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Is “Good Afternoon” Capitalized? When to Capitalize It

Is “Good Afternoon” Capitalized? When to Capitalize It

Greetings are a crucial part when learning any language. In fact, it will be true to say that almost everyone who knows the English language already knows that “good afternoon” is the salutation you give people after midday. It is easy to greet someone verbally, but the challenge is when writing the words in your preferred context; so is “good afternoon” capitalized.

The phrase “good afternoon” is not always capitalized in a sentence. It is an interjection, meaning it is independent of its words. When writing the word, the general rule is to write “good afternoon” in lowercase. An exception is when the word appears in a title, letters, or start of sentences.

Greeting someone “good afternoon” is a friendly and easy way to connect with them. But, it can be embarrassing if you use this phrase in your writing with the wrong capitalization. That is why it is essential to look in-depth at the capitalization of the word “good afternoon” and whether there are times when you should capitalize the phrase. Keep it here for more.

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Rules for Capitalizing Good Afternoon

At times, the phrase “good afternoon” can also be capitalized. You can capitalize the word when you use it at the beginning of a sentence. More so, capitalize “good afternoon” in books, movies, and article titles. Are you writing a salutation in letters or emails? Capitalize the phrase too.

Understanding when to capitalize “good afternoon” makes it easy to pass your message. In this section, we will go through each point with examples to better understand how to write the phrase. That way, you will not have difficulty determining when the phrase should be in small letters and when it should be capitalized.

At the Beginning of a Sentence

Though you should write the phrase “good afternoon” in lowercase, that’s not the case when writing it at the beginning of a sentence. Note that all English words that start a sentence should be capitalized. The same case applies when writing the phrase “good afternoon.”

However, people commonly mistake capitalizing “good” and “afternoon.” When writing this word at the beginning of a sentence, you do not capitalize the second word, “afternoon.”

Example sentences:

  • Good afternoon everyone, and thank you for joining us today.
  • Good afternoon class, today’s lesson will be about pollination.
  • Good afternoon madam, I have tried to reach the manager, but I cannot find him.

As Part of a Title

Another confusion most writers, students, and editors have when writing the phrase “good afternoon” is how to use it in a title. Writing a title can be hectic, especially if you do not know the words you need to write in capital letters and small letters.

Remember, the title is the first thing a person sees before reading your work. You need to build the confidence of your readers by getting the capitalization right. If you have to use “good afternoon” in a title, capitalize it. When crafting email salutations, it’s crucial to maintain proper capitalization, including phrases like “Good Afternoon.” Understanding the nuances of capitalization ensures clarity and professionalism in your communication. If you’re struggling with the rules, consider using an email verifier tool to double-check your message before sending

Example sentences:

  • Most students are looking forward to our literature lessons since we will be watching a short film titled “Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night.”
  • I have had the book “Good Afternoon Vietnam” for a long time, but I have never read.,
  • She told me she wanted to be a chef, so I bought her the Good Afternoon Cook Book.

When Writing an Email

The phrase “good afternoon” is commonly used in an official setting when writing an email or sending a letter online or offline. However, this phrase is mainly used as a salutation at the beginning of the email. That means you’ll only need to capitalize the first word of the phrase.

Note that when writing email salutations like dear, hi, hello, and more, they should always be capitalized, and the same case applies when writing the word “good afternoon.” It applies when writing to friends, family, or business partners.

Example sentences:

  • Good afternoon; here is a list of all the distributors. Jane,
  • Good afternoon, team; let’s work hard to meet our goal. James
  • Good afternoon everyone, Our Christmas party will be at the karaoke bar starting at 6 o’clock.

Exceptions for Capitalizing Good Afternoon

The phrase “good afternoon” is usually assumed to be one, and that is why most people capitalize on the “g” and the “a.” But doing this is a mistake that you need to avoid.

First, note that when you write the word “good afternoon” at the beginning of a sentence or send out an email, you do not have to capitalize the “a” in the afternoon. The only letter that you can capitalize on is “g.” The words “good afternoon” are two words, and you might be tempted to capitalize both of them. Again, the only letter that you should capitalize is “g.”

Example sentences:

  • Incorrect: Good Afternoon, students; I hope you are ready for the class.
  • Correct: Good afternoon, students; I hope you are ready for the class.
  • Incorrect: Good Afternoon, my dear family; I am running late, but I’ll be there soon.
  • Correct: Good afternoon, my dear family; I am running late, but I’ll be there soon.

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Some Rare Cases When Capitalizing Good Afternoon

You might be writing an email, and you do not know the first name of the person you address. In this case, the words “good afternoon” will not be followed by a name, which means that it will stand alone. Therefore, capitalize the words “good” and “afternoon” if it is an email.

Example sentences:

  • Good Afternoon, We hope that you will find something you like in the attached brochure we have sent.
  • Good Afternoon, We hope to get feedback from you about the products you bought from our shop.
  • Good Afternoon; if you have any questions about our services, reach out to us today.

10 Examples of Correct Good Afternoon Capitalization in Sentences

At times, just reading the various capitalization rules is not enough to understand them. If you want to be a pro writer, you need to read the multiple sentence examples and be keen to know the various ways the word has been used. That will help you get some inspiration and fully understand the phrase. Here’s the list.

  1. Good Afternoon team: I am your new manager, and I am looking forward to a good working relationship.
  2. Good afternoon Jackson, Kindly come to my office ASAP. We have an urgent discussion.
  3. Have you completed the assignment on “Good Afternoon and More Ways to Be Polite.”
  4. It was a good afternoon, and everyone was having a great time at the beach.
  5. Good afternoon to you, miss. Can you find some time for a one on one conversation today?
  6. Good Afternoon. How may I help you before the day ends?
  7. Good Afternoon. Are you interested in repairing our slow cooker?
  8. Good afternoon Mr. Brown, the meeting has been postponed till next Tuesday.
  9. Good afternoon Mr. Smith. Will you be coming to the office today?
  10. Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence, and good afternoon.


Salutations are a part of grammar, and you will realize that you have to write them on various occasions. It could be in a letter, email, or even an informal setting. So, it is vital to understand the multiple ways you can write a greeting like “good afternoon” without making a mistake in your work. We hope this article has answered the question “is good afternoon capitalized.” You can now have an easier time writing the phrase.