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Pictorial vs Pictoral: What’s the Correct Word to Use?

Pictorial vs Pictoral: What’s the Correct Word to Use?

What word do you use to describe something relating to pictures? Is the answer pictorial or pictoral? If you have taken some time to read the basics of pictorial vs pictoral, you already have an idea of what the correct word is.

Pictorial is an adjective meaning “relating to, characterized by, or composed of pictures.” This adjective also describes something illustrated by pictures, for example, a pictorial presentation. On the other hand, “pictoral” is a misspelling of the word “pictorial.” The word does not exist.

English is one of the most unpredictable languages, especially regarding word formation and spelling. So, it is easy to confuse words like pictorial and pictoral. Read the rest of this article for a comparison of these words.

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Definitions Of Pictorial And Pictoral

Pictoral and pictorial are words formed from the root word “picture.” Therefore, we will begin this section by defining the word picture. A picture is a visual representation or work of art in the form of a painted, drawn, or photographed image rendered on a flat surface. An example sentence is, “The picture on the wall is a replica of the one in the National Museum.”

Another source defines a picture as a vivid or verbal description or mental image,” For example, “The writer painted a picture of guilt in the third scene of his famous play.”

Now that you know the definition of the root forming noun for the words pictorial and pictoral, understanding the definitions of these adjectives should be easy. So, here are the meanings of pictorial and pictoral according to renowned sources:

What Are The Definitions Of Pictorial?

Pictorial means “relating to, characterized by, or made up of pictures.” For example, “The pictorial presentation was the most interesting part of the exhibit last night.”

Another definition of “pictorial” is “something represented as if in a picture or vivid image on a flat surface.” An example sentence is, “The pictorial exhibit garnered much attention from the speakers.”

Pictorial also means “stylistically similar to a painting, especially something following the conventions of a photograph.” An example in a sentence is, “She created one of the most pictorial projects the teacher had ever graded.”

Pictorial means “evoking lifelike images within the mind.” Here is an example in a sentence, “The poet did an amazing job evoking a pictorial of the scene in his reader’s minds.”

As a noun, the word pictorial refers to “a newspaper or magazine with many pictures.” That also means “a magazine or newspaper section composed of pictures only.” For example, “The pictorial released last month was not as interesting as the previous one.”

Still, as a noun, pictorial means “an article featuring several photographs” or “a collection of photographs.” For example, in a sentence, “The pictorial was so well-organized and attractive that it attracted the head editor’s attention.”

Do you know that a pictorial is also “a periodical containing many pictures?” That refers to a periodical with pictures as the main feature. An example sentence is, “The Monday pictorial was so attractive and interesting.”

What Are The Definitions Of Pictoral?

This word is a misspelling of the word “pictorial.” Therefore, it is a non-existent word and does not have a meaning. You will also realize that it is not featured in modern dictionaries.

How To Properly Use Pictorial And Pictoral In A Sentence

The content above concludes that pictorial is the correct word. So, when it comes to using these words in sentences, you should pay attention to the spelling, so that you do not use the incorrect word. With that in mind, below are some tips for using these words in sentences:

How To Use The Word Pictorial

Use the word as an adjective in your sentences, especially in the following instances:

  • Referring to something giving clear and explicit details
  • Relating or expressed in pictures or diagrams
  • Regarding something symbolic or not literal
  • Regarding something aesthetically pleasing
  • Regarding something with the characteristics of a picture

Since this word is an adjective, you can also use it to modify or describe nouns. For example, “Today’s exhibit is more pictorial than descriptive.” In this sentence, the word “pictorial” describes the characteristics of the noun “exhibit.”

Use the word as a noun in the following ways:

  • Referring to a newspaper or publication composed of pictures majorly
  • Referring to a periodical containing pictures

How To Use The Word Pictoral

The word pictoral is a misspelling and is currently a non-existent word. Therefore, it will not be helpful to provide tips for using a word that technically does not exist. Some people use this word the same way they use “pictorial,” and that’s not the right way to go.

Pictorial Vs Pictoral: Here Is More To Know

The word pictorial is primarily an adjective formed from the noun “picture.” In the English language, you can form adjectives from nouns by adding suffixes like “-y,” “-al,” or “ial.” For instance, the word length becomes lengthy, nature becomes natural, and the picture becomes pictorial.

This can be confusing, and you may wonder, “if nature becomes natural, why is it that does picture does not become pictoral?” That explains the reason why most people confuse the words pictoral and pictorial. The straightforward answer to this question is that some words are exceptions or the recognized grammar rules. In fact, very few rules regarding word formation in English lack exceptions.

While some confuse the words pictorial and pictoral, most English speakers use the correct spelling. So, the most popular of the two is “pictorial.”

Note that the word “pictoral” is also a noun. However, its applications as a noun are not as common as when it is an adjective. Also, some sources explain that pictorial is an informal noun. The truth is this is just one opinion since several other sources recognize the formal use of the word pictorial as a noun.

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List Of Examples Of Pictorial And Pictoral In Sentences

The content above expounds everything you should know about these words. However, the key takeaway from this content is that pictorial is the recognized spelling, and you should avoid the other spelling at all costs. Here are some examples of the words’ pictorial and pictoral in sentences.

Example sentences of the word pictorial

  1. The students understood the lesson better when Professor Jake used the pictorial presentation.
  2. The tutor demanded that all students bring in pictorial exhibits for the exam.
  3. Jimmy’s pictorial will not be part of the exhibit at the museum.
  4. Dr. Cassy went to the convention and presented her pictorial presentation of her research.
  5. The newspaper earned an award because of its pictorial edition.

Example sentences of the word pictoral

  1. The pictoral was not as interesting as we presumed. (Incorrect)
  2. The New York Times did not post a pictoral this week.  (Incorrect)
  3. Johnna’s pictoral got the highest grades in the classroom.  (Incorrect)
  4. Dr. Nassif used a pictoral to explain the illness to the family.  (Incorrect)
  5. The staff will take down the pictoral at the front desk in the morning.  (Incorrect)

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You can quickly get away with incorrect spellings in random texts with friends and an informal context. That happens because the user assumes that improper spelling will not imply something different in meaning from what they intend to pass across.

However, when it comes to formal writing, proper spelling is vital. Improper spelling will make you mislead your audience and peers or lead to low grades, especially in academic writing. So, to avoid improper spelling becoming a habit, make a point to use the correct spelling in all contexts, whether formal or informal.