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Endearing Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Endearing Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Have you ever talked to someone or watched your pets play around and felt some affection or admiration towards them? Perhaps you'd like to define this feeling using a single word; "endearing" is the best word in this case. So, what is the correct endearing definition?

The word endearing comes from the word endear, which means to stir or cause feelings of affection or admiration towards someone or something. It also refers to qualities that make something valuable or cherished. Use adorable, attractive, and lovable in sentences to mean endearing.

There is more to a word than knowing what it means. Try to learn why and how the word is used so as not to make any mistakes. This article will discuss these and other sections related to the word, like pronunciation and history. There are also plenty of examples that incorporate the word endearing to help you learn. Let's dive straight into it!

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What is the Definition of Endearing?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines endearing as arousing feelings of affection or sympathy. Define the word as something or someone adorable or lovable, mostly naive or childlike.

When the word endearing is used in this context, it describes a person's behavior or qualities that make others quite fond of them. When someone calls you endearing, they mean that you possess particular traits that make you beloved or likable. For example, if someone's generous nature makes them adorable, you consider that endearing.

Here are some example sentences:

  • Harris might look stern at first glance, but she is an endearing person once you know her.
  • What makes Doreen so adorable is the fact that her shyness is quite endearing.
  • What most people don't know about William is that his endearing character draws people to him.

Endearing, Sycophantic, and Enduring

These three words confuse many English speakers and writers due to their similarities in pronunciation and meaning. But how are they different? We reveal that below.

Endearing and Sycophantic

"Endearing" means causing feelings of affection. On the other hand, sycophantic means behaving subserviently to gain an advantage or favor from wealthy or influential individuals. In the first case, the individual's character makes them beloved, but in the second case, the person might not be endearing, but they pretend to be so to gain certain privileges. Therefore, one word is positive while the other is negative.

Endearing and Enduring

The two words might sound similar but have different meanings and uses. Endearing is making someone or people like you. "Enduring" is a word that means going through a difficult, trying, or painful period patiently for some time. Based on their meanings, these words do not mean the same thing and should not be used interchangeably.

What is the Meaning of Endearing?

The word endearing also means expressing affection. That means engaging in activities that inspire feelings of love and affection.

"Endearing" does not only refer to personal qualities a person may have, but it also describes specific actions that elicit feelings of endearment towards those doing them. For instance, endearing tones or endearing songs. These are songs that will have you expressing some emotions.

Here are some example sentences:

  • Whenever they ask you why I fell in love with her, tell them it's her endearing smile.
  • Nasir knew that he had angered her, which explains why he chose an endearing tone at the event.
  • The president must have been endearing to stop the motorcade and let people cross the road.

Does Endearing Mean the Same as Attractive? 

The two words have similarities as they describe something or someone likable. However, these words are not the same in meaning. If you just heard these words for the first time, "endearing" means finding something or someone lovable. "Attractive" means being pleasing or appealing to one's senses. You can also define this word as having certain features that arouse interest. While endearing refers to personal qualities, attraction mostly refers to the physical qualities that make someone likable.

Is Endearing the Same as Kind?

Endearing and kind are words that some people might think are related. These words are quite different in their definition and application. Endearing is the act of inspiring feelings of affection or admiration, but the word kind is the quality of being helpful or sympathetic to people or animals. Based on their definitions, these two words don't mean the same thing.

How to Use Endearing in a Sentence

Use endearing an adjective, noun, or adverb.

As an adjective, the word "endearing" is used in sentences to modify an object. For instance, Snow White is an endearing character. Snow White is the object. You can use the word as an adverb or noun, but you must learn how these new words are used correctly to avoid errors.

Using Endearing as a Noun

When you use the word endearing as a noun, the word changes to endearment. The word defines the act of causing something or someone to be loved or admired. The word is also an expression of admiration or affection. Other words derived from "endearing" are endearer, one who endears, and endearingness, which is the quality of being endearing.

Take a look at the examples below:

  • There shall be no use of any terms of endearment towards anyone while working on this film's set.
  • The word "brother" is used in a family setting but has also been used as a term of endearment.

Using Endearing as an Adverb

The word "endearing" is used as an adverb but changes to endearingly. The adverb defines how something happens affectionately or fondly. You may use the word endearedly, which means something done with affection. Note that the word endeardly might not be commonly used today.

Here are sentence examples with the adverb:

  • Adele is known for her beautiful voice, subtle demeanor, and endearingly written lyrics, that has made her sell millions of albums.
  • Despite what the family has been going through, Dan's endearingly written letter touched the hearts of everyone that read it.

Is Endearing a Positive Word? 

Yes, the word endearing is a positive word. This word comes from its root word endear, which means to be loved or liked. Endearing means having certain characteristics that make a person or something be liked or admired. Because of this, "endearing" cannot be used in negative situations.

10 Examples of Endearing in a Sentence

Would you like to read some sentences with the word "endearing" for easy practice? The subsequent ten sentences below will help you learn how to use the word in different situations.

  1. Steve Harvey's book reveals that to be endearing to a lady, a man must act like a gentleman and listen when she speaks.
  2. Tracy's kind heart made her endearing to everyone she met during her cancer treatment and recovery.
  3. Shaq might look stern and no-nonsense, but he is one of the most endearing basketball figures once you get to know him.
  4. What Herald describes as an endearing person is what we know as sycophantic tendencies from Sheila.
  5. I miss old songs because of their mellow tunes and endearing lyrics, unlike the loud pop music teenagers play today.
  6. Being a nurse means being composed, endearing and patient with the patients you interact with at the hospital.
  7. Derrick's endearing personality and good looks have drawn many ladies to him and the envy of his friends.
  8. The way Lionel stopped playing and held the child that had wandered onto the pitch was an act people found endearing.
  9. Alice said she initially did not want a dog in her house, but the Rottweiler puppy was so endearing that she had to get it.
  10. It's always an endearing sight when children pretend to be grown-ups and do things just for fun.

How Do You Spell Endearing?

The word endearing is spelled as E.N.D.E.A.R.I.N.G. You may also spell it as \ in-ˈdir-iŋ, en- \ according to the International Phonetic Alphabet.

How Do You Pronounce Endearing?

The acceptable way of pronouncing the word endearing is [uhn].[dee].[ruhng].

How Many Syllables Are In Endearing?

There are three syllables in the word "endearing." The syllables are divided into three; en-dear-ing.

Synonyms Of The Word "Endearing"

  • Adorable
  • Lovable
  • Disarming
  • Sweet
  • Precious

Antonyms Of The Word "Endearing"

  • Abominable
  • Hateful
  • Loathsome
  • Unlovable
  • Abhorrent

History & Etymology of Endearing

As previously stated, the word "endearing" comes from the word endear, which means to cause feelings of admiration. The word "endear" is a verb used to define the act of enhancing the value of something.

People used this word until its present participle counterpart, "endearing," came into the limelight later on. It's important to note that the word's definitions are still used today.

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When Was Endearing First Used?

The first time people used the word was in the 1500s.


Whenever you come across words that take different forms based on context, like the word "endearing," it is important that you learn what the word means before using it. It is because some root words have different meanings from their altered versions. Knowing the endearing definition and meaning and how the word changes when used as an adjective, noun, and adverb is all you need to construct meaningful sentences in the future.

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