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Contradictory Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Contradictory Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Picture the following scenario; you're in a meeting or giving a speech, and you want to wow your audience. You suddenly remember that you recently read the word "contradictory" somewhere and decide to use it in your speech. But do you know the word contradictory definition, its meaning, and how to use it?

The word contradictory comes from the word contradict, which means to deny the truth of a statement or assert the opposite of what has been said. Contradictory, therefore, means to involve or cause contradiction. Words such as opposite, polar, contrary, antipodean, and antithetical are synonyms that can replace the word contradictory.

Whether you know this word or have encountered it for the first time, you're in the right place. This article will discuss the word's different meanings and how best to use it in your sentences. There will also be some sentences to help you practice using the word.

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What Is the Definition of Contradictory?

The word contradictory means "being in opposition to or opposite something or someone."

This definition is most suitable when describing someone who said something then says something else that conflicts with their first statement. The word is also used to describe people that have different opinions. For instance, if someone contradicts you, they said something opposite to what you said earlier.

Here are some sentences to explain better:

  • When asked to speak before the board, she gave a contradictory statement that worked against her friend.
  • This report seems contradictory to the actions these companies claim to practice.

The word contradictory is also used to define something that can't be true and false simultaneously. This definition describes something inconsistent or polarizing. For instance, when scientists test a new vaccine, they get inconsistent results. You can term these results as contradictory.

Here are some examples:

  • Unfortunately, the statements given regarding the situation were quite contradictory and could not be used as evidence.
  • It was later discovered that they were compounds made up of contradictory elements that made them attractive.

What Is the Meaning of Contradictory?

The word contradictory also means "words or propositions that are so identical or related that they cannot be accurate or false at the same time."

This word is best suited to describe a situation that conflicts with itself. For instance, a contradictory statement describes two things that cannot be true or false. For example, the sentence, "Your opponents were angry with you because you were running unopposed." It is a contradictory statement.

Here are some more examples of contradictory statements:

  • Sometimes, I feel that my brothers are jealous of me because I'm an only child.
  • The robbers made away with an empty safe with money totaling ten thousand dollars.

The term contradictory is derived from the word contradict, meaning to have an opposing or contrary view. Therefore, the word contradictory refers to a situation where there are two opposing opinions or accounts. For example, if a person says that the killer had a knife while another says he had a gun, those two accounts are contradictory.

  • Due to the contradictory statements given by the couple, they will be treated as suspects in the case.
  • What the basketball player told the front office and his fans on social media was quite contradictory.

How to Use Contradictory in a Sentence

"Contradictory" is an adjective. This means that the word describes the noun next to it. For instance, in the sentence, "This is a contradictory statement to the one given earlier." The word contradictory describes the statement that witch is a noun.

  • The man was arrested today after he gave contradictory bank details to the teller.
  • The movie has rubbed many audiences wrong due to its contradictory worldview.

Contradictory as a Noun and Adverb

The word in its noun form becomes "contradiction." It describes the act or state of contradicting. "Contradictoriness" is also the noun form of the word contradictory.

  • After much deliberation, we see no contradiction between her philosophy and religious beliefs.
  • Adolf Hitler's destructive nature was a stark contradiction to his unification and development plan.

"Contradictory," when used as an adverb, becomes contradictiously. This word describes how something was done in a contradictious manner. Contradictorily is also an acceptable adverb of the word contradictory.

  • Experience in trading forex is required, yet there is, contradictorily, a need for the skill of the instruments used.
  • The judge is known for contradictiously declaring the defendant not guilty despite all the evidence provided.

10 Examples of Contradictory Usage in a Sentence

Learning a new word includes being familiar with its different meanings and various examples of the word in sentences. The following ten sentences show you how the word contradictory applies in sentences correctly. Practice with the sentences, then attempt forming sentences with the word.

  1. Contradictory witness accounts have been given of the deadly events of that day, making the investigation more challenging to solve.
  2. After much deliberation, it was discovered that the survey contradicts what the factory claimed was genuine.
  3. Plans to build a new city were temporarily halted after a contradiction was found between the layout and the project's budget.
  4. I would not use that book for my studies due to some contradictory parts that might mislead me.
  5. I find it problematic that the public would find a contradiction between the identical portraits raising the question of which of the two is the original.
  6. Despite what happened, it's clear that they would never have met if they were contradictory.
  7. It was a difficult situation because his contradictory statements had his supporters divided.
  8. As the teacher gave the story, her students looked at her with contradictory expressions, half excitement, and half shock.
  9. After the meeting, we concluded that it was contradictory and highly unfair to Randy.
  10. If you find any information posted on the internet contradictory, it's wise to seek a different opinion.

How Do You Spell Contradictory?

The word contradictory is spelled as /c.o.n.t.r.a.d.i.c.t.o.r.y/.

This word may look harder to read due to the number of letters. The best way to spell the word is by breaking it down into syllables.

How Do You Pronounce Contradictory?

The word contradictory is pronounced as / /. 

Some words are pronounced the way they look. However, this is not the case with the word contradictory. When pronouncing this word, pay attention to the areas where certain syllables are stressed. Break up the word into syllables to help you pronounce it better.

Synonyms Of The Word "Contradictory"

  • Incompatible
  • Opposite
  • Negating
  • Antithetical
  • Contrary

Antonyms Of The Word "Contradictory"

  • Similar
  • Confirming
  • Same
  • Equal
  • Agreeing

How Many Syllables Are In Contradictory?

The term contradictory has five syllables; / /.

Remember to count the number of times your jaw drops to know how many syllables a word has.

History & Etymology of Contradictory

The word contradictory comes from the Latin word contradictorius or its singular form contradictus, which means to speak against, used in the 1530s.

The word contradictory also comes from the Latin word contradicere, which describes a state of being mutually opposed, at variance, inconsistent, and incapable of being true. The word then was used in the 16th century to define the act of denying something said or proven true. Some of the meanings it had in the 1530s have since become obsolete.

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When Was Contradictory First Used?

In 1656, the word contradictory was first recorded as an English word with its current meanings.


Learning new words is a great idea to practice as it improves your vocabulary. However, if you don't know what the word means, you'll probably misuse it in your speech and writing. The best way to grow your confidence when using the word contradictory is to practice and further read on how else to use the word. If you need any clarification, please refer to this article.