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Employing An Automatic Article Writer


Staying on top of your company’s search engine optimization is a never ending task. There is a menagerie of ways to increase your page ranking on search engine results pages, but some seem to come and go as quickly as you institute them. Some you simply do not have the time or manpower to maintain, so outsourcing the work may be the next best thing. In the case of article writing, there are several avenues that are beneficial to your company’s exposure. Hiring a freelance writer is one way to maintain unique content, and another effective way is to employ the services of an automatic article writer.

What is an Automatic Article Writer?

An automatic article writer is a program or software that allows you to enter guidelines or information you would like to appear on your website, that is then collected from existing website articles, and rewritten – a form of article spinning – to make it at least 80% unique, and representative of your company. This process allows those who have little writing prowess access to industry related articles that help represent their company through refreshed content, increasing search engine optimization.

Types of Automatic Article Writers

Type One: Actual Writers. There are a number of companies that employ freelance writers who will be given keywords, company information, or an outline of how they would like the article to appear, with the content written in a unique manner, so as not to mimic any existing articles from another website. For example, if you are a realtor, you would hire a company or individual to write articles on your behalf, to help increase your page ranking, and drive additional traffic to your site. Once you have decided who you would like to write these articles, you would need to provide them with information such as keywords, which is the verbiage internet searches enter to find a realtor. In this case, it would include the words, “realtor” “selling a house (or home)” “buying a house (or home)” and the cities in which you operate. So if someone types into a search engine: “selling a house in Chicago” those keywords would be included in your article. Once the article is completed, it will be passed back to you for approval or revisions, and used on your site, or wherever else you see fit, as it now belongs to you.

Type Two: Automatic Article Writer Software. The writer software requires the person or company in need of the article to outline their information more explicitly, so the software understands the difference between their business and another company, to avoid any confusion. The software will ask the user to enter a title, and answer several questions along the way, to help it understand what type of article you would like it generate. Questions begin easily enough asking what you would like the reader to gain from your article, or how you would like to introduce the product or services. In addition, the software will ask a few questions to accommodate the body of the article, asking for an outline of what sets you apart from other products or services, or why an individual should pick your company over another. A conclusion will be generated based on the previous round of questioning. The software will allow you to enter keywords, to increase the chances of your articles appearing on the search engine results page, and will supply you with a word count, while allowing you to export the completed article into different formats, to be submitted as you see fit.

The largest question when it comes to using software as an automatic article writer is, how it will know what to write, based solely on the few simple questions you have answered. Simply put, the software will take the keywords you have provided, while taking the title and answers into account, and will search the World Wide Web over for articles that contain similar information. The software will ingest each of those articles into a database, and rewrite them to effectively supply you with a unique version of the same content. Most automatic article writer software will guarantee a percentage of uniqueness when supplying articles per your specifications, which is important so as not to plagiarize, or defile your site with duplicate content, which could land your site alongside spamming websites.


Why Use an Automatic Software Writer?

Automated article writer
Check Out an Automated Article Writer

Creating smart, unique content is something all website owners pride themselves in committing to, especially when they find their page ranking or web traffic diminishing. The problem is, it takes time, and imagination to create unique material for your website, blog or Social Networking profiles. This is something a lot of companies cannot afford to employ an individual to do, and when it is contracted internally, they run the risk of less creative prose, jeopardizing their overall branding or marketing initiatives.

Using an automatic software writer – whether it is an actual company, person or software – can help your company produce material to increase traffic to your website, without disrupting another employee’s position within your office. Deciding which outlet will work best for you depends on your industry, your budget, and how comfortable you are with allowing software to do the talking for you.

Research both sides of the industry before making a decision on which you are willing to let speak for you or your company. If your industry is not a niche industry, one that provides a very specific product or service, software may be the best avenue for your article writing needs. Common industries, such as plumbing, HVAC or swimming pool maintenance companies, to name a few, share target markets, industry knowledge, specifications and company details that perform consistently across the board, deviating very little from company to company. These types of industries can benefit from the bevy of online information that exists within their categories, easily allowing the software to pick up the information, and rewrite it with accuracy and ease, while supplying a unique spin.

However, if you are in a niche market, you are targeting a very specific audience, which may not exist en masse on the internet, allowing the software very little information to pull from, possibly producing an article that is more harmful than helpful, due to the lack of culminating information. If this is the case, it would behoove you to use a service or individual who can take keywords germane to your industry, along with a brief description or outline of what you would like to convey, in order to write something unique and reflective of your specific business category. This approach will help you stand out in a crowd of few that practice the same services as you, or sell a similar product.

Although the software version operates quickly and effectively, which is one benefit its users enjoy, it comes with a price: Duplicate content and possible monthly fees, or a one-time purchase price, in some cases, can hinder your marketing capacity more than help it. Be sure to research the available lines of software with care, prior to making a decision on purchasing one that will work best for you or your company. Hiring a company or person can be just as quick, by stating expected turnaround times, and allocating a budget will help the writer understand your needs and goals, while also providing truly unique content.

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