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Que Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Que Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Que is a word that most people know or have heard before at one point, either while reading or listening to some podcasts. It is a word that your spelling assistant might regard as misspelled whenever you use it. People even confuse the word que with a queue, but we will clarify that with the que definition and much more.

Que is a word that is an abbreviation of the Canadian province known as Quebec. People also use the word as a code word for the letter Q used in encrypted messages. The word also has other meanings in different languages.

The word que might have some meanings on its own; however, because the word is a commonly misspelled version of the queue, we shall also discuss the purposes and uses of the word queue. We also have multiple sentences that will show you how to use the word.

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What Is The Definition Of Que?

Que is an abbreviation of Quebec, the largest province in Eastern Canada. This word is also a shortened version of the word barbecue. However, the shortened term is primarily used in California and is informal.

Here are some examples:

  • You need a week or two to tour Que town.
  • Living in Que downtown has taught me the importance of peace.
  • Mark promised us several ques after work at the local restaurant.

Also, the word is the commonly misspelled version of the term queue, which refers to a hairstyle that Chinese men preferred in the 18th century. The hairstyle was characterized by a braid or a long ponytail resembling an animal's tail.

Here are some examples of the word queue:

  • One of the men perceived to be the gang leader had a queue, tattoos on both his arms and a scar on the left side of his face.
  • His mother said he'd look funny in a queue, but on the contrary, I think it looks fabulous and trendy.
  • In the old martial arts films, the star knew all the moves, dressed subtlety, and had a unique queue hairstyle.

What Is The Meaning Of Que?

The word que, when informally used refers to a queue, meaning a line of people or things. Think of a scenario where one individual is in front, and others join and go behind each other, forming a line.

This word is used when there is some form of organization—a waiting list of people or items done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Car wash facilities, petrol stations, and drive-through joints have this organization.

Here are some examples:

  • There has been a long queue at the service station due to gas shortages experienced countrywide.
  • You all can't crowd at the door like this; you'll have to make a queue to get served.
  • You'll only see a queue this long during an election.

Which Between Que And Queue Is Correct?

These two words have different meanings. As we mentioned earlier, people commonly use the phrase que when referring to a queue in an informal setting. The correct word lies in how you plan to use the word and what your audience will understand.

However, "que" is the best word to use if you're referring to the province in Canada. "Queue" is best used when you want to describe a line of people or things. Note that the word que is an abbreviation and might be checked as a misspelling when used in most contexts.

Besides wondering which word among the two is correct, another question that people ask is, "Are the words que and queue the same?" These two words mean the same when the user refers to a long list of items or as slang in a particular area. Otherwise, these words are not the same and do not have the same meaning to all people.

Is Que Also A Spanish Word?

While the word que might be an abbreviation when used as an English word, it is an actual word in different languages. "Que" is generally used as a Spanish, Portuguese, and French word. People use the term as a conjunction meaning "that," "who," or "what." Use it when beginning a question or introducing a request or a wish.

Is Que A Slang?

This word is an abbreviation and slang. It is slang in the Spanish language. The term refers to "what," indicating that the speaker is not familiar with what you're saying or does not understand completely. It's important to know that slang is not an appropriate word. Using slang in your writing will get you penalized; some people will not even understand what you mean.

What Is The Difference Between Que And Cue?

These two words are commonly referred to as homophones, words with similar pronunciation but have different meanings. The term cue refers to a sign or a signal to start a process or an action. Que, on the other hand, is the abbreviation of the word Quebec or a misspelled version of the word queue.

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How To Use Que In A Sentence

The word que is an abbreviation used in sentences. You can also use it as the shortened version of the word barbecue. It is also the misspelled version of the word queue. Let's see how to use the word in different forms.

As A Noun, Adjective, And Adverb

The word queue is the noun form. Another noun form is queuing, which means placing people or items in a queue or a queuer, used in a computing context.

The word changes to queueable when used as an adjective referring to something people can organize into a line. Words such as queued, the simple past tense of the word queue, or queuing its present participle are also adjectives.

There are no known Adverbs of the word queue (que). However, you may use words such as queably or queuelessly, but they are not acceptable in most contexts.

Go Through These Sentences To Comprehend:

  • I have always queued in long lines for hours whenever a new iPhone came out, but I won't be doing that anymore.
  • We saw cars queuing in several service stations all over the state, waiting to fill up with gas.
  • People have started calling me a queuer, and that keeps me confused.

10 Examples Of Que (Queue) In A Sentence

Here are some ten sentences that have made use of the word queue. Because the word que is mostly an abbreviation for queue, we will instead use the word queue in our sentences to sound in context and grammatically correct.

  1. There are certain times that the queue for the roller coaster is longer than usual; know those times and stay put.
  2. The teacher made us stand in a queue waiting to give out our assignments.
  3. I remember when my friends and I stood in a queue waiting to get a COVID-19 vaccine for hours.
  4. We shall add a pony into Gaby's ever-growing queue of items she'd want as presents for her birthday.
  5. Remember when we had the chance to queue in line to get an autograph of Stan Lee on our comics?
  6. The dog ran and entered the showground, cluttered with a queue of tents, making it difficult to find it.
  7. Make no mistake; if you mess with Amanda, she will not hesitate to add you to her queue of those she hates.
  8. The instructor told us to join the queue for those who would like to do basketball drills and jump shots before practice.
  9. I just saw a long queue of Ford sport utility vehicles that the company recalled due to faulty tires and brake pads.
  10. Since Disney usually has a queue for animation and Marvel movies beyond 2027, your favorite film might already have a sequel.

How Do You Spell Que?

The word queue is spelled as Q.U.E.U.E or as \ ˈkyü \ according to the International Phonetics Alphabet.

How Do You Pronounce Que?

The words que and queue both have the same pronunciation; \ kyoo \.

How Many Syllables Are In Que?

The word queue has one syllable.

To figure out how many syllables any word has, count the number of times your jaw drops whenever you pronounce it.

History & Etymology Of Que

Que, as an informal abbreviation of the word queue, came out in the 20th century. Queue, however, has a long history since it dates back to the late 15th century. The word queue comes from the Latin and French words cauda, coe, or cue, respectively. "Queue" also comes from the Latin coda, an informal term referring to the penis.

Individuals initially used the word to refer to the tail of an animal. People later used the term to refer to a line of dancers which later became a line of people or things. Both these definitions are still applicable today.

When Was Que First Used?

Que, the informal abbreviation, gained traction in the late 20th century. Note that the first recorded use of the word queue as a noun was back in 1748. People later recognized the word as a verb in 1777.

Que Synonyms

Some synonyms for Que are:

  • Quebec
  • Queue
  • Queasy


Abbreviations such as que may appear as you read some posts on social media. You must first figure out whether the said word is an actual word or an abbreviation of another. The word might also be a misspelled version of another word queue. Thanks to this article on que definition, meaning, and usage, you can now tell what this word is all about.

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