Milage Vs Mileage: Which Word Is The Correct One To Use?

When you are researching and writing about the particular word mileage, I think you will find that there may be different ways to spell it. It’s not the ideal way to write it, but apparently, that’s not such a big deal.

The words mileage or mileage means exactly the same, and although it’s a mistake, it’s accepted as well. “Milage” is a misspell for “Mileage,” which means “Aggregate length or distance in miles; esp., the sum of lengths of tracks or wires of a railroad company, telegraph company, etc.”

Why Do We Find “Mileage” Misspelled As “Milage”?

This is probably because the word has two vowels, ‘ea’ together, and is mispronounced as ‘a’, so this phonetic leads to “eat” the ‘e’ out of the word mileage.

In this article, you will find definitions of the word mileage, how and when to use it, the grammatical rules that apply to the word mileage, and some other interesting facts that can be helpful in everyday life.

If you have a car or some sort of gas-related transportation (motorcycle, a bicycle with a gas tank, etc.) or know someone with a vehicle, maybe your father, grandfather, brother, brother-in-law, cousin, boyfriend, or son, you have surely heard about the mileage of their vehicles and some sort of countdown for that special moment when they get to have a day pass at the service station.

Surrounded by cars of all kinds and mileage, so they change their vehicle’s oil, it’s like having fun with their preferred toys, and never it’s too much.

I refer to the male gender because they are usually the members of society who are super attentive to the oil change, women I think not so much, maybe I am wrong, there are beautiful petite women into cars and Formula 1 as well who enjoy being part of a culture of the Fast and Furious movie saga.

milaege in cars dashboard

Definitions of Mileage

Now, there are some definitions of mileage in different contexts where it can be used, as many different types of situations that are related to the basic meaning of the word mileage.

Let’s look at some of those definitions and several examples.

Mileage as an uncountable noun

This refers to the measured distance in miles that you have traveled.


  • Most of its mileage is in and out of town.
  • My American Airlines mileage looks pretty good after I got my new job.
  • Go ahead and take part for mileage as you buy our new tool kit for travelers!
  • The more you ask for our delivery, the more mileage you will accumulate for a free meal.
  • The airline said they could give me credit to make me miss the connecting flight or the equivalent in mileage.

The mileage is the number of miles it travels, referred to in liters or gallons when it comes to vehicles or transportation.


  •  My new car has better mileage than my old one.
  • There are different types of cars, and their performance also depends on the mileage.
  • My dad told me never to buy a used car with more than 200.000 in mileage.

When it’s a particular situation related to society, work, or even family and you seek to enjoy it or take some advantage of the goodwill of people or the positive overcome it may bring.


  • It’s important we get as much mileage out of this particular situation as we can.
  • The mileage achieved through that particular experience is very useful for professional purposes.
  • The government must check its mileage records for the next few months if they want to continue showing a good position.

Let’s see some other examples:

  • The president of the student’s board gave a lot of mileage for his team with his speech about civil rights and poverty.
  • I got a great deal because of the mileage of the car. It doesn’t have much mileage because I didn’t use it as much.
  • The company where I work pays for mileage expenses every month.

Origins of the Word “Mileage”

The word mileage it’s derived from the English unit of measurement, the mile. Mileage is not necessarily a specific unit of measurement.

It’s also said that the word mileage it’s been around since 1724, as “an allowance for traveling expenses at a certain rate per mile.”

How to Calculate Gas Mileage?

After you fill up your tank, reset your car’s odometer; drive as normal as usual and when it’s half full, go ahead and refill it and record the amount of gas it took; check the odometer to see the elapsed trip.

Now you have:

A. Miles driven. B. Amount of gallons.

miles driven ÷ gallons used = mpg (miles per gallon)

Mileage Reimbursement, What Does It Cover?

When you are using your car for the company you work for, they might have a mileage expense policy. The company’s reimbursement must share a work-related expenses format with you and provide you the money to replace gas. Also, they should include an amount for tire replacement, service of the car, change of oil, maintenance in general.

Also, your employer might have a rate based on an in-house calculation of estimated costs per mileage.

Usually, the standard rate of 54.5 cents per mile by the number of miles driven.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Mileage

Synonyms: Utility, usefulness, account, service, serviceability.


  •  The usefulness of a car is according to the good driving of the owner.
  • The utility of a mechanical device must be related to its engineering.
  • My motorcycle service is sharp and on point.

Antonyms: Uselessness, worthlessness


  • Due to so many years of not using the vehicle and not taking care of it, it became useless.
  •  It is worthless to make the changes suggested by the mechanic to the bike because of the absurd amount of money it will cost.

milaege sign

Words Related to Mileage

Length, duration, elongation, endlessness, expansion, longitude, range, distance, space, measure.

Here are some examples that illustrate the similarities we have explained so far:

  • Your car’s engine duration must be around 5 to 7 years.
  •  The longitude between my house and my office is like traveling from one city to another on pick time.
  • The new measure of the odometer should be somehow between 200 and 250 miles per hour.

As you may have noticed, words in general have a great richness and diversity. It is hard to imagine that the word mileage can generate a super interesting amount of content, even if misspelled. Now your friends, husbands, boyfriends, etc., will have a lot more to talk about when they get to their day pass at the gas station, or when the company where you work reimburses your mileage; you can share what you learned about this long-standing word.

In conclusion

To conclude this wide-range analysis of the word mileage or milage and its different uses in several contexts, remember there will always be a diversity of comments, trends, arguments and stop counting about the use of one word or another, the most secure and ideal is always to go to the sources of greater importance and prestige, so we can avoid falling into trends and stay in line with the right thing, at least until proven otherwise.

By Shawn Manaher

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