Google Plus Circles 101 with Chris Dreyer

Google Plus Circles 101 with Chris Dreyer

chris Chris Dreyer of was kind enough to share some of his strategies for success on curating Google Plus Circles. Whether you are growing a personal or professional network, or maybe using G+ for business, these tips should help you grow your following and get some good engagement.

Q: I’ve heard that Google Plus is not a very active social network for business. Is that true?

A: Several months ago I might have agreed with you, but it seems that with the new dashboard changes and how important Google authorship has become for search visibility, that is no longer the case. Google Plus is being used by more and more individuals every day. It is a very active community.

Q: If I just share content all the time, will people start putting me in circles?

A: It depends upon if you are sharing content on your website that already receives a substantial amount of traffic. If you are in very few circles and those circles aren’t active, then you are going to have a very difficult time building your circles. It’s best if you have an email contact list to import. It’s not 100% necessary, but having this initial group to market to will really help you expand in the beginning.

Google Plus Logo Q: Do I have to comment on posts every day in order to get people to put me in circles?

A: No. You do not have comment or +1 every day in order to get people to put you in circles. Like all of the social networks, the more you engage with your circles, the more they will reciprocate and also engage with the content you share. The best way to stand out is to share niche-specific content that is interesting to your circles. Be selective on how often, when and what you share.

Q: Is there anything I can do off of Google Plus to increase my following?

A: There are a ton of things you can do:

  • +1 Interesting posts
  • Re share Interesting posts
  • Add circles often
  • Re share circles of engagers
  • Create hangouts
  • Join communities
  • Leverage other social media platforms (i.e Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Add Google authorship
  • Add Google Plus follow badges on your website
  • Create Google Plus calls-to-action in your website content
  • Use social share icons for your content

other social networks A tactic I like to use for my niche (attorneys) is to identify related communities, agencies and law firm,s and add their lawyer profile circles. You can then actively engage with +1’s, shares and comments to get them to reciprocate and add you to their circles.

Q: How long does it take to start getting a lot of followers on Google Plus?

A: Not long. I started heavily using Google+ in the last few months. In fact, about two weeks ago, I was in around 600 circles. Now my personal account has nearly 1,500. So by actively using G+ in just two weeks, I added 900 more circles to my account. There is a link to my profile at the bottom of this interview to confirm what I stated.

Q: I’ve been interacting with other people’s content on Google Plus and sharing my own content, but no one is putting me in Circles, what gives?

Plus one content A: It takes time, but if you continue to engage with +1’s, sharing and adding your own content, you will see your circles increase. In the beginning, you will be added to circles slowly, but there is a domino effect that happens with consistent engagement. You will be remembered, and many of the users will reciprocate and add you to their circles.

Q: How would I use communities to grow my following on Google Plus?

A: Communities are an amazing place to market to on Google Plus because they have already established memberships. They already have a group of people to market to and are interested in the same topics as you. Each community has a different set of rules you must follow in order to participate. Read the rules first, and then enjoy.

Q: How would I use hangouts to grow my following on Google Plus?

A: I have to be honest. I am no pro at utilizing hangouts for Google Plus. What I can tell you is hangouts are another great way to engage with your circles on an even more personal level. Sometimes written content and inflection gets misinterpreted and interferes with status posts. With video hangouts, you can clarify information in real time. These hangouts can also become amazing content to share for your status updates. Not to mention those that participate in the hangouts with yourself will frequently share the content to their circles. They can be a great way to extend your social reach to new circles.

Q: Are there any books, guides or blogs that you would recommend for growing my following?

A: Christine DeGraff is putting out a lot of interesting content on how to get more circles. I highly recommend you check out her profile to see what she’s doing. Otherwise, you just need to participate on Google+ by engaging with other users.

Check out Chris Dreyer’s G+ profile for yourself.  He’s grown quite the network, and it’s building every day. Chris is also the president and founder of, the web’s premiere online marketing destination for attorneys.


What are your thoughts on Google Plus and being added to more circles? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or dropping a line.

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