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Facebook News – How Do Recent Changes Impact Upon Your Business Page?


There has been a great deal of information available as of late in regard to Facebook’s new redesign and implementation of additional features. While much has been openly debated about the impact of these new changes on end users, their impact on businesses has not been as widely discussed. Without being aware of the impact of Facebook’s new features, many business page administrators could be left in the dust of more socially savvy Facebook business page administrators.

Facebook “Like” For Business

An almost imperceptible change that could have a major impact upon Facebook business pages is the new “open” comment implementation. This topic has barely caused a ripple in the sea of Facebook news that has been generated as of late. Whereas once upon a time a Facebook user would have to “like” a business page in order to be able to comment on their wall, this is no longer the case. With the newly redesigned social media superstar, Facebook users can now comment on any business page without having to “like” the company first. While this might make it easier for comment posters to engage with their favorite brands on a one-time basis, it also has the potential to cause a rise in the number of not so positive feedback comments as well. For administrators that are not in the habit of checking their Facebook page on a continual basis, leaving negative feedback without a conciliatory response up on their wall for an extended period of time could be harmful to the overall impression that their page gives to visitors. Not only does the negative feedback give visitors a poor impression of a company (negativity as well as lack of a timely response) it is also a missed opportunity in terms of turning that “frown upside down”. A company that is engaged enough to respond well to all sorts of feedback is just the type of firm that many socially connected consumers are more than happy to engage with.

Facebook Posting Changes

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Facebook Changes for Business

Another change that is going to have an incredible impact on how administrators post to their business pages is the ability that Facebook end users now have to “vote up” Top Stories. If the posts that a business makes to their own wall are continually seen as self-serving and not very useful, Facebook’s algorithm will pick up on the consistent downgrading and will gradually begin to see those posts as unworthy of being featured in Top Stories. Just because an end-user “likes” your business’ page once upon a time, if they never engage with your wall posts in a meaningful way, your posts will gradually drop in importance in their Timeline. Surveys have shown that over 40% of Facebook users who originally “like” a business page eventually remove it from their “liked” favorites. When you factor in that number and combine it with the new ability for end users to effectively demote your wall posts, the impetuous is definitely on business’ to make their wall posts engaging, informative, and shareable.

Frequency of posts is also going to become an important factor. If, as a Facebook business page administrator, you continually post to your company’s wall throughout the day, you run the risk of having the Facebook algorithm pick up your content as less than useful if your followers find your posts a nuisance and downgrade them. Businesses are now going to have to be VERY mindful as to how their wall posts serve their customers and post accordingly. By focusing on the needs and likes of their followers, businesses that succeed on the “new” Facebook will be the ones that are truly tuned into the needs of their audience. After all, is that not what social media is supposed to be all about? Instead of using social media as a way to broadcast your wares to the world, use it instead to create relationships with your followers. Well-tended relationships convert into sales much more readily than seeds scattered upon the wind.

By Shawn Manaher

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