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Determining the Best Ways Regarding Writing Articles for Money


When it comes to work-from-home opportunities, the legitimate kinds are few and far between. A quick internet search on the subject will net thousands of returns, with hardly a few that will net an actual opportunity to make money. Those that involve the searcher to pay an up-front fee, or order merchandise to start creating revenue are clearly scams, and should be avoided at all costs. In the sea of opportunities that offer the convenience of working from home, one vocation stands out by far: Writing articles for money. There are several things to consider when creating revenue through writing, as well as different ways to match up your skills with the online opportunities that are available.

Evaluate Your Skill Level

Although the majority of individuals spend their days composing emails, writing memos, business reports, or even correspondence to friends and family, writing articles is a completely different type of writing. When you begin evaluating your writing skill level, take into consideration the following points: Do you write with perfect spelling and grammar? Do you understand, and abide by, MLA or APA guidelines – depending on which one the company prefers you to use when writing? Are you able to follow directions as they are specifically provided by the client or company that is paying you, whether you agree with their stance or not? Are you willing to research and write articles on topics you have no previous knowledge of? Are you comfortable writing about products, services and ideas that may not reflect your taste or interest? Are you able to meet deadlines are they are assigned, without fail? These are just a few of the question you should ask yourself before applying for a position in writing articles for money.

Locating Opportunities

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Writing Articles for Money Opportunities

There are scores of opportunities online for writing articles for money. Some are more reputable than others, while some have more stringent guidelines than others during the application and approval process. Compile search results through the keywords “writing articles for money” and research each company’s process thoroughly. Some ask you to submit a writing sample for critiquing, while some supply a test in grammar and spelling, before they will assign you with projects that pay. Some ask you to write several articles for submission, but only pay you a percentage of the rate you assigned to the articles, once they are purchased from a third party. These sites are considered consignment sites, and will only pay when your article has been purchased. It is very important to read all of the guidelines under which each article writing company operates. No two are the same, and you should never be asked to pay anything up front in order to write for any company. In addition, avoid scamming sites that ask you for too much personal information to get started, such as your social security number, or any bank account or credit card numbers before they assign you any articles. Although there are a number of distinguished online article writing sources, you may have to sort through the masses to find them, and you may be disenchanted along the way. Stay focused, keep a positive outlook, and you will find the respectable sources that you desire.

The Benefits of Writing Articles for Money

There are a number of companies that run legitimate content supply services that will pay you for the articles you submit, once they are approved by the editor and the client. In some cases, the more quality articles you submit, the more you will be considered for additional work, and possibly paid at a higher tier level than lower level writers. It is incredibly important to note that consideration and compensation are solely based on quality – not quantity. Writing articles for money allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and write about topics, products and services you may have never known existed. This requires research, coordination and the ability to combine the two, creating an informative article that the client can post on their website, or through article directories. It is a rewarding experience to see your articles get published, especially when you have gone the extra mile to learn something new, giving you takeaway knowledge, as well as bragging rights.

The Cons of Writing Articles for Money

There are a few things that can break the common individual’s spirit when writing articles for money. First, it is important to know that most writers are used to rejection. Those of us who have been writing for a very long time have heard time and time again that we have missed the mark, and it can be for several reasons. One, maybe we really did miss the mark. Maybe we erred in not asking the right questions, or simply taking the directions too literally. Two, maybe the client asked for one thing, we delivered it, and they simply changed their mind. It happens both ways more than you could imagine. In addition, sometimes writing styles do not fit within an article writing company’s make-up, so they will reject you as a writer altogether. If you are a first time writer, do not be discouraged by rejection, as it will only make you better at writing for the next company. Lastly, depending on which company you are writing articles for money for, you may or may not receive credit for your article. Some simply supply the article anonymously to their clients, and they are used in whatever way they see fit, without your name attached to them. This is simply part of the business, and not at all a reflection of your writing skills.

Writing articles for money can be a very fulfilling way to work from home, while creating revenue, doing something that you love. If writing is not your passion, and simply something you want to pick up in your spare time to make a few extra bucks, you certainly can without question. However, the results of your articles may reflect that position. When writing articles for money it is important to apply yourself to the process, and create an article you are proud to submit. That includes proper spelling, reading the article aloud to be sure the context and content flow accordingly, and that it is grammatically correct throughout. Next, make sure your facts are in line, and that you have not slighted anyone in the process. Article writing is an informative process, not an opinionated briefing. Also, once an article is written and submitted to the client, they may use that one article as a source to spin several different articles from, so the content needs to be strong and consistent.

Individuals who order articles through the companies you are writing for expect to take the resulting article and use it to increase their online marketing efforts, mostly in the form of search engine optimization. What they are paying for is a clear, concise, informative article that will represent their company, or the keywords they provide the article to be written around. When you are writing articles for money, you are not simply creating revenue for yourself; you are creating opportunities for the companies or individuals that you are writing the article for.

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