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Decore Vs Decor, What’s The Proper Way To Use Each One?

Decore Vs Decor, What’s The Proper Way To Use Each One?

Sometimes, we wonder if we are misspelling a word. Or we think both terms are correct, but we are not sure. Continue reading through this article if you want to know the proper way to use these words.

People use the word “decor” to describe the choice of furniture and ornaments for interior or exterior design. This term is correct, and it is the proper way of describing an ornament. “Decore” is the action of beautifying something. Unlike decor, this word is outdated, and you should use “decorating.”

woman decorates room with empty frame

Origin And Etymology Of These Words

The term “decore” and “decor” are words that emerged from “decorare,” which is a Latin phrase. They are also related to the French words “decorer/décor.” In English, people started using the word in the late nineteenth century (specifically in 1897) and at the beginning of the twentieth century.

How People Use These Words In A Sentence

The only way of using these words in a sentence is when you want to mention the technique of adorning something or using it as a word to identify a piece (or pieces) of decoration. In some cases, people use the term “decore” to refer to the action of detaching a core.

Examples Of The Words “Decor” And “Decore” In A Sentence

  • I love buying new decor; there is no room left in my apartment. At this point, I think I have an obsession.
  • Jay hates the decor, but Mario loves it. They can never agree.
  • Where is the decor area? He wants to buy furniture, but we cannot find any here.
  • I study interior design at Savannah College of Art and Design. Sometimes, people ask me why I chose this career. I always reply that I am into indoor decor and decorating is my passion.
  • She thinks that her new house does not feel like a home. She wants to buy contemporary decor and add some unique details to it.
  • Minimalistic decor is highly overrated. I would say I want to decorate my house in a kitsch style, but that is my opinion.
  • You cannot consume that little flower; it is for decor purposes only.
  • This decor is aesthetically pleasing. It brings me tranquility and harmony.
  • His home decor makes me uncomfortable. I cannot believe that he loves it because I think it is horrendous. Do you agree with me?
  • I get ideas for my home decor from Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel. They show unique houses with stunning decorations.
  • I want to decorate a cake with you. Are you down to do it?

What Type Of Words Are “Decor” And “Decore,” And Why?

The word decor is a common noun because it describes something concrete. Apart from this, the word decore is a verb because it represents the action.

Synonyms Of The Words “Decor” And “Decore”

  • Adorning
  • Adornment
  • Bauble
  • Designing
  • Embellish
  • Enhance
  • Fandangle
  • Furnishing
  • Gimcrack
  • Knick-knack
  • Ornament
  • Redecorate
  • Spangle
  • Trinket

How to use these synonyms in a sentence:

  • I spend around five hours per day designing. Maybe it sounds tiring or stressful for you, but I adore it.
  • I am excited because I have been waiting since last year to redecorate my room. And finally, I have enough money to do it by myself.
  • I hate adorning the Christmas tree. My mother says that if I do not help I am not getting any presents.
  • Seasonal ornaments make me highly nostalgic. I love reminiscing about my youth.
  • That small trinket reminds me of my hometown. It has a special meaning for me. I do not know what I would do if I lost it.
  • This filter enhances my face. I cannot get enough of it, and I find it beautiful.
  • That stupid bauble does not mean anything to me anymore. Do you want it?
  • They are trying to embellish their work, but at this point, they do not think they can do much.
  • Furnishing is a fun activity. I am planning on buying a lot of new things for my living room.
  • This gimcrack has no quality at all. I want to replace this piece with a better one.

woman adjusts panting on wall

Antonyms Of The Words “Decor” And “Decore”

  • Bland
  • Colorlessness
  • Damage
  • Destroy
  • Disfigure
  • Disorganize
  • Emptiness
  • Eyesore
  • Insipidness
  • Mess up
  • Normality
  • Simplicity

How to use these antonyms in a sentence:

  • He wants to destroy that book. He is outraged by the ending.
  • I live by the phrase: “Simplicity is more.” It means that sometimes exaggerating is not worthy.
  • I am anxious because I do not want to mess up. This job interview is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  • She is full of insipidness. Her aura scares me sometimes.
  • I hate it when someone disorganizes my things. I spend too many hours putting everything in order.
  • This view is causing me an eyesore. All the decor is cheap and ugly. The owners of this place need to redecorate everything because this is getting boring.
  • This restaurant gives a colorlessness vibe. Changing is not an option; it is a need.
  • This furniture is the opposite of appealing or attractive, and it damages my vision. I find it horrible.
  • That couch has a light color. I need a statement piece for my living room because I find it bland and boring.
  • Seeing this unfurnished house is a little creepy. I am used to seeing everything cluttered and messy.

Popular Quotes With The Word “Decor”

  • “I believe that decor suggests many things about you. It reflects your personality, your social status, your taste, your perceptivity, and how you work. It also shows the artistic way of telling your story. ” — Pedro Almodovar.
  • “Not even a single part of a portrait shows apathy. These images show body language, distorted expressions, decor, and clothing. When you mix all of these things, you form a strong character.” — Charles Baudelaire.
  • “I would add silver to your holiday decor. I would do it with no hesitation.” — Emily Henderson.
  • “Trendy stuff and decor should amaze you, and it should amaze your buddies too.” — Lauren Santo Domingo.
  • “Try to confirm that your furniture decor has related proportions. All that matters is taking measurements, scaling, and calculating dimensions. You must be aware of the whole plan.” — Michael S. Smith.
  • “Labels do not surprise me. What surprises me is the capacity of something to feel special and risk everything in decor that then motivates and influences others.” — Bryan Batt.
  • “I firmly believe that a precious decor can produce a helpful impact on our lives.” — Albert Hadley.
  • “I stick to my books. I adore them. I even believe that they are marvelous decor in a room. I can even say I prefer books over paintings. Well, that is not true.” — Norman MacCaig.
  • “If we started planting our food, we would not throw away as much as we do every day. If we start creating our furniture, we will not get rid of it when we want new interior decor. If we started cleaning our water, we would maintain it clean.” — Mark Boyle.
  • “Being charming is in my DNA, but home decor is what I love.” — Aerin Lauder.

red haired woman fixes flower arrangement


To sum up, please remember that the word decor refers to an ornament or adorn. Even though the word “decore” exists, you should not use it. It is an old term, and the proper way of referring to the action of adorning is decorating.