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Liberated Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Liberated Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

“Liberated” is a common word in English; you will find this word in titles of books, movies, songs, poems, and more. So, you might be wondering what it means when someone uses the word “liberated.” If that is the case, we will start with the liberated definition and meaning.

Liberated: Freeing someone or something from traditional conventions, even sexual matters. Use the word when talking about someone or something freed and able to act at will and not under restraint or any compulsion. The words rescued, released, saved, or let out will replace “liberated” in sentences.

In addition to the above, the word liberated has numerous meanings and definitions. So, it is vital to learn about the various definitions to understand the best way to use the word in your vocabulary. We will look at that and couple it up with the pronunciation, history, syllables, and much more.

liberated definition

What Is The Definition Of Liberated?

Liberated means not subject to foreign interventions or despotic government. Use the word when talking about someone free from restraint that the government might bring in their lives. 

Here are example sentences:

  • That sounds strange coming from a liberated woman like Anne.
  • The refugees decided to liberate themselves from their oppressors by seeking shelter in nearby countries.

F.A.Q.s About Liberated

To help you understand more about this word, we will answer some of the most asked questions about the liberated definition, meaning, and usage.

What Part Of Speech Is Liberated?

Understanding a word’s part of speech helps compose correct sentences. That means if you know where the word liberated falls, it will be easy to form coherent sentences because you get to follow grammar rules.

The word “liberated” is unique since you can use it as an adjective and a verb. As an adjective, the word means to free someone from oppression, and as a verb, it means to grant freedom or to release from confinement. So, the part of speech of this word depends on how you use it in your sentences.

What Is The Meaning Of Liberated In Religion And Law?

Liberated is the epicenter of most religious beliefs, where someone (a sinner) gets released from bondage by following the religious beliefs of a particular religion. When it comes to the law, liberation means to free a place or people from political or military control of another group of people or country.

What Does A Liberated Person Mean?

If someone is liberated, it means that they have a relaxed or unofficial style. Their manner or nature of doing things isn’t dependent on some traditions or rules. These are the kind of people who behave freely or naturally without worrying about what other people would think.

What Is “Liberated” Meaning As A Past Tense?

Liberated is the past tense of the verb “liberate.” It is also the past participle of the same word. In its past tense form, this word can apply in various settings. Use the word liberated to mean the following in your sentences.

  • To set someone free from imprisonment or slavery or oppression
  • To free someone from difficulty or entanglement
  • To move someone from suspicion or guilt
  • To send away or order someone to leave
  • To free someone from misconceptions and misapprehension

What Is The Meaning Of Liberated?

Liberated is an adjective that means released from the chemical combination. This is a term mainly used by people experimenting with certain chemicals. For example, when talking about gasses released from a reaction.

You can also use this word when talking about unconstrained or not chemically bound molecules or something that is not fixed or relatively in restricted motions.

Here are sentence examples:

  • After we mixed the black and green substances, we were shocked to see the white gas liberated.
  • At first, we thought the smoke coming out of the chemistry lab was due to the liberated chemical, but that was not the case.

Words Related To Liberated

Other than learning the definition and meanings of words, also learn about the related words to have knowhow about the respective words. Here is a look at synonyms, antonyms, and rhyming words related to liberated.


Synonyms are words with nearly the same meaning as the word you are learning. Some synonyms of the word liberated include the following;

  • Modern
  • Progressive
  • Unconventional
  • Unchained
  • Discharged
  • Saved
  • Untied
  • Liberal


Antonyms have the opposite meaning to the word you are researching more about. Learning antonyms will improve your vocabulary and make it easier for you to express yourself. These are the synonyms of liberated;

  • Unenlightened
  • Stringent
  • Controlled
  • Tight
  • Particular
  • Formal
  • Stiff
  • Bound


Rhymes are words with sounds that correspond with other words. If you like being creative or playful with your words, learning rhymes will help you out. These words rhyme with liberated.

  • Deliberated
  • Refrigerated
  • Exhilarated
  • Obliterated
  • Recommended
  • Congested
  • Suffocated
  • Domesticated

How To Use Liberated In A Sentence

From the above definitions and meanings, it’s clear that there are various ways that you can use the word liberate in your sentences. For instance, use the word when talking about someone released from prison—also, coming from a place where the people have no freedom. The term also applies where there are no longer limits or controls or not following the traditional ways of behaving or old ideas.

Is liberated a positive word? English words have either a positive or negative aspect. It is hard to use a word correctly without knowing where it falls. In the case of liberated, use it as a positive word because it shows some freedom something or someone has been longing to enjoy.

Different Word Forms Of Liberated

Different words have different word forms, making it easier to learn how to use them in sentences. That means you should take the time to learn all word forms of the word liberated. That way, you will know the right form to use based on your context. Using the wrong in its word form does not alter the meaning; it improves the coherence of your sentences.

Here are the different word forms of liberated.

  • Liberally (adverb)
  • Liberatingly (adverb)
  • Liberate (verb)
  • Liberalize (verb)
  • Liberalized (past tense and past participle of liberalize)
  • Liberated (simple past tense and past participle of liberate)
  • Liberty (noun)
  • Libertarian (noun)
  • Liberality (noun)
  • Liberator (noun)
  • Liberating (noun)

10 Examples Of Liberated In A Sentence

Learn more about the word liberated by reading sentence sentences with this word. An example sentence with a new word is a straightforward way to understand the word. Read the ten sentences below to know the best way to use “liberated” in sentences.

  1. After seeing how his neighbor mistreated the female dogs, Joseph liberated them the following day.
  2. The woman forced to marry the older man dreamt he would someday get liberated from the horrendous situation.
  3. Susan could not wait until to get liberated from her insolent children.
  4. The government ratified to liberated all the war prisoners at the concentration camp.
  5. After working full time to ensure that all the guests were served, she liberated herself from the kitchen.
  6. The new manager has liberated all those who wanted to change their career.
  7. Leon’s main goal for the next five years is to be a liberated businessman.
  8. The liberated woman could not hold back her tears of joy after years of seclusion.
  9. Ivan is rather liberated and fun to be around.
  10. He conceded the decision to take the trip was the best that he had ever made; he felt liberated and relaxed.

How Do You Spell Liberated?

The perfect spelling of “liberated” is “L.I.B.E.R.A.T.E.D.” 

When learning a new word, make sure you know how to spell it correctly. That way, you will not misspell it in your writing or write something that will convey a different meaning than what you want to say.

hand writing

How Do You Pronounce Liberated?

The perfect pronunciation of “liberated” is “” if you are using American English or “li.bu.ray.tuhd” when using British English.

When perfecting your English language, proper pronunciation holds a lot of weight. In fact, some people listen to your pronunciation to determine if you are a pro or not; take pronunciations seriously and learn how to pronounce each word best. However, before that, choose the accent to use. It is easy to understand the pronunciation of a specific term if you stick to it.

How Many Syllables Are In Liberated?

The word “liberated” has four syllables divided as “” Learn the syllables and division to have an easy time practicing the word’s spelling and pronunciation.

History & Etymology Of Liberated

The word “liberated” originates from the Latin word “liberationem,” which means setting or becoming free. The word was then used in the Old French as “liberacion” before it got introduced to English as “liberation.” However, the word still retains its original meaning.

When Was Liberated First Used?

The initial use of the term “liberated” was back in 1887. Its original meaning is “freed from traditional or sexual activities or roles.”


Whether used as an adjective or a verb, liberated is one of those English words that you are sure to come across almost daily. Learning the liberated definition and meaning will help you significantly in the long run. Keep getting back to this article for reference as you practice the word’s pronunciation by saying it out and writing some creative sentences.