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10 Examples of Content Your Audience Will Love

10 Examples of Content Your Audience Will Love

In the ever-challenging quest to reign as king of the Internet, businesses and online marketers are constantly searching for ways to captivate and connect with their audience members. Experts encourage the creation of engaging content, but that can be a complex undertaking if you’re not sure what that type of content should look like.

In this post, we break down 10 key elements of remarkable content that’s destined to be remembered, as well as provide examples you can use as inspiration.

1. Content That Educates

Content that educates

Let’s face it: you’re bound to remember a massive gold billboard with a fun, interesting fact in raised lettering. Science World excels at creative and educational content that attracts attention and gets the brain juices flowing. Check out a Google image search of their ads for more inspiration. You might want to create tutorials in a visually appealing format like an infographic, tackle an engaging how-to blog post that provides the kind of insight readers won’t find anywhere else on the web, or reveal tips, secrets, tactics, and strategies that turn conventional thinking on its head.

2. Content That Tells a Story or Takes Audiences on a Journey

Combine a relevant song, great animation, and a plotline about the goodness of old-school farming and you have a recipe for success. From how it all started to behind-the-scenes footage, the creative marketing team at Chipotle appears to have a knack for telling the brand’s story. Are you taking your audience on a journey that tells them about the birth of your brand or what you’re currently doing to improve your products?

3. Content That Encourages

Whether it’s to be brave, never give up hope, or do something to make someone else’s life better, the message your content sends can be encouraging and powerful. With nearly four million views for this upload alone, Pfizer hits the nail on the head with a tearjerker that encourages us to work together for a healthier world.

4. Content with an Element of Surprise or an Unexpected Ending

There’s nothing like a good plot twist or unexpected ending to captivate the mind. This one is not only sweet and memorable, but it’ll make you want to pick up the phone and call your dad. Not before downing some Robinsons double concentrated orange juice, of course.

5. Content That Offers a Different Perspective or Confirms a Belief

Content that shows different perspectives

With more than 750,000 people watching live online, an additional 100,000 views in the following days, loads of press coverage, tons of user-generated content, and follow-up merchandise like DVDs and video downloads, many would agree that the “Creation vs Evolution Debate” was a raging viral success. All it took was two different opinions and a controversial topic.

While there’s no denying you can find steadier ground in terms of subject matter, adding a new perspective to an industry-related conversation can be a great way to generate buzz for your brand. Entice a few industry experts with differing view points, set up a Google Hangout, and let your content do the rest. If you’re not comfortable with a live audience, record a video or write a great blog post that explains your perspective or beliefs on a particular topic.

6. Content That Brings On the Feels

Okay, so we’re cheating a little here because we’re not just talking about one piece of content. We’re talking about hundreds of YouTube stars who spend their waking moments creating content that makes an impact on millions of people every day. They share their lives, they share their creativity, and they connect with viewers. Most importantly, they make people care about them.

It’s because of this emotional investment that their new vlogumentary is geared for success. The trailer alone hits all the right triggers. While these YouTubers haven’t necessarily established business brands, their personal brands have enough pulling power to attract promotional deals and other revenue-generating opportunities–all because they make people feel.

Start thinking about ways you can produce content that evokes the right emotions. Consider a piece that incites action, raises awareness, reminds people that they’re beautifully unique, shows the underdog winning, throws out a challenge, or reminds people they can achieve anything. If you can do that, you’ll soon have people invested in you, your brand, and your products or service offerings.

7. Content That Induces Laughter

Just when you think you’re watching the trailer for a new horror film this happens…

Although this ad is fairly old, Dirt Devil has managed to rake in more than 30.3 million plays on Vimeo, as well as millions more on social media sites like YouTube. Their commercial parody of The Exorcist may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but people are still commenting on its ability to incite giggles more than two years down the line. A successful piece of content? We’ll let you decide.

8. Content That Entertains

Content that entertains

Besides creating awesome educational content that captivates audiences worldwide, the Discovery Channel develops plenty of interactive content that they heavily promote across their marketing platforms. The screenshot you see above is one of the games the brand has developed around its programming. They also publish trivia sheets and post polls that generate good feedback and entertain followers.

9. Content that’s Unexpected

AXE campaigns are usually centered on the “ladies’ man,” so when the brand breaks away from its usual style, people tend to notice. Surprise your fans and take a risk. Create content that successfully catches people off guard, and you might just have a viral hit on your hands.

10. Content That Reinforces the Value of Life

“Help save the birthdays.” That’s a heavy reminder that life is short—and in some cases, shorter than we ever expect. Most of us will always want another moment with a loved one, another milestone to celebrate, and another day to see dreams come true. The ad is only 15 seconds long, but the American Cancer Society does a great job of reinforcing the value of life while encouraging us to donate to a worthy cause.

Which elements would you add to our list? Have you recently seen a memorable piece of content you’d include as an example? We’d love to hear your take on what makes a great piece of content so join the conversation by leaving your comment below.