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Stingy Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Stingy Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

It might not surprise you, but one of the most searched phrases is "how to learn new words." While this is an achievable feat to many, knowing a new word in the English language is not enough, you need to learn much more. For instance, take the word stingy; can you tell the correct stingy definition, meaning, and usage in sentences? 

The term stingy refers to spending or using something in tiny amounts. The word is also defined as giving or allocating unwillingly only when something is required or necessary. Use the word in sentences to show the aspect of being miser, mean, and ungenerous to people.

The word stingy has many uses, as you shall read later in the article. For such terms, it's essential to read books or articles that incorporate the word frequently. In this article, we will discuss the stingy definition, meaning, pronunciation, history, spelling, and usage of the word in many sentences.

group of studentsWhat Is The Definition Of Stingy?

The most common definition of the word stingy is the act of not being generous or being reluctant to give something out. The word usually describes an individual unwilling to give something they have out.

Whenever anyone talks about the word stingy, they usually refer to someone who doesn't want to spend money. Such people are stingy not because they have little but because they don't want what they have to get depleted. To describe the word stingy, other words such as mean, miserly, penny-pinching, or cheapskate are applicable. However, the word is used in many other situations other than financial. 

Here are some sentences with the word stingy.

  • One of the reasons the economy is doing bad is because the government is stingy in helping out small businesses.
  • Gilbert was a scoundrel, a liar, and a master manipulator; however, stingy was not a word you could have used to describe him.
  • If you're stingy with the time you give to perfecting your skill, don't expect to succeed in that field.
  • As much as we do not encourage stingy behavior, we don't appreciate anyone taking advantage of other people's generosity.

What Is The Meaning Of Stingy?

The word stingy also has several other meanings. Use the word to mean something in small quantity or scarcity. We can also describe the word as less than expected.

Use this word whenever you want to describe something supplied in little quantity due to its limited supply. For instance, if you define a meal as stingy, it means it was in a minimal amount at that time.

Have a look at the following examples:

  • It's said that many supermarkets became stingy with various household products the moment COVID-19 was declared an international pandemic.
  • The company apologized for being stingy with the bonuses this year and explained that it was because of economic hardships.

What Does Stingy Mean In Business?

The word stingy is not a very common term in a business setup, but when used, it showcases or illustrates the action of keeping a firm grasp or hold of something, especially the business stock. This is commonly known as hoarding.

Here are example sentences:

  • Companies or businesses usually become stingy whenever a commodity is rumored to have a shortage.
  • Families are now stingy with food due to the food scarcity caused by the drought affecting the developing country.
  • Her father explained his stingy actions to preserve the family wealth due to the rumored war.

What's The Difference Between Stingy And Selfish? 

These words may be used interchangeably, but they are different in meaning. A stingy person creates a shortage of something they have. A selfish person refuses to share with others. A stingy person is unwilling to spend or use whatever they have. However, a selfish person does not have any issue spending provided they are doing it for themselves.

Can A Person Be Stingy?

Yes, the word stingy is commonly used for individuals exhibiting stingy behavior. The term may also be applied to companies or organizations spending only on their necessities without prioritizing employees. A person who is stingy with their money is known as a miser.

Other Translations For Stingy

If you're looking for the word stingy in other languages, you can find some translations below:

  • Amharic: Tenikolenya
  • French: Avare
  • German: Leipzig
  • Greek: Tsinkounis
  • Japanese: Irezumi
  • Italian: Avaro
  • Indonesian: Pelit

Is There A Difference Between Stingy And Frugal?

These two words are different in meaning, although they are both used in matters regarding money. Stingy is not using or using little money on yourself and others. Frugal refers to reducing money spent without affecting the current quality of life. The former is an action bent on spending as little as possible, even compromising the quality of life. The latter, however, makes the best of finances and the quality of life.

How To Use Stingy In A Sentence

There are several ways of using the word stingy in sentences; however, the word also takes other forms in different contexts. Use the word as an adverb or noun.

As An Adverb

When used in this form, the word changes to stingily. The new word describes how an action was carried out. Use the term when describing something done in a stingy manner.

Here are some sentences to explain further:

  • Human rights have for many years complained about how stingily the budget disregarded improving the health care system.
  • The company must have stingily hidden this equipment to sell it to warring countries to make a more significant profit.

As A Noun

The word changes to stinginess when used as a noun. It describes a state of lacking generosity. The term also takes other forms, such as stinge, which refers to an individual that is considered to have a stringy characteristic. However, the later version is commonly used in New Zealand and Australia.

Here are some more examples:

  • Derrick might have been a caring individual to many, but he was also considered a stinge.
  • The Heralds have an undeserved reputation for sheer stinginess, which no evidence has ever backed. 
  • The comedian made several jokes about Scott's stinginess at the hall, making the audience laugh.

10 Examples Of Stingy In A Sentence

We will now look at the word stingy and its different forms to help you know how you can use this word in sentences. Here we go!

  1. Stanley, I don't understand how you can be so generous to your girlfriends but remain stingy towards your family.
  2. The lawyer wants to help you win this case; however, if you keep on being stingy with the truth, you'll end up in jail.
  3. Donald is nothing more than a stingy business person whose primary focus in any business deal is what he'll make out of it.
  4. We all knew and regarded our father as a stinge since he was never accustomed to giving us more than thirty dollars as a monthly allowance.
  5. Numerous lobby groups have accused several corporations of being stingy with donor funding.
  6. Luis's family is known for being one of the wealthiest but stingiest families on the island.
  7. The man was known as a beast because he was stingy with everything he owned; he was never even heard complimenting his wife once.
  8. The sword with the golden handle set for auctioning tomorrow belongs to a rich stingy man from Southampton.
  9. Nancy might be a stingy individual, but she will never waste an opportunity to make some money or connections.
  10. I had to look for someone else to help me with my science project because you've been very stingy with your time lately.

How Do You Spell Stingy?

According to articulation rules, stingy is a six-letter word spelled as S.T.I.N.G.Y.

How Do You Pronounce Stingy?

Pronounce the word as [stin.jee].

To correctly pronounce the word stingy, break it into its sounds. Remember to listen to an expert say the word and keep practicing before attempting to pronounce the word.

How Many Syllables Are In Stingy?

The phrase stingy has two syllables; stin. gy.

History & Etymology of Stingy

Stingy stems from a direct dialect of the word sting, which meant to prick and was used in the 17th century. The term started as the definition of something sting, biting, or sharp as early as 1610. Later, the word morphed into stinge, which is still used in Australia and New Zealand. The term later gained the definition we know today.

Stingy Synonyms

  • Selfish
  • Greedy
  • Frugal
  • Ungenerous
  • Avaricious
  • Cheap

Stingy Antonyms

  • Generous
  • Wasteful
  • Uneconomical
  • Extravagant

woman library headphonesWhen Was Stingy First Used?

In 1659, the word stingy was first used with its current meaning.

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The word stingy is not hard to use in your vocabulary now that you know the stingy definition, meaning, and usage in sentences. However, it's essential to develop a reading culture to properly understand much more on how to use the word and its different forms. Don't stop researching if you don't know what a particular word means. Also, keep practicing the pronunciation and spelling of every new word you come across, and you'll be a master of the English language in no time.

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