5 Tips for Developing a Promotional Strategy That Drives Webinar Registrations And Attendance

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You have a great niche topic, compelling content, and a personality to keep people hooked while you drive your message home. The only thing you don’t have yet is an audience. That’s okay, though, because we’re about to give you five top tips for developing a promotional strategy that’s sure to boost your webinar registrations and increase your attendance rates.

Tip #1: Establish Your Positioning Strategy

webinar - promotional positioningWhen potential audience members view your webinar registration page, read your copy, and then leave without registering, there’s a reason for it. Unfortunately, it all boils down to an ineffective message and the wrong perception. If your page leaves people with the impression that your webinar is not on their level of understanding, that you’re unlikely to offer any new information, and that there’s no value to be gained, you’ll inevitably end up on the losing side.

How do you want your webinar positioned in the minds of your target group? How does it fit in with your content marketing and branding objectives? How do you want people to perceive your content? These are just a few of the positioning questions you should ask before you start promoting your webinar to all and sundry.

Determine how your target market decides which webinars they watch, understand how your competition positions their webinars, and figure out what unique value your content offers attendees. When you can answer these questions and cut right to the heart of what your brand does differently, you can start to shape your promotional messages accordingly and influence the right action.

Tip #2: Reach the Right People on the Right Platforms Multiple Times

If you want to generate high-quality signups, you need to be talking to the right people in the right place—not once, not twice, but multiple times. Hopefully you understand your target audience enough to know the type of people they are, what motivates them, and where the majority of them hang out online and in the real world.

Although you want to cast your net wide enough to reach and attract a large audience, you also want to ensure you’re not wasting your time in places that aren’t relevant. Placing your messages and links in high visibility areas that make sense for your strategy is key to gaining an audience that will eventually help you fulfill your webinar’s goal.

Tip #3: Create a Simple Registration Page with Compelling Copy and a Killer CTA

We’ve discussed how to develop a great webinar registration page before, but many people still don’t realize how detrimental this is to their registration and attendance success. A lousy page only serves to increase abandonment rates and totally kills your positioning efforts. Spend plenty of time developing the promotional message for this page, as well as a simple signup form and irresistible call-to-action. Make your promise clear, give people a preview of what’s to come, and then drive them to complete the registration form with your passion for the topic you’ll be covering.

Tip #4: Get the Hows and Whens Right

Webinar advertisingThere are hundreds of ways to promote your webinar. The question is: Which methods will you choose? Much of the answer depends on your promotional budget, as well as which advertising methods are likely to generate good response rates.


In terms of the whens of your promotional strategy, you need to ensure you start promoting well in advance and that you have plenty of communications lined up to keep people interested. If you publicize your webinar too early, people in desperate need of information may look elsewhere for resources. If you promote your webinar too late, you risk creating scheduling conflicts that will result in poor attendance.

Tip #5: Use the Power of Reminder Emails and Text Messages to Keep People Interested

We’re not talking about a one-liner email or text message that says, “Hey, don’t forget about our awesome webinar on Wednesday at 2PM.” We’re talking about messages that add value to what you’ve already told people, as well as build anticipation for the event. Tell registrants why they don’t want to miss the presentation, why your webinar is worth their time, and the additional benefits they can expect if they join. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your promotion of the event doesn’t stop after an individual fills in and submits the registration form. You have to keep a level of excitement going to ensure the person actually shows up on the day.

Ultimately, the success of your promotional strategy to drive registration and attendance rates relies heavily on audience focus. If you know whom you’re talking to, where to find your ideal viewer, and which methods are best for advertising or announcing your event, you’ll find that drawing in an excited crowd isn’t too much of a burden.

Are there any tips you’d add for generating webinar registrations and increasing attendance rates? Join the conversation in the comment box! 

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