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Do You Capitalize Weekdays? When and When Not To

Do You Capitalize Weekdays? When and When Not To

Are you writing a text that requires you to include days of the week? Writing weekdays the right way in sentences leaves most people confused. It’s because they are uncertain whether to write the days of the weeks in uppercase or lowercase. That said, the main question remains: Do you capitalize weekdays?

You should always capitalize weekdays. But again, you can choose to capitalize or not. All days should begin with a capital letter, but some people believe that only the first letter should be capitalized and not the rest. At times, whether you decide to capitalize weekdays depends on your preference.

The rules of capitalization are many and can be confusing, and that is why you need to take time and learn all of them. That way, you will better understand the rules and remember them. In this article, we will discuss more on when and when not to capitalize the days of the week.

days of week on street sign

Rules for Capitalizing Weekdays

When writing the weekdays, note that these words are proper nouns. So, like any other proper noun, the days of the weeks should be capitalized. This rule applies regardless of where it appears in a sentence.

Proper nouns are not general but specific to a thing, place, or person. That is the case with the days of the week. Each day is specific, and so when writing them, you need to write them in uppercase. If you do not capitalize the first word, you will be making a mistake.

Example sentences:

  • We have a meeting on Tuesday.
  • They will be performing on Sunday after the game.

Another major English rule when writing sentences is that you should capitalize the first word of the sentence. This is one of the most straightforward rules that never change. The reason for capitalizing the first word of each sentence is to show the readers that they are reading a new sentence or reading a new idea.

Apply this rule at all times, even when writing the days of the week. Whether your texts are in paragraph form or you are listing a few sentences, make sure you capitalize weekdays if they begin a sentence. The same applies to the first word in a title, subtitle, or phrase.

Example in sentences:

  • Sunday is when the new clinic will open.
  • Monday’s meeting is at 2:30.
  • Thursday and all public holidays are the busiest market days.

Rules-Based on Particular Days of the Week

At times you might wonder if you should capitalize all the days of the week. Yes, all the days of the week are capitalized in a sentence without exception. There are seven days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Depending on the article or message you are writing, you might feel some days of the week are more critical. This applies to people used to working or worshiping on a particular day and keeping it sacred. In such instances, you might find yourself guessing if all the weekdays should be capitalized.

The reality is all the days of the week are nouns, regardless of the context you are writing. No day is more important than another. Since they are all proper nouns, ensure all the words are in uppercase when writing them in your sentences.

Example sentences:

  • We are open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays but remain closed on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • John threw a great party on Saturday, but he was too tired to do anything on Sunday.

Exceptions for Capitalizing Weekdays

In some cases, writing the days of the week in lowercase is fine, especially in informal conversations. However, many instances are when you should capitalize them.

For instance, in this social media era, people are often writing on social media platforms. So, it is likely that at one time, you will come across days of the week written in lower cases. It happens when the conversations are informal, but that’s not how it should be.

The English capitalization rule has many exceptions. That is why it is customary to wonder about the exceptions when capitalizing on the weekdays. But, unlike many other capitalization rules in English, there is no exception when writing the weekdays.

As stated before, the days of the weeks are proper nouns, regardless of how you use these words. So, there is no exception to capitalization. Each time you write the days of the week in your sentences, always ensure the first word is capitalized. This rule has no exception.

Example sentences:

  • My birthday is next Tuesday, and I expect all my co-workers to attend.
  • They were fighting on Thursday.

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Are there Edge Cases When Capitalizing Weekdays?

No matter how strange it might seem, always capitalize weekdays. At times, it can be challenging to intercept that the days of the weeks need to be capitalized. It’s because you might use the word, and it might not seem like a proper noun or a specific noun.

Nonetheless, even if you might self-doubt yourself, note that the days of the weeks do not change. That is, whether you use them as an object or the subject of your sentences.

Example sentences:

  • Almost everyone likes Friday.
  • I prefer to concentrate on my chores to relax on Saturday.

In the example sentence above, “Friday” is used as a subject, while “Saturday” is the object. But in both these sentences, the weekdays are proper nouns. So like any other proper nouns, when you write the days, ensure you capitalize them.

monday capitalized spelled on wood

More Alternative Rules When Capitalizing Weekdays

Do weekdays need to be capitalized if written several times in a sentence? Yes, each time you write a day of the week, make sure it is in capital letters. Regardless of the number of times, the day appears in a sentence. 

Example sentences:

  • I was late last week Monday and again this week, Monday, and that’s why the teacher sent me to the principal’s office.
  • We will perform this coming Saturday, the following week Saturday, and all other Saturdays for the next two months.

The general rule to note when writing weekdays is that it should be capitalized regardless of where it falls in the sentence. That means that each time you write the days, embrace capitalization. Here are more instances that will require you to capitalize weekdays:

  • If the weekday is part of the person’s name (for example, I will be meeting James Sunday later today.)
  • As part of an expression that might appear in a formal document or speech (for example, “What day is it? Monday.” or “I have an appointment on Friday.”)
  • When using the full name of a specific weekday (for example, National Unfriend Day on Facebook falls on Monday this year.)
  • When writing about days of worship for a particular religion (for example, Many people only shop at the mall on Sundays.)
  • When referring to a day when classes or other activities are held (for example, Tomorrow is Monday, so I have math class all day.)
  • As part of an expression used in everyday speech (for example, “Better Wednesday than Monday!”)

10 Examples of Correct Capitalization of Weekdays in Sentences

Reading various sentences on the days of the week and how they are written will help you better understand how to incorporate them in sentences. Here we go!

  1. Friday is the last day of the week, so we have casual wear in our company.
  2. I usually have a hard time waking up on Monday after a long weekend.
  3. The assignment is due Wednesday, yet I have not started my research.
  4. I usually enjoy going to the gym on Saturday since I know I will meet all my friends.
  5. Tuesday is a strange day to host a farewell party for the retiring manager.
  6. Susan is coming on Friday, and we will be picking her up at the airport.
  7. Why is Thursday a proper noun?
  8. The maid will come in each day of the week apart from Sunday.
  9. The thieves broke into the bank on Thursday and caught everyone unawares.
  10. I will call you next Tuesday so that we can close the deal.


It is hardly possible to go about your writing without writing the days of the week. Thus, it is vital to know how to write weekdays in your sentences to avoid making embarrassing mistakes. If you were unsure whether the weekdays should be capitalized, the truth is you should always capitalize them. This article gives detailed information to help you write weekdays in your sentences.