Do You Capitalize “Real Estate”? When And When Not To

do you capitalize real estate

Before anything, “real estate” means a physical property that is associated with the land. This can be the real land or buildings. The term is common among the property owners and has even courses that are dedicated to it.

It should be noted that “real estate” is a compound noun; hence it should only be capitalized if used as a proper noun. Otherwise, only the word “Real” in the term “real estate” will be capitalized when used at the beginning of a sentence.

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Most users find themselves capitalizing “Real” only, while others capitalize both “Real” and “Estate.” So, what is the way forward? Which is correct? Worry not; here we are going to address various capitalization dynamics that are related to “real estate.”


  • The real estate business is lucrative. People have made billions of money due to it.
  • Youths should start considering real estate start-ups; they are so occupied with social media than life-affecting issues.

“Real Estate” Capitalization Rules

When it comes to the English language, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with capitalization rules and regulations. This is because the rules will make it easier for you when writing essays, white papers, curriculum vitae, articles, and other literal projects. “Real Estate” finds itself in the pot, and its rules should be clearly defined and applied.

When to Capitalize “Real Estate”

If “Real Estate” is Used in a Title

In as much as the titles are concerned, both nouns and pronouns should be capitalized. This also involves proper nouns. This is because the title is the project’s image, and it should display its audacity and competence. The only way the title can display the two elements is through capitalization. This can be applied on both article and book titles. In such a situation, both ‘real’ and ‘estate’ is capitalized.


  • The Real Estate Fraternity Menace- (this is a book’s title, and the capitalization is on point)
  • Ten Reasons Why Real Estate Is Doing Badly in Minneapolis- (this article’s title and the capitalization is correct)
  • The Real Estate Guide For the Newbies- (this is a book and the title is well written)
  • How to Become an Effective Real Estate Agent (an article’s title and the phrase is grammatically correct in terms of capitalization)

“Real Estate” at the Start of a Sentence

“Real estate” can be used at the start of a sentence. And like any other sentence, there should be capitalization of the first word. This means that unlike in the titles where the two terms were capitalized, only ‘real’ will be capitalized.


  • Real estate consultancy in our city is flooded with half-baked experts. Most of them were selling land a few years ago; now, they claim to understand the market and analytical dynamics. We are doomed in as much as the industry is concerned.
  • Real estate returns are enormous, but in the long term. In the short term, you should be prepared for enormous financial investments and heartbreaks.

“Real Estate” as a Proper Noun

English language rules state that proper nouns should be capitalized. In some cases, “real estate” can be a proper noun. This depends on the application perspective. And in this case, according to the Chicago Manual of Style we are to capitalize any subsequent elements of a compound noun unless they are prepositions, articles, conjunctions or modifiers. 


  • The Real Estate summit was so encouraging; the theme was “Everybody can be A Real Estate Developer”- (In the first case, “real estate” is applied as a proper noun, while in the second case, it’s used as a title, and as said above, titles should capitalized in both parts.)
  • The only way to deal with Real Estate fluctuations is to be keen on the property valuers ‘reports- (Proper noun perspective and according to the Chicago Manual of Style both words are capitalized)

“Real Estate” Applied with Colons

Colons are another area that you should consider to capitalize on the phrase. If the sentence that follows the colon depends on the previous one then we would not capitalize the following word and it would be lowercase. Now, if the sentence that comes after the colon can be a sentence on its own and make sense then you might follow the same capitalization rule of capitalizing the first letter at the beginning of a sentence. Capitalization, in this case, can affect either the one word or the two words. 


  • Dean’s lecture: Real Estate Mistakes that Each Investor Makes- (here the two words after the colon are capitalized because this is a title of the lecture)
  • We have to decide on which business idea that we should consider, we waste lots of time: Real Estate business idea sounds good but needs lots of capital while farming is the cheapest idea but very involving- (Capitalization takes place because it’s at the start of the sentence and also a proper noun).

“Real Estate” as a Business Name

It must be noted that “real estate” is purely a business-related phrase. This means many businesses can decide to involve the phrase when it comes to business naming and branding. In such incidents, the two words are capitalized.


  • When it comes to property investing, none beats the New York Real Estates Merchants.
  • Brisbane Real Estate Consultants are working around the clock to provide you with real-time solutions.
  • Erick and Isabella Real Estate buildings are on sale. We should try with them first.

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“Real Estate” in Quotations

When it comes to quotations, if “Real estate” starts the sentence in quotes, it should be capitalized. For capitalization, you should only apply it on the first word in this case.


  • The speaker said, “Real estate should stop being lazy and start doing their own research, most real estate statistics are incorrect, and some serve the interests of the business moguls.”
  • The student answered, “Real estate unit is so complex, in fact, it’s so impractical to separate land from other utilities.”

“Real Estate” Hyphenated

Hyphens affect both the meaning and the capitalization of various words. Concerning “real estate,” hyphens affect it in two ways. Only ‘real’ can be capitalized in some situations, while on other grounds, the two terms can be capitalized.


  • Real-estate experts are scarce; that is why I have stood with him for the last ten years.
  • Real-Estate Land Services are plenty, be sure of the provider- (here both are capitalized because the subsequent elements can stand-alone).

When Not To Capitalize “Real Estate”

“Real estate” As a Common Noun

There are some other incidents that you should not capitalize “real estate” in your sentences. When the phrase is applied casually, in other words, as a common noun, it should not be capitalized.


  • The real estate classes are so boring. The lecturer should schedule the lessons in the morning when the brain is more alert and ideas are fresh.
  • How about trying the real estate tactic? We buy at the cheapest anticipating future price appreciation.

“Real Estate” at the End of a Sentence

In many cases, terms at the end of the sentence are not proper nouns, meaning they cannot be capitalized. But this rule cannot be applied when it comes to books and article titles. For the article and book titles, capitalization for the two words should occur anywhere in the sentence.


  • The answer to the current economic frustrations is in real estate investment.
  • The idea that you should work somewhere to gain experience to do your own work does not add up. Some businesses don’t need experience for example, gambling or real estate.

Other Examples of “Real estates”

  • I plan to retire as early as possible to have enough time for my real estate business.
  • Everyone doesn’t trust his business talks; he failed terribly when he was a real estate investor. He should not talk about Real Estate investment.
  • Nowadays, east or west, Real Estate is the home for many business people. They are assured of returns compared to other businesses such as the stock exchange.
  • How come that no one is talking about this? The fact remains that most Real Estate investors are the elderly and only a few are younger investors.
  • Miami’s Real Estate is booming; that is why you will never find an empty plot adjacent to the road.
  • School syllabuses should incorporate Real Estate at early stages. This is the only way to get the new generations to understand the value of property investment.
  • The Real Estate market is imposing. There’s no day you will find the market fluctuating.
  • My mama is so undecided; she doesn’t know who to trust with her money. Real Estate and stock market experts are confusing her.
  • Real estate is not a pyramid scheme. It needs effort, perseverance, and time.

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Bottom Line

After going over the rules and examples provided in this article the capitalization of “real estate” will be more simple and practical for you. If you ever have to write or read about this as a topic you will have the upper hand in determining if it is being used correctly. 

Remember, when thinking if you should or should not capitalize a compound noun like “real state”, we will follow traditional capitalization rules when it is used in the beginning of a sentence and it is not used as a proper noun. Also, when it is a proper noun we will capitalize both words in the compound noun but the majority of the time, “real state” does not need to be capitalized.

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