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Exalted Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Exalted Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Have you ever used a word that you thought you knew its meaning but messed up badly? Many people find themselves in such situations because they assume they know how to use certain words, even without taking the time to learn. We let you know the exalted definition, meaning, and usage to avoid being in such an embarrassing situation when this word pops up.

The phrase exalted comes from the word exalt, which means to place in a powerful, influential, or essential position in a company or organization. The word is best used when describing a person’s rise to a high-ranking position, such as a top-tier captain or a chief executive officer.

If you got this definition right away, congratulations; if you didn’t, you’re still in good company because you’ll learn” exalted” and much more about this word. It’s important to note that the word exalted has various meanings in different contexts, and we will discuss this later on. Let’s begin with the exalted definition and meaning.

cute young woman universityWhat is the Definition of Exalted?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines exalted as elevating someone through praising or glorifying them. The word also defines someone or an ideal described as being of high intellectual or moral standing. The word describes those deemed extremely important or of upright morals.

Whenever the word gets used in praise or elevation of someone, it means the respective individual deserves praise, admiration, or respect. It’s because of something heroic they did or their elevated position. For instance, the royal family is exalted due to their position.

The following are example sentences with the word exalted.

  • Growing up as the only child was quite lonely, but in a way, I also felt exalted due to the attention I received.
  • Despite David Beckham having an exalted position in the soccer world, he has remained humble and easygoing.
  • Washington was generally an average performer at school, but his status has become more exalted since joining the football team.
  • Michael Jackson was one of the most exalted artists globally because of his music and business skills.

Does Exalted Mean Extreme Happiness?

The simple answer is yes. You are probably reading this for the first time, but in most formal settings, the word exalted defines a state of extreme happiness.

You may use this word in situations where a person is in a joyful mood, and you can tell from how they look, talk, and behave. For instance, if someone is in a cheerful mood and they shout and jump all over due to, let’s say, good performance, we can say that they are exalted. However, it’s important to note that this definition applies in select contexts.

What is the Meaning of Exalted?

The phrase Exalted also means giving a person an elevated position in an organization or a community. You will also realize that some people use the word to mean “to raise or improve position.”

Whenever someone gets exalted in a company or organization, they’re usually praised and given a critical position. Such people get exalted due to their outstanding work or rising the rank like it is in the military.

Here are some example sentences:

  • Everyone cheered when they heard that Everlyne had been exalted to the chief executive officer.
  • I think it was suitable to have Johnson exalted to head the basketball operations of the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Exalted also means to increase or enhance certain activities. Here are some examples to illustrate:
  • Children are encouraged to read as many storybooks as possible because they end up having exalted imaginations.
  • Leaving most foods unpreserved makes the bacteria exalted, decreasing their shelf life.

Meaning of Exalted in Different Fields

From religion to astrology, this word gets extensive use. Let’s understand what the word means when it appears in such contexts.

What does exalted mean in the Christian worldview? It’s no secret that the word exalted is commonly used in spiritual contexts. For instance, Christians use the word exalted when referring to God. Christians exalt God due to His divine nature and character.

Also, Christians exalt significant figures in the Christian religion, such as Jesus Christ, the angel Gabriel, and the Virgin Mary, due to their roles. They show their exaltation through songs, scriptures, and prayer.

What does exalting nature mean? The phrase exalting nature refers to something or someone showing high moral value or character.

What does exalted mean in astrology? Exaltation in astrology matters is one of the primary dignities of a planet. Exaltation refers to a location of awareness for a particular planet. Exaltation is a significant position that is opposite to its fall.

Is a planet exalted? In astrology, whenever a planet is said to be exalted, it means that the planet’s best features are elevated through exaltation. According to astrology, a planet is considered more vital to signify exaltation since it can achieve its highest potential.

How to Use Exalted in a Sentence

The term exalted is an adjective, meaning it describes the noun next to it. However, the word also exists in two other forms, an adverb, and a noun

Exalted As a Noun

When the word exalted changes into a noun, it becomes an exaltation of exaltedness. These words describe the state of placing someone in a high or elevated position. The word also shows a state of being exalted.

Here are some examples to learn from:

  • The king was fond of manipulating his subjects for his liking and exaltation of his might.
  • Nancy’s exaltation to the head of operations came between her and her passion for her job.
  • After winning two championships with the Miami Heat, Pat Riley stated that his exaltation made him feel that he was too important to be fired.

Exalted As an Adverb

“Exalted” becomes “exaltedly” when it changes to an adverb. The word illustrates how an action was done in a holy fashion.

Check out these examples with the word exaltedly:

  • There was no befitting way to honor Kobe Bryant than to hang both of his jerseys exaltedly in the staples stadium.
  • The sword he used is displayed exaltedly on the doors to the Forbidden City as a sign of his might and victories.
  • I wonder if his son likes it when his father places him exaltedly in front of the entire staff and brags how good he is at his job.

10+ Examples of Exalted in a Sentence

To help you do some practice, here are ten sentences that incorporate the word exalted.

  1. The book describes how experienced and exalted doctors find it hard to admit whenever they make a mistake during operations.
  2. The N.B.A class of 2003 is one of the exalted draft classes in history due to the number of superstars it created.
  3. My mother never wanted us to watch that film because it exalted violence, promiscuity, and other forms of crime.
  4. I feel that the “Harry Potter” books by J.K. Rowling exalted witchcraft a bit too much that it made the entire series look like a guide to being a wizard.
  5. Since Ian became less exalted than before, things have become quieter around the office.
  6. The prince is the last person to understand the ordinary person’s suffering since he has lived a holy life from birth.
  7. Shelly did not want to be chastised or exalted for her views, so she started an anonymous blog to just practice her writing.
  8. I believe that Charlie Sheen became too exalted when filming “2 and a half men”, resulting in him getting fired.
  9. It has been a while since we talked with Shelly since her exaltation to her top government job last year.
  10. The Showtime Lakers was the most exalted team of the 1990s because of their prowess on the court.
  11. The infamous slap by Will Smith resulted in his less exalted status, a majority of his movies either getting canceled or having their dates pushed back.

How Do You Spell Exalted?

The phrase exalted is spelled E.X.A.L.T.E.D.

How Do You Pronounce Exalted?

The correct pronunciation is uhg·zaal·tuhd

If you’re wondering how best to pronounce the word exalted, break it into sounds [uhg] [zaal] [tuhd] to make it easier.

How Many Syllables Are In Exalted?

There are three syllables in the word holy; ex.alt.ed.

History & Etymology of Exalted

The word exalted traces its roots from the Latin word exaltare, which meant “to raise or elevate.” The word also has some Old French roots from the word exalter used in the early 14th-century meaning, “to give off a vapor or flowing outward.” The term, later on, became exalted, meaning “to honor to elevate in position.”

Synonyms Of The Word “Exalted”

  • Inflated
  • Sublime
  • Honored
  • Dignified
  • Uplifting
  • Grand

Antonyms Of The Word “Exalted”

  • Unimportant
  • Condemned
  • Lowly
  • Subordinate
  • Debased

When Was Exalted First Used?

However, experts approximate the year when the word exalted was first used to be around the 15th century.

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Words change according to location and how people in various locations use them; however, these changes take time. The word “exalted” went through different changes to become the word we recognize today. From the exalted definition, meaning, and usage, we can all agree that using new words should not be hard if you learn what they mean and how to use them correctly.

Remember to read many books and publications and search for the meanings of the words you don’t understand in the dictionary to grow your vocabulary.