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What Does “Get Into Deep Water” Mean? When To Say It

What Does “Get Into Deep Water” Mean? When To Say It

Have you been in a situation that makes you wonder why I did this? Even when you know, you could avoid this by taking the proper action on time instead of letting it roll into huge problems?

“Get into deep water” is to be in a dangerous or difficult position that you cannot overcome. This means you are in a difficult or awkward situation. Someone is “into deep water” when they attempt something beyond their abilities.

We hate when we are in uncomfortable situations because we are out of the zone we can control. The term ‘difficult’ or ‘awkward’ refers to the fact that you do not want to be in that place or moment or are facing a difficult situation. For example, a discussion with a coworker over a task that should’ve been completed on time or with higher quality. Perhaps you said something you didn’t know would make an awkward moment at a family dinner.

What Can We Do?

There are many situations in life that we can identify as tricky. In the following sections, we will give you options of what to do in the case you do get into deep waters.

Be Prepared

Something smart to do is to be prepared to face uncomfortable situations in our lives. These situations usually affect us deeply on a psychological level.

I want you to think of those days. Do you remember your boss asking you to perform a task faster than usual because a customer needs it sooner than anticipated? You said yes because you required the promotion and went into deep water for not saying no. It would be wise to learn to say no and be able to avoid these situations.

Control Your Emotions

The human experience includes moments of frustration, excitement, anger, and joy, among others. While emotions have a meaningful role in our lives, we don’t need to see the research to know that our emotions control our decisions, even if it’s a wrong decision or a good decision.

It is challenging for us to make good decisions during moments of peak anger or happiness. A tough situation is often compounded when you decide to speak or write an email while angry since the words may not come out clearly. You can counteract this by keeping your emotions under control.

A Phrase To Always Keep In Mind


No matter what kind of challenges or difficult situations you will go through in life, you need to remember that we have something deep inside us that we can tap into to help us reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Have you ever asked yourself why you are in a situation you wanted to avoid at all costs but ended up with the same bad results? To be able to reduce making such mistakes, it is imperative for us to identify what a bad decision or mistake is that could lead us to “Get into deep water.”

Selecting the wrong answer on a college assignment is a mistake. In contrast, not saving money for the future or any unplanned situation is a bad decision. We can assume the difference between both is the following:

  • A wrong decision is your best guess when you have no way of knowing. (if you have to choose with your blindfolded eyes on a reward.
  • A bad decision is a wrong call with the facts staring at you in the face. (Releasing a makeup brand, when knowing the chemistry team warned you about formula issues with the color).

Mistakes are something we do without intention. If a bad decision is taken, knowing the pros and cons, it is often done without regard for the consequences of the actions being done.

By reclassifying your poor decisions as mistakes, it is easy to dismiss them. It softens the blow; it takes the edge off. This is far from the worst part: reclassifying a bad decision as a mistake frees you of all responsibility. If your mistakes weren’t your fault, you could live with them a lot easier.

Remember, you’re more likely to make the same bad decision several times if you just consider it a mistake and don’t pay too much attention to the learnings. Such behavior is, by definition, insane.

We all have gotten into deep water at some point in our lives, but we have managed to get out of it. Bad decisions come with personal experience or past experience.

Examples In Which You Can Use This Phrase

  1. Anthony has been getting into deep water with his banks. If he doesn’t stop borrowing money, they’re going to take everything he owns.
  2. I am 100% sure I’ve gotten into deep water with this online certification. I do not think I will be able to keep up with everything!
  3. He got into deep water when he joined that gang.
  4. The director knew he’d be in deep water if he didn’t mention his wife in his acceptance speech. She would’ve been very mad if he did not mention her.
  5. Pedro is having trouble paying his college debt. He’s in deep water if he does not find a new job with a higher salary or an extra income.
  6. Juan got into deep water by taking a loan to buy his new house. The amount he needs to pay every month is too high for his income.
  7. I remember when I was in college and some friends and I got into deep water after the professor noticed we cheated on our college test to win a prize.
  8. My brother took my father’s truck on my watch. If he does not bring back my dad’s truck without any damage, I will be in deep water.
  9. After my fiance lost her job, we were in deep water by not having enough money to cover the monthly bills to pay.
  10. At work, I am in deep water. After we set unrealistic delivery dates for this new project, I do not know how I will finish it on time.
  11. Our company is in deep water. We are not able to pay for our monthly expenses, such as payroll and outsourced services.
  12. I am in deep water with my sister. Despite promising that I could find a venue for her wedding, everything is booked.
  13. Having put in a week’s worth of work, if my boss does not approve the project, I’m going to be in deep water.

Things To Consider


We can identify a few steps to avoid the trap of having your back against the wall. I will share with you the steps we have identified:

Know the situation you are in. You need to analyze the pros and cons of your decision. As you might have already heard, the longer you try to avoid the problem, the longer it will take to address it.

Look for help when you need it. Asking for help can be a sign of being smart and courageous. Don’t be afraid to look for help in a variety of ways to help you cope with a tough situation in life.

There is always room for failure. Even when we take preventive action, whether in your professional or personal life, things can spiral out of control. Whether it be not being able to complete a task or choosing the incorrect path, there is always a possibility of failure.

Bad situations are unavoidable. We jail in our thoughts and pretend we are having a good time sitting alone. There are a lot of scenarios where we can apply this law, but something we got clear about is that it can happen to us. You can leave early to work, but then you might get a flat tire. You can buy a ticket to go to a business meeting, but the flight can be canceled. In the end, it’s good to understand that “things just happen.”

Learn from past experiences. Since we are human beings, we make mistakes. Learn from previous situations in life, and try not to fall into the same kind of trouble again. We can achieve this by making more intelligent decisions, taking proactive measures, and using better judgment.

Don’t always trust your gut. Even though we need to learn from previous decisions that led to bad consequences, we still should be wary of trusting ourselves too much. In this case, moderation is key. Ensure you get all the facts available, and don’t make a snap decision.

The truth is that oftentimes you cannot avoid tough situations. Bad situations will happen to optimistic and pessimistic people regardless of what their attitude is on any given day. We always encourage you to be ready for anything that might happen. As someone once said, “If anything can go wrong, it will.”

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“Nobody can get to know how a good wine tastes if they haven’t tasted a bad one first.” This quote shows us that we will always have an option to choose from.

Find all areas of opportunity and make the most of the costs. In every bad situation, there are always two sides to the coin. Whether it’s obvious now or uncertain, you can take something good out of it no matter how terrible it is.

Remember, “Getting into Deep Water is something we cannot avoid; we need to learn how to deal with it no matter what is going on. We hope that you never get into deep water with the tips listed in this article and avoid challenging situations in future scenarios.