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how to use likewise in a sentence

You might have heard about the word likewise whenever having a conversation or during texting. You end your talk on a jovial ‘have a good day’ and it is followed by a dismal sounding ‘likewise’. You’re left with looking the meaning up on the internet or if your old school, your dictionary. Do not be upset! We’ve got you covered. We will cover in detail all the nitty-gritty of the word ‘likewise’.

Likewise is usually used in the context when someone is pointing out similarities either in actions, manner, or character. Conversationally likewise is used as a response. Its literal meaning is ‘also’ ‘in a similar manner’ ‘similarly’ or ‘same to you’. 

It may appear a tad bit confusing at first glance but all these synonymous words make perfect sense if you know how to properly use them! 

Unfortunately usage of ‘likewise’ is in a decline. Text jargon evolves so fast that when you start understanding the actual word it’s no longer considered ‘cool’. The same is the case with ‘likewise’. 

Nowadays it is mostly used in meetings or when adults are talking. It is one of those fancy-sounding words that make you go ‘ohhhh’. Understanding the meaning of the word can be great, plus what harm can a single word do anyway? Maybe help broaden our vocabulary? 

likewise in the dictionary

Origin of the Word “Likewise”

The terminology likewise originated in the 15th century from Middle English, from the phrase ‘lykewise’ ‘lykewyse’ or ‘in lik wise’. Its usage rose in the 18th century and decreased gradually. The First account mentioned can be seen in the “A treatise on eighteen maneuvers. Likewise observations on the interior regulation of companies” by Thomas O’Neil which was published in 1805. Through the centuries the terminology got replaced by different words.

Definition of ‘Likewise’

Likewise can be manipulated into several meanings 

Likewise is used as an adverb. It is used along a verb or an adjective to make a sentence more meaningful. 

  • Similarly. 
  • Also.
  • In a like manner.
  • Can be used to introduce a point similar to one someone just made.

It can also be used as an interjection;

  • Ditto 
  • Same here
  • Same to you 
  • Me too

Some Synonyms for Likewise

Nothing helps in understanding a word better than similar words. Some great comparable words for likewise are; besides, as well, in addition to, moreover, to boot, also, same here and me too.

Some Antonyms for Likewise

The ABC’s of words and their meanings are never complete until antonyms are mentioned. Antonyms of likewise include vice versa, inversely, in lieu, rather, contrarily and opposing.

When to and When Not to Use “Likewise”

With so much information on the web these days it gets tedious searching about a word and its meaning. Examples include long and tough sentences that make no sense. The terminology becomes more of an enigma. 

The more you try to understand it the more wrapped it gets! For some, it is pretty easy breezy to grasp the concept of ‘likewise’ while others require a bit more detailed explanation such as examples, sentences, synonyms, and the context in which it is applied. If any of these two descriptions define you, you’ve stumbled upon the right page! Read on to get more in-depth knowledge about the term ‘likewise’.

Another amazing quality of the word likewise is that it can be used in various situations and in different contexts. However, likewise does not always do the job. As it is considered a bit formal you might want to use some other variations that serve the same purpose and sound more casual and cool.

Let’s say someone says something to you and you want to ‘return’ it to them. It’s one of those tips of the tongue moments and you can’t find a suitable word that you’re left grasping at imaginary words. One way to ‘return’ them a similar answer is to use ‘likewise’. 

You must have watched a scene of some movie in which the preppy heroine replies ‘likewise’ in a sassy tune. Or just imagined it perhaps? I did! It hit me as a Jamais Vu (opposite of Deja Vu). If you did, you might understand the different ways it can be ‘accentuated’ in various circumstances.

 We use likewise when comparing similar methods, situations, and states. Another way it’s used is when someone does something and the other person does likewise, he does the same thing. When conversing, let’s say someone compliments you ‘I like your jeans!’ and you say ‘likewise’. Now that is the function the word serves. Instead of repeating the same thing ‘I like your shoes as well’ and making it awkward just reply ‘likewise’. When it comes to sharing opinions, experiences, and emotions then likewise can be very handy.

You can use likewise in both, positive or negative ways. When you are at a party or meeting up with your friends the ‘mood’ is very informal and you want to use a word that is not likewise but serves the same purpose. In this situation, you can use ‘same here’ ‘me too’ ‘me neither’ or ‘I feel the same way’. 

All these variations allow you to use likewise but in a more informal way. However, when you are meeting someone for the first time you might want to refrain from using ‘same here’ or ‘likewise’ as it may sound dismissive and standoffish. If a person says ‘it was nice meeting you’ you do not reply with likewise and same here. That’s just a basic code of conduct! We don’t want to come off as a snob.

How to Use “Likewise” in a Sentence

same word in refrigerator magnets

Likewise can be a bit tough to use if you don’t understand it. We need to keep in mind the situation, person, and place. If the atmosphere is formal, great use ‘likewise’ but if it’s informal use its friendly versions! 

The examples given below provide a comprehensive viewpoint to the different situations in which likewise can be used. When you read them you will understand how likewise can be used in a conversation, how it applies to formal situations, how it is intended to be used when comparing two similar opinions, ideas, and actions. The initial sentences are pretty easy to understand. While the end ones are a bit tough. Both these types will guide on how to properly use ‘likewise’ in a sentence.

Now that we’ve acquainted ourselves with the ‘rudiments’ of likewise, let’s look at some sentences and learn how to use and play around with it!’

  1. There are likewise pulmonary veins, entering the left atrium.
  2. He is our friend and likewise a great mentor.
  3. The food was delicious, likewise the wine
  4. The generous make donations and encourage others to do likewise.
  5. Likewise, make sure that the person you select is a doctor or a nurse.
  6. I am certain he will think likewise and want to stop this idiocy.
  7. I wanted to do it likewise but, but felt discomfited.
  8. His actions and his manner likewise upset me a lot.
  9. I suggest we all do likewise.
  10. “Have a great day” followed by “likewise”.
  11. When I stuck my tongue out the kid did likewise.
  12. What is considered fair for homeowners likewise should be fair to businesses.
  13. Sarah encouraged her family to do likewise.
  14. Their expenditure is likewise classed as optional and obligatory.
  15. She spoke for change and expected others to do likewise.
  16. “just because he thinks differently doesn’t mean we have to do likewise
  17. Make sure you clean the kitchen floor and likewise the floors of bathrooms.
  18. He told me he was pleased to meet me and I answered likewise
  19. Emily signed up for the makeup course, so I did likewise.
  20. Well, she is heading back home. You should do likewise.
  21. “I can’t eat another bite” replied “likewise”.
  22. “Have a good weekend” “likewise
  23. Focusing on such individuals has usually been a way for him to make movies that likewise do not fit the box.
  24. In England, people speak English likewise, in Canada many people speak English.
  25. Cats are a great pet, likewise dogs.
  26. When the new smoking law is enacted, cigarette stores will be under serious inspection, and likewise, the manufacturers will feel the pressure.
  27. Journalists, likewise, scarcely seem reticent in their claims.
  28. Watch her perform her act and do likewise.
  29. Over it rose a dome entirely gilded with gold, with two minarets at its side, likewise gilt all over.
  30. In 1923 he vetoed a bill calling for censorship of moving pictures and likewise a bill to allow for the sale of 2.85 percent beer.
  31. Because Sam is determined to make his hotel a success he is putting everything he has into his business, and likewise, expects his employees to do the same.
  32. The first lab experiment showed good results, likewise, the final lab experiment showed promising results as well.
  33. Likewise for mental disabilities, we should be able to provide such a cure for them that the person in question would wish it.

Some Words Not to Be Mixed With ‘Likewise’

Try not to confuse these words with likewise as they have a totally different meaning! It might sound like it means ‘likeness’ but it doesn’t! So keep that in mind.

  • Likeness
  • Liker 
  • Likes
  • Liking 

Some Common Mistakes Using Likewise

Once you discern the different varieties of likewise you’ll master which word to use at which place and time. When using formal language go for likewise. When in a laid-back setting try using ‘me too’ same here’ ‘similarly’ ‘also’ or ‘besides’.

twin men alike but dressed differently


Likewise is a simple term with a simple meaning. No need to complicate it. This reminds me of the word spoken by a boy “if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” in the movie ‘room’. The more we complicate it the harder we make it for ourselves to understand. The right way to do it is to keep your mind open and not think of it as a task but fun activity! 

Don’t impose it upon yourself that it’s going to be hard (use this formula for all parts of your life and you’ll be thanking me later!) likewise is a great term in keeping your conversation and sentences short, meaningful, and to the point. 

Once you wrap your head around the aforementioned details regarding the word, you’ll be a ‘likewise guru’, having learned the divine art of typing/inventing sentences with likewise in it!

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