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Debauchery Definition – Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

Debauchery Definition – Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

Everybody chooses whether they want to practice good or bad behavior. Some bad behaviors are also considered sinful or "debauchery" in nature. So what is debauchery definition, meaning, and application in sentences? Learn more about the word "debauchery" below.

"Debauchery" simplest definition is "unstrained indulgence of the body in wrong behaviors like sexual activities or the use of drugs. But it is important to understand that for these behaviors to be categorized as "debauchery," then they need to be extreme. Use the word in sentences that showcase bad morals.

Your body will have various demands, and it is up to you to control the urges and pressure that come from within. Unfortunately, some people do not have the required discipline and get involved in extreme forms of body and mind pleasuring activities. Such activities are "debauchery." Let's now focus on everything you need to know about this word.

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What Is The Definition Of Debauchery?

The definition of the word "debauchery" is "extreme indulgence of one's appetite for sensual pleasure dissipation." A great example of the word "debauchery" is the activities that students might get involved in when attending a college party.

In a party situation where teenagers or students take center stage, there is likely to be uncontrolled drinks and drugs. When students take these drugs excessively, it might, in turn, lower their inhibitions, and that might cause them to participate in sexual or aggressive and security threatening activities that they might otherwise refrain from.

Example sentences:

  • Though he had excellent leadership skills, most people in his community disliked him due to his debauchery behavior.
  • If the bachelor's party does not have debauchery, then for sure the evening will be boring.
  • Samson thought going to college meant four years of debauchery, so he could not wait to go.

Family Words of Debauchery 

Words have families that apply in different parts of speech. Writing the wrong part of speech in your sentence will have people misunderstanding your message. You will also appear as an amateur and unconversant in the English language. That is why each time you learn a new word, you should also learn all the family words. 

That way, you will know the right word to use depending on the part of speech that you prefer. Here is a look at the family words of debauchery.

Debauch (noun): The meaning of debouch is "act or occasion of extreme indulgence in sensual pleasure. 

Example sentences:

  • David involved himself in alcoholic debauch during his birthday party, which led him to blackout for 24 hours.
  • Mrs. Edger was not pleased that her husband posted very debauch pictures with his mistress online.
  • Though he had a strong religious upbringing, Wycliffe spent most of his paychecks indulging in debauch behavior.

Debaucherous (adjective): The meaning of debaucherous is trending toward or being involved in debauchery activities. It can also mean excessive indulgence in sensual pleasure.

Example sentences:

  • The way he dressed, it was evident that he would get involved in debaucherous activities.
  • I do not condone debaucherous acts in the dormitory.
  • If anyone participates in the debaucherous party that the musicians are planning, they will get punished.

Debauched (adjective): The meaning of debauched is behaving in a way that is not socially acceptable. 

Example sentences:

  • The girl had a promising future until bad company debauched her.
  • A lack of funds debauched his honesty.
  • He was chased from his religion due to his debauched nature.

Synonyms and Antonyms of Debauchery

So, you have learned the definition of "debauchery," but if you are learning new words comprehensively, there's a lot you have to look at. You can improve your language further by learning words with similar meanings to the word or the opposite. 

That will give you sufficient vocabulary to express yourself in writings and speeches. Here are the synonyms and antonyms of "debauchery."


  • Corruption
  • Vice
  • Immodesty
  • Sin
  • Depravity
  • Profligacy
  • Immorality
  • Shameless
  • Iniquity
  • Wickedness 


  • Morality
  • Virtue
  • Clean living
  • Chastity
  • Giving
  • Sobriety
  • Good
  • Decency
  • Rightness
  • Propriety 

What Is The Meaning Of Debauchery?

The meaning of the word "debauchery" is "a person's overindulgence is what might be sinful activities." Sinful activities do not lie under the principle of your religion. However, it doesn't have to be religion; it can be family rules, school regulations, and so on.

Taking drugs, alcohol, or indulging in sexual activities might not be sinful behavior among adults or members that don't follow strict rules and regulations. But note that there is a way that you can do it too much and with exaggeration such that family and friends consider it to be sinful.


  • The preacher was shocked to learn of the debauchery that was going on in the church.
  • Most people judged Marvin for living a drunken and debauchery life, but they did not know he was content with his lifestyle.
  • If you like watching debauchery films, then you should watch the latest film by Josephine White.

How to Use Debauchery in a Sentence?

When using the word "debauchery" in a sentence, know that it means overindulgence in sex, alcohol, drugs, or other physical pleasure. In addition, the word is a noun and mostly negative. The plural of the word "debauchery" is "debaucheries."

"Debauchery" in your sentences must come out in a way that people understand what you are saying. That is why you should use the word in its different contexts where necessary. Keep in mind the synonyms too. Again, if you want to be creative with the word, try and use it in humorous settings.

Is Debauchery A Negative Word?

"Debauchery" is a negative word; however, at times, it can also be used as a playful connotation among friends or peers. However, people tend to take the word "debauchery" very seriously. You have to be careful anytime you use this word because it can even have deadly consequences when used in religious settings.

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10 Examples of Debauchery in a Sentence

Let's keenly look at the ten examples with the word debauchery for your concrete understanding. Read each sentence keenly to get the context.

  1. After returning from the war, Sally's father did not know how to handle the P.T.S.D.; he later abandoned various debauchery activities.
  2. No one thought that Stephen would be affected by the death of his wife to the extent of involving himself in debauchery.
  3. For how long will you allow your son to continue stealing and involving himself in debauchery activities before you take action?
  4. The party will be great and will have numerous debauchery activities that you can indulge in to forget the pain you are going through.
  5. Stop inviting me to places with numerous debauchery deeds; I like places where I can relax and enjoy myself.
  6. The band is one of the greatest in the country, but if the members are not careful, their debauchery will be their downfall.
  7. The voting slowed off because everyone was still recovering from the debauchery they had during the weekend.
  8. I expected more when you invited me to an office party with such debauchery behavior.
  9. The housewife was against her husband drinking excessively but did not seem to mind when he indulged in debauchery activities.
  10. After their work at the construction site, the workers usually indulge in debauchery activities.

How Do You Spell Debauchery?

The spelling of the word "Debauchery" is "D.E.B.A.U.C.H.E.R.Y." 

A common mistake people make when writing the word is to forget to add "u." Always be careful when writing the word.

How Do You Pronounce Debauchery?

The pronunciation of the word "Debauchery" is "duh.baw.chuh.ree" 

When pronouncing the word, the first and last syllables are slow, but the middle syllables go fast. Learning how to pronounce a word will make you great at public speaking. You will no longer have to put off conversations.

How Many Syllables Are In Debauchery?

The word "debauchery" has four syllables. 

The syllables are divided as "de-bauch-er-y." The stressed syllable of the word is "bauch."

History & Etymology of Debauchery

The word "debauchery" comes from the Old French "debauchery," which means "to lead astray. It is also from the suffix "ery," which means "condition of" However, the earliest forms of "debauchery" meant eating or drinking too much. However, as the English language evolved, so did the word's meaning and application.

When Was Debauchery First Used?

The first use of the word "debauchery" was in 1642.

Learning when a word was first used helps you appreciate its history. It also helps you understand that this is a constantly evolving language. Besides, you never know; you might come across it as a trivia question.


Do you have "debauchery" traits? Or do you know someone with "debauchery" behaviors? Let's hear what makes you or anyone you know exhibit these traits. Sharing your information on "debauchery" helps you understand the word better. Another way you can learn about this word is by creating sentences until you get everything right. Learning a new word is never boring.

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