Creating a Google Profile, What is it, and Incorporating a Google Business Profile

The Importance of Creating a Google Profile

Online exposure through a personal Google profile has become the preeminent way to communicate and share information in the 21st century. Personal blogs, company websites, social media profiles and accounts, all lend themselves to providing your business, or your personal communications, with the maximum exposure possible. Effectively communicating through multiple outlets allows your customers, family or friends to stay in the know when it comes to your capabilities and successes. Individuals connect with one another socially by asking permission to become Facebook friends, following one another on Twitter, or simply logging onto a company website to ascertain more information about the company or individual they are pursuing. In a savvy socializing community, finding another online is as easy as turning on a computer. Those who are adept at online transactions or who use their internet research prowess regularly will have no trouble discovering your information. The process of searching and effectively finding information on the internet is a process the business world relies on for success, while individuals rely on those same results to stay connected with others. If you would like to entertain a more effective way to introduce or communicate your genius to the world, creating a Google Profile may be a step in the right direction.

What is a Google Profile?

A Google Profile is solely created through, and can include as much information as you deem fit for public view. Not unlike other social media outlets, you can post images, videos, actual text posts, or create a “Buzz.” A Buzz works similar to Twitter Tweets, but is contained in a Google setting, and is read by those who follow your Buzz through Google. Your Google Profile can be set up to contain specific information so individuals searching for you will know they have found the right person. Detailed profile categories allow you to list your education, places you have lived, worked, and what your current personal status is as an individual, regarding marriage, children, or other personal preferences you consider sharable. More importantly, it allows you to list the links that will direct individuals to the rest of your online world, in the form of your Facebook page, Twitter feed, personal blog, business website, or your LinkedIn profile. This information can be listed directly within your profile, at no charge, maximizing your marketability through one profile.

Why Google?

According to Google, they log approximately three billion searches per day, from around 300 million users. Google’s importance in the online world is certainly impressive merely by the numbers. It is also substantial when you consider that it allows you to create such a distinct profile, and house your social or business links all in one place. A Google Profile allows specific information to be listed, which will be publicly available, unless you specifically set it up not to be seen. In addition to creating a unique profile, you can link your documents, maps, Gmail account, sites, groups, calendar, images and web activity into one location, giving you efficient access to your online world, without switching applications. Furthermore, creating a Google Profile will allow you to track your movements, edited materials and successfully aids in the importation and management of outside accounts with ease.

Incorporating a Google Business Profile

Much like your personal profile, Google offers a variation for businesses. The set up process is identical, and provides the same categories and cloud functionality as the personal profile, which is ideal for tying your life into one, tidy site. Additionally, maximizing your business’ exposure by enrolling it into Google Places, once your profile is set up, will link to your company profile for free when someone searches for it online. When your business is searched, the address and an accompanying map of your location will be provided, along with links to any images, videos or alternate information you set up in your profile. What’s more, search result reports will be made available by Google so you can keep track of the number of people searching for your business, what keywords they used to get there, and where the searchers are located across the globe. This will allow you to make search engine optimization changes to your company website, blog or profile information, to help increase your Internet search ranking.

Combining Business & Personal Profiles

With more and more individuals working for themselves, or opening small businesses, it is important to market yourself as your business. With social networking, online profiles, and search engine utilization, there is very little separation between business and pleasure these days. One way to combine the two is by creating a synergy between your business and personal Google Profiles. In order to homogenize the two, simply list only the personal information you wish to share with others, while keeping a friendly and professional tone on your personal page. This information could include your name, education and business experience, while skipping your children’s names or ages, to help maintain a level of autonomy for your family. Secondly, assume any image, video or post that you upload will be seen by your largest client, its employees, and constituents. A proactive approach to disseminating personal information may save any possible public relations headaches later. However, showing that your personal side is accessible to the masses indicates a level of trust and commitment from you as a person, while coexisting with your company profile.

The Freedom of a Google Profile

If you have a computer, and an Internet connection available, you can access your Google Profile, and the information contained within it. Whether you need to view or edit a document, or simply create or follow a Buzz, Google is available from any computer with Internet access. This type of freedom is becoming increasingly important with the use of tablets, smart phones, and the necessity of using public computers, whether regularly, or in a pinch. Google is a reliable, all-encompassing network that provides you with the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time, without limiting access to any of your profiled materials. This type of unlimited access can lessen the amount of media you purchase to store or share information. Part of your Google Profile will include document sharing, and a complete contact database that can be backed up to your physical computer for additional safe keeping.

Increasing Your Visibility

Picture of increasing business with a Google Profile
Google Profile Importance

Whether you decide on a personal Google Profile or one for your business to appear on Google Places, your visibility increases, and your interaction with other Google account holders is streamlined to maximize communication efficiency. After creating a Google Profile, your name and information appear in Google searches for free, and without delay. This function allows other companies or individuals to locate you more easily, and view your information for accuracy prior to reaching out for more information. Not only are you saving time by being located more easily, but others will appreciate how accessible your information is, whether they are contacting you immediately, or storing your information for future use or sharing purposes. Google Profiles are exceptionally important to individuals who work in sales, consulting or are contract employees such as photographers, designers, writers or entertainers. The profile process allows those who do not necessarily have designated offices work from anywhere, while developing a profile that can be displayed to anyone.

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