Social Media Manager Salary

Social Media Manager Salary

Social Media SalarySo you are stepping into the mainstream marketing world and realizing that your business needs to get serious about social media. The industry itself is so new that there really isn’t a professional background or pay grade to follow in your hiring practices. You would be surprised to learn what professionals in jobs already available are making.

Location has always influenced salary ranges for any positions as costs of living vary in different regions of the country. The other thing that makes salary ranges for social media managers fluctuate is the size and type of company that they go to work for.

New York, New York

It’s no surprise that this city has positions that offer the most for social media management and strategist positions. Jobs range from 46K to over 70K; however, the range brings with it some misleading elements. For instance, will this person only be responsible for managing the company brand on social media accounts, or do positions tend to encompass other branding and marketing related tasks?


There are multiple cities in California that have high wages for social media management and strategist related positions. At the low end of the scale for copywriting type positions, entry level people can expect anywhere from 22K to 32K. Beyond that, management and executive positions enjoy ranges of 70K to over 100K.

Boston, Massachusetts

Here is the first city in the list where top salaries of social media executives dip below 100K. Salary ranges for mid-level jobs are in the same ranges as the other top cities before Boston; however, at the low end, the range is much higher from 22-50K.

Washington D.C.

In line with Boston (perhaps related to its proximity and size) is D.C. Salary ranges are similar here to the salaries in Boston. Social media specialists and strategists can expect to make around 42K-56K. Executive positions are also in the high 90s.

citySalaries in other comparable major cities around the U.S. are pretty much in line or close to the major cities named above. There are some key differences in pay rates, though, that are directly related to the types of duties these professionals are expected to have responsibility for.

For instance, if you are walking into a mid-sized company in the Midwest and doing some basic social media presence development and management, don’t expect to clear 50K. In fact, positions where responsibilities are limited to only writing copy or managing accounts tend to pay a lot less than their manager or executive level counterparts.

It isn’t all that uncommon to see businesses meshing social media strategist and oversight in executive positions with people already in traditional marketing roles. In these instances, professionals are taking on a lot more responsibility than just managing the company’s brand online or in a social space. They are also taking on more traditional marketing roles.

too-many-hatsAnother characteristic of many job descriptions that I look at — as well as feedback I get from colleagues — is that no two social media positions seem to be alike. For instance, one company may want to focus on a few social media networks and that’s it.

Conversely, another company may want a social media professional to generate content for and manage a blog on top of managing multiple social networks. Still others may want their people to take on added responsibility outside of only managing social media networks.


If you are actively involved in the social media and web marketing community, none of this is news to you. If you are interested in pursuing a position in a social media related field, it helps to understand that these positions are still finding their footing in the professional world.

Marketing directors and business owners and others looking for folks with these skills are still working on defining the duties that these jobs encompass.


What are your salary expectations for social media management? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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