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Seniour Vs Senior, Which Of These Spellings Should You Use?

Seniour Vs Senior, Which Of These Spellings Should You Use?

Many of us have had difficulties with spelling at some point in our lives. Teachers try to engage us since we are toddlers in the process of phonics and spelling. Every spelling bee contest, word memory game, and word puzzle was used to prepare us for this complex communication skill. Sometimes it is easier for humans to communicate verbally than what is to do in writing.

“Seniour” is the incorrect spelling for “senior.” “Senior” is the spelling we should be using to represent older, in higher rank or superior. “Seniour” is an obsolete term that is no longer valid.

You might wonder when did the confusion start? Or why does the term get misspelled? The answer to this is, some articles state that “seniour” is an obsolete spelling for senior. It used to appear in biblical verse and surname variations. However, there’s not much information collected to support those statements.

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“Senior” is a predominant word in the modern vocabulary. It’s a word that reminds you of high school years where all you wanted to do was get to your senior year, perhaps, and reminds you of the career path you’re aiming for at your new job. These are the definitions for “senior”:

  • Relating to elders or someone older than the other.
  • Higher in position or rank.
  • Related to, or intended to be superior.
  • Someone with vast experience.
  • USA final academic year for students in high school or college.
  • Someone that deserves respect.
  • Surname denoting the elder of two members in the family that share the same name.


The word was first known and used around the 14th century. It comes from the Latin word “senex” or “senate,” which means old. During that century, families were not as creative as they are now with names; therefore, it was common to add the word ‘senior’ to the ending of the eldest child whose name was similar or the same as another relative. As we all know, families are often a complex topic to deal with and even more in the late 14th century. Wealthy families used this surname and servants, creating a conflict between the two social classes. The surname spread around the world but didn’t last long.

Different Misspelling For “Senior”

Spelling is a complex activity, and this involves different skills that we acquire through the years. We must think about how the words sound and then translate them into print. This process can be a little confusing to plenty of us due to all the memorizing of the spelling rules, exceptions, tenses, and meanings we must consider when we are writing. Here are some of the different ways ‘senior’ is misspelled to avoid future mistakes: seniour, senoir, sennior, seinor, and seinoir.

Word Type

Senior As A Noun

  • A person who is older than another.
  • Someone that deserves respect.
  • The final academic year for students finishing high school or college.

Examples Of Senior Used In A Sentence As A Noun

  • Julia Marie Rodriguez is going into her senior year. We should have a party for her and celebrate this summer before the beginning of class.
  • I feel so honored to have Mr. Collins as my professor; he is a senior judge, and he’s interested in engaging his students through the right path in law school.
  • Jonathan, Ricardo, and Shannon discussed that senior leaders can be rude to their subordinates, but I disagree.
  • Senior year will make you lose your mind in college. All the research papers and the homework that needs to be handed in is insane.
  • Prom night is getting close, and it is the best part of my senior year. I should go to the store and buy a lovely dress, jewelry, shoes, make-up, and a small handbag.
  • Paola is the senior cousin, Lexy and Wilma are the same age.
  • Tomorrow, there is a ceremony to congratulate our senior professors for all the years dedicated to the institution.
  • Jack Robinson, for his part, is still discussing the offer with David Axelrod, the President’s senior strategist.
  • Warren Johnson is not the senior relative; he is the youngest.
  • I do not think Michael will pass the senior finals because he focuses more on working and not studying.
  • As a senior officer, he has a reputation to maintain, so he must be careful with what he says and does.
  • The death of the senior officer was so tragic, and we could not believe someone would do that to him.
  • I am not sure you understand how important it is for you to have good grades during your senior year; this will determine your dream to get into Harvard.
  • Susan said she would never talk to me for accidentally telling her mom she skipped school multiple times during her senior year, which is why she is in summer school.
  • My cousin wanted to go to a different high school to finish her senior year, but my aunt didn’t let her because it was too far from home.

Senior As An Adjective

  • Denoting to someone higher in rank, position, office, or dignity.
  • Referring to an individual who is old.
  • Being superior.

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Examples Of Senior Used In A Sentence As An Adjective

  • Katy Perez could not believe she won the senior women 500 meters run she prepared for over two years.
  • Andrea’s son, Marcus Walker, is having his first game of senior football in May.
  • Amy recently joined a staffing firm, and she’s so impressed by how friendly her senior supervisor is.
  • I need to fix my resume and incorporate my previous work experience as a Senior Career consultant and lead for the new position I want to apply to.
  • I’ll take my grandmother to the store to do her groceries shopping, and the store announced they would have senior discounts.
  • All I am working for is to become a senior leader.
  • My mom has more than twenty years of experience as a Senior Account Manager, and she has decided it is time to retire.
  • Our company is implementing a bonus and compensation plan for their senior employees, and they are so grateful for their time and effort.
  • There is a surprise party for all the senior members of the church this Sunday at 9:00 a.m.
  • I have completed my senior period successfully, and now I can be the director of finance.
  • Bethany is in charge of the logistic team, providing her with the list that has the names of the senior judges.
  • Besides the senior supervisors, should we include the sales department in today’s meeting?

Synonyms And Antonyms


It is helpful to know word’s synonyms to expand our vocabulary and communicate fluently. These are some of the synonyms we can refer to when it comes to the word ‘senior’: experienced, aged, ancient, mature, superior, veteran, lead, and principal.


When we use the word senior, these words will mean the opposite: junior, young, subaltern, immature, lower-ranking, secondary, and first.


Overall knowing what is not correct is more straightforward to acknowledge than what is right. “Seniour” is not a word we should be using, and the correct spelling is “Senior.”

Understanding the different definitions will help us know how to use the term when communicating verbally and in written form. We constantly encounter various articles and websites with misinformation, which can also lead to the misuse of terms. I recommend searching in alternative sites, trusted web pages, or scientific papers to provide clarity and consistency in the information given. This will help us avoid misspellings and context confusion.