Google Plus Used To Be Cool Until They Killed It

Google Plus Is an Entire Social Media System


In an effort to compete with the success of Facebook, the folks at Google have entered the social media arena with the arrival of Google Plus. Not to be confused with Google’s Plus One (their version of the Facebook Like button), Google+ is an entire social media system that allows users to connect with other Google+ contacts in a variety of ways. The system was originally introduced through an invitation only format, which was a huge success for Google as well as a masterful marketing technique. The exclusivity of the invitation only format had folks clamoring for invitations from around the globe. While it took Facebook 852 days to reach 10 million users, Google+ managed to hit 10 million users in only 16 days and 20 million users in just 24 days ( This huge influx of users to a brand new social media entity confirms that Google definitely has a hit on their hands. It may not be a Facebook killer, but it definitely has its fair share of eager enthusiasts.

The most notable features of Google+ are Circles and Hangouts. Unlike Facebook, Google+’s Circles allows you to segregate your contacts into very specific groups so that not everyone of your contacts is exposed to every piece of information you add to your account. You can keep your work contacts separate from your family contacts, and you can even create separate circles so that different aspects of your work life are each in their own circle. Your boss and supervisors can be in one circle while your coworkers can be in another. It is this ability to individualize so many aspects of your social network that so many users find beneficial. Your boss does not have to hear about Aunt Mary’s surgery and Cousin Bob does not have to hear about the results of the big board meeting that your boss called.

Connect Your Mobile Devices with Google Plus

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Mobile Devices & Google+

Hangouts are another incredibly popular feature of the Google+ social network. With the ability to connect via mobile devices as well as the ability to upload video content, many users are finding the Hangout area of Google+ a terrific plus to the system. Video conferencing is available so that you can remotely connect with others in your Google+ circle around the globe. As long as they have a webcam and a high speed internet connection, you can have a video chat with any of your contacts in your Hangout area.

Google is continually adding to their new Google+ system in an effort to deliver as much bang for the buck as possible. Extras in addition to video uploads and video conferencing include Google Sparks, Google Stream, and even Google Chat. It is this continual upgrading and tweaking that is sure to make Google+ an ongoing success. The teams at Google are masters at developing products that their users want and need and bringing them to their followers in a fast and efficient manner. With their ability to continually integrate all aspects of multitude of Google products, it is no wonder that Google+ has been such an out of the box runaway success. The integration is only expected to continue as more and more products are developed for this new social media network.

Take Google Plus for a Ride!

If you have not taken Google+ for a test drive it is definitely worth your while to check out. See it for yourself at where you can peruse the different options that are available to you as well as video overviews that will give you a real glimpse inside this new powerhouse social media network. Once you have seen first hand all the bells and whistles that are available to you, chances are that you too will be one of the many millions signing up to be the latest member of the Google+ fan club.


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