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Thural Vs Thorough, Meaning And How To Use Each One

Thural Vs Thorough, Meaning And How To Use Each One

Do thural and thorough sound similar to you? Words often do; sometimes they either mean something different or real and other times they are made up. Is that the case here?

Thorough means “painstaking and careful not to miss any detail.” The word “thorough” is an adjective that also means completing something, taking into account every detail, or not letting anything out. According to Wiktionary, the word “thural” is related to incense.

The word “thural” also appears in the Urban Dictionary, meaning something true or full. There is no other definition for this word in any other dictionary, and Wiktionary’s definition seems to be obsolete. “Thural” could be considered a misspelling of “thorough” for the way the words sound when spoken. Still, many grammar checks believe the word thural to be closer to terms like aural, burial, choral, mural, or neural.

“Thural” is also confused with the urban slang theral. The word “theral” was often used on the east side of the United States of America, especially in places like Philadelphia. It meant “a cool person” or “a sexy man respectful of women.” It appears to be that the only accurate word between thural and thorough is thorough. Thural is either an obsolete definition of thorough in “non-official” dictionaries, it is confused with other words, or it is misspelled.

thorough in the dictionary

Usually, words like “thural” are often found in late 19th or early 20th century works of fiction, where authors tend to use a more familiar and accessible narrating style. These authors sometimes misspelled words by writing them as they sound, but there is no immediate proof of thural being one of those words.

Origin Of Thorough

The word was first used in the 13th century. Thorough, as an adjective, comes from the Old English word puruh, meaning “from end to end, from side to side.”

In the 17th century in England, Thorough was the name given to a scheme to create an absolute monarchy. Thomas Wentworth and Archbishop William Laud perpetuated the scheme. Laud was in charge of implementing Thorough in England. He appointed Armenian men as bishops to promote a Protestant Christianism that worked as a sect and believed in the Divine Rights of Kings. Wentworth used to reside mainly in Ireland, so he took charge of Thorough in that country. Unfortunately, he did it by instilling fear in all of its citizens.

How To Use The Word “Thorough” In Sentences

Being thorough mainly means doing something with great care and completeness. Also, being detailed and careful during a task. Let’s see some examples:

  • A thorough brushing helps keep your teeth clean, healthy, and with a fresh taste in your mouth.
  • I like to take my time with projects and be very thorough, so nothing gets left behind.
  • My mechanic is really good, and he always gives my car a thorough check.
  • Every Sunday morning, this house needs a couple of thorough cleaning hours.
  • Police found nothing on him after a real thorough investigation.

Thorough is also used as an absolute to emphasize something unwelcome or unpleasant. Here are some examples:

  • The noise of the drill in the morning is a deafening thorough sound.
  • Having an ear infection is a long and thorough pain.
  • My niece sometimes is a thorough inconvenience when she visits my house.
  • The early meeting was a thorough nuisance.
  • Long-distance schooling is becoming a thorough undertaking.

The word through is another form of thorough. It is a preposition and an adverb that can be used in the following way:

  • As of this moment, I’m through with this job.
  • I don’t think I’ll be in time for the afternoon meeting. First, I have to go through traffic and then set up the presentation at the office.
  • Clarence is not going home. He wants to see this through.
  • “Break on through to the other side” – The Doors.
  • For the challengers to win the prize, they need to go through a gauntlet of obstacles.

What Are Other Words I Can Use Instead Of Thorough?

Other terms that could refer to being detailed and careful are: exhaustive, all-out, and consummate.

Exhaustive means including all possibilities. An example sentence could be: This past month, the town conducted an exhaustive search for all the missing people.

All-out: made with maximum effort. Example sentence: Karina made an all-out effort this year so she could win the photography contest.

Consummate means extraordinarily skilled and accomplished. Additionally, it can mean complete in every detail. For example, Karl delivered a consummate paper about the company’s last year’s spending habits.

What About Words That Could Mean The Opposite Of The Word Thorough?

A few words can refer to a person or something not being careful or thorough enough with a task. These words are: partial, superficial, and careless.

Partial: relating to a part rather than the whole, not general or total. Example sentence: The thesis was only partial. It lacks plenty more information and investigation into the matter.

Superficial means presenting only an appearance, affecting only the surface, concerned only with the obvious. An example sentence: The briefing on the job was superficial; there is not much to work on.”

Careless: free for care, indifferent, not showing care. Example: Thomas was careless with the development of the company software.

Why Is Being Thorough A Good Quality In A Person?

The quality of thoroughness can distinguish a good leader from a great leader at work, in a family, or any other setting. Research has shown that people that are thorough and organized tend to be better employers and employees. They can even become better leaders.

When a person is thorough, they follow and execute a plan to perfection. They also know each portion and responsibility that anyone has at any stage of said plan. Knowing all of this can prevent any issues that may appear in the future or allow them to be better prepared for them.

A thorough person usually accumulates all the information necessary to execute a plan or to do a job. Being well-informed helps the decision-making process and reduces the chances of being surprised by any extra obligations or irregular situations.

thorough girl with magnifying glass

Things You Can Do To Improve Your Thoroughness

  • Direct communication: A clear and direct approach when communicating helps everybody understand what’s happening and what needs to be done.
  • Avoid doing everything: Multitasking can be a positive quality. But when you need and want to be thorough, juggling multiple tasks can be troublesome when keeping track of everything.
  • Focus: Distractions often happen nowadays, so it is essential to take a little break, breathe and think about the task ahead. This helps keep distractions to a minimum.

To be thorough, experts recommend

  • Getting organized
  • Fully planning your day or activity before starting it
  • Keeping notes that could help you review what you’ve done and how you’ve done it.


Thural is a word that is mainly confused with other terms nowadays. For example, the definition “related to incense” has fallen out of use, and hardly anyone knows what it means. It also could be considered a misspelling of thorough. The word thorough means being detailed and careful with a task and doing something in its completion.