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Nickle Vs. Nickel: What’s The Correct Spelling Of This Word?

Nickle Vs. Nickel: What’s The Correct Spelling Of This Word?

Are you confused about whether to use the word nickle or nickel? It’s easy to make a mistake when writing words with a slight difference in their characters. That’s the case with nickle and nickel, but we’ll help you know the correct word; let’s start with an overview.

When referring to a silvery white metal with extensive applications, especially in coins and batteries, the correct spelling is nickel. In this context, the word nickle is a misspelling of nickel. Nickle is, however, used in informal contexts.

Some people need to be more cautious about the spelling of confusing words, not knowing that mistakes alter the meaning of their context. This post will dive deeper into all the meanings of nickle and nickel to help you comprehend these words. We’ll also highlight how to use each word and what to stick to moving forward.

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Definitions Of Nickle And Nickel

You don’t have to interact with metals daily to be concerned about these two words. Nickle and nickel are random words that everybody should distinguish with ease because you can use them in daily conversations.

Below are comprehensive definitions of the words nickle and nickel. Keep it here!

Definitions Of Nickle

We have checked multiple prominent dictionaries, and the word “nickle” doesn’t pop up. The words that come up as suggestions are not even related to “nickle.”

What’s that supposed to mean?

Nickle is a misspelling of nickel. It would be best if you don’t use this word when referring to silvery white metals.

Some people end up with this word in their text as a typo. For instance, when writing the word tickle or fickle, a slight mistake on the first character results in “nickle.”

However, such contexts are easy to notice because you’ll realize that the word is off-topic. As a writer, you should proofread your work keenly to avoid such mistakes.

Do you know that Nickle is a name of a person? It’s a male name, and many people already have this name. The name is associated with acts of generosity. Others use Nickle as a short form for Nichole or Nicholas.

Definitions Of Nickel

The most prevalent definition of nickel is “a chemical element used as an alloy in various industrial processes.” A good example is during electroplating.

You can also refer to nickel as an element with atomic number 28, found in limited spaces of the earth’s crust. Its chemical symbol is Ni.

You can distinguish nickel from other metals because of its silvery-white appearance, strength, and ductility. In random contexts, this word also means to coat, cover, laminate, or have an overlay on something.

Is nickel used as slang?

Yes, especially in American English. As slang, the word means a five-cent coin, a paper made of nickel, five hundred dollars, five dollars, or a five-year prison sentence. Here’s an example of five years: “Joshua will be spending a nickel in Mexico prison.”

Note that these meanings only make sense when used in contexts where the audience understands the jargon. Otherwise, you’ll be using the word wrongly.

How To Properly Use Nickle And Nickel In A Sentence

The definitions in the above sections reveal much of what the word nickle and nickel entails. But this article won’t be complete without showcasing how and when to use each word in your sentences. Let’s get into that.

How And When To Use The Word Nickle

Here’s our short answer: Don’t use the word nickle in your sentences. It needs to be the correct word, and its absence in prominent dictionaries should send a warning.

This word is not an alternative to nickel. While Collins Dictionary recognizes the word, they are also clear that you can’t use it in place of nickel. Don’t use the two words interchangeably or as synonyms.

Nickle as an informal and slang word

You might have heard people use the word nickle, and you’re wondering whether they were right. Most of these contexts are informal. Informal meanings of nickle are only understood by a limited audience. This is quite common in the United States.

Some of the meanings include:

  • To show you are angered. In a sentence, “I didn’t expect Collins to nickle me that much.”
  • To refer to a drinking and camping game. For example, “This Christmas shouldn’t end without organizing a nickle.”

Note that the above meanings should never appear in formal or academic contexts. They are more of a coded language among specific individuals. Using them means misleading your audience.

How And When To Use The Word Nickel

Nickel is a noun. Use the word when you want to mean the metallic element used in batteries, silvery metallic coins, or the five-cent coin in the U.S.

Some dictionaries confirm that you can use nickel to mean a football defense approach with five defensive players “parking the bus.”

Nickel is also a verb. Use the word to mean “to make a nickel coat.” In a sentence, “How much does it cost to nickel this jug?”

Nickle And Nickel: Both Are Homophones

Have you wondered why nickel and nickle sound the same, yet they don’t have the same meanings? In fact, they are entirely different words. The answer is that they are both homophones.

Homophones are words with similar pronunciations. The correct pronunciation of these words is ni.kl. They also have two-syllable sounds, which are nick.el and nick.le for nickel and nickle, respectively.

Nickle And Nickel: The Correct Spelling And Why It Matters

We now know the correct word is “nickel.” So, why does spelling matter in your written task? It’s simple. Spelling dictates how people understand and interpret your context. Read more on that below:

Relieves Mix-Up

Wrong spelling will have people think that your texts are hard to go through. Any time your conversation lacks clarity, many won’t bother with it. That means you’ll not have communicated your opinions or thoughts. It would help if you focused on the right words to avoid confusion.

Improves Perception

Incorrect spellings also give a negative perspective about the author. The audience will assume that you are writing to pass the time and not to address a subject with the attention it deserves. This might cost you if you are writing for authority or to make money out of it.

Again, this goes beyond written conversations. In daily verbal communication, both correct spelling and articulation matter,

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List Of Examples Of Nickle And Nickel Use In Sentences

We have a list of ten example sentences to inspire your sentence creation journey. Please read them and create a few until you master the correct word.

Example sentences of the word nickle

  1. My three-year-old plans to buy sausages with these nickles. [Incorrect]
  2. Are the new vending machines taking nickles today? [Incorrect]
  3. What type of nickle color can we use to paint our art? [Incorrect]
  4. The price of nickle is expected to rise exponentially for the next three years. [Incorrect]
  5. You cannot save a thousand dollars if you can’t learn how to save a nickle. [Incorrect]

Example sentences of the word nickel

  1. I’m still wondering why coins have some nickel. [Correct]
  2. James must have used all the nickels to buy popcorn. [Correct]
  3. What’s the company doing to control the toxicity of its nickel products? [Correct]
  4. What percentage of nickel is harmful to the human body? [Correct]
  5. Nickel is a significant component in stainless steel products. [Correct]

The Verdict: Nickle Vs. Nickel

The correct spelling is nickel. That means you should avoid using the word nickle in your contexts. While it might be challenging if you are already used to the wrong spelling, a little practice will help.