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Hectagon vs Hexagon: Differences And Uses For These Words

Hectagon vs Hexagon: Differences And Uses For These Words

Do you call a six-sided polygon a hectagon or a hexagon? You are not alone if unsure of the answer; most people have difficulty distinguishing these two words. The best way to avoid the confusion is by knowing all there’s about hectagon vs hexagon.

Hectagon (noun): a polygon with 100 edges, vertices, and angles. The plural form of the word is hectagons. It is common for people to use this word when referring to “hexagon,” which is a mistake. On the other hand, a hexagon is a polygon with six edges, vertices, and angles.

Most people often use the words “hectagon” and “hexagon” as synonyms, which is wrong. Keep it here to learn the differences and uses of these words.

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Definitions Of Hectagon And Hexagon

Most English learners have difficulty differentiating the words “hectagon” and “hexagon” because these terms have very similar sounds. In addition, if you search the word hectagon online, some results will be about a hexagon, showing a link between these two words.

Learning the definition of “hectagon” and “hexagon” will make it easy for you to understand the connection and why people confuse these two words. More so, you will learn the best way to distinguish them to avoid errors in your contexts.

Definitions Of Hectagon

Most sites have two definitions of the word “hectagon” one is a polygon with 100 edges, vertical, and angles. The naming of polygons is based on the Greek prefix for the number of sides and the suffix “gon,” which is a Greek word for angle.

Since the Greek word for 100 is “hecta” or “hecto,” the polygon with 100 sides refers to “hectagon.” However, this is not a common use of the word; most people use it when referring to a six-sided polygon which is a misspelling.

Definitions Of Hexagon

A hexagon is a six-sided polygon; depending on the length of the sides, it can either be regular, irregular hexagon concave, or convex. A regular hexagon has equal sides and angles, while an irregular hexagon has irregular sides and angles.

A concave hexagon has one or more interior angles exceeding 180°. It also has one or more vertices pointed inwards and one of the diagonals lying outside. You’ll also notice other interior angles of less than 180°. Each vertex of a convex hexagon always points outwards.

How To Properly Use Hectagon And Hexagon

If you have two words you often need clarification on, then learning the definition of each word helps you differentiate them. You also need to know how to use these words in a sentence. Have you used the words hectagon and hexagon in the past? Find out if you used them correctly. 

How To Use Hectagon

As we mentioned earlier, some people use hectagon as a misspelling of hexagon and heptagon. So, before using this word, you need to be clear about what you want to say. Otherwise, you might end up misusing it.

The correct usage of the word “hectagon” (noun) is when you are referring to a polygon with 100 sides. An example sentence is, “The villagers came together and put up a hectagon barrier around the whole village to keep the wild animals out.”

How To Use Hexagon

Hexagon (noun) is used in geometry when referring to a polygon with six sides and six angles; a six-sided polygon. It’s also used when referring to a plane figure of six angles.

In religion, the hexagon shape is used to mean different things. In Christianity, it is the shape of a casket. It symbolizes the burial of the old sinful self and changing to a new life. In Islam, a hexagon is almost like a circle shape and is associated with a circle’s perfection. The religion uses it as a symbol of heaven. Some religions use it as a symbol of harmony and balance.

Hectagon Vs. Hexagon: Understanding Much More Differences

Now that you have understood the definition and usage of “hectagon” and “hexagon,” it is time to learn more differences between these words.

The Origin

Polygons follow the Greek naming convention. This is where the names of the polygons are named with the number of sides or shapes they possess. For instance, the word hectagon originates from the Greek word “hecto,” which means 100, and “gon,” which means sides. However, it is not clear its first usage in English.

Like hectagon, hexagon also has Greek origin; “hexa” in Greek means six, and “gon” means sides. So the word means a six-sided polygon. The word “hexagon” is originally from the Greek word “hexágōnon.” Later the Latin changed the word and used it as “hexagōnum.” The first use of the word “hexagon” is recorded between 1560-1570.

The Pronunciation

The pronunciation of the word “hectagon” is “hek.te.gaan.” The word has three syllables divided as “hec.ta.gon,” and the stress syllable of the word is “hex.”

On the other hand, the correct spelling of “hexagon” is “hek.suh.gaan.” The word has three syllables, and the stress syllable is “hex.”

The Spelling

When writing a word, it is mandatory to use the correct spelling to pass the correct message. The correct spelling of the word “hectagon” is “H.A.C.T.A.G.O.N,” and the correct spelling of the word “hexagon” is “H.E.X.A.G.O.N.”

Scrabble Game

If you like to play scrabble, you might wonder if you can use either of these words in your game. Learning new words will help you increase your chances of winning the game. Unfortunately, the word “hectagon” is not accepted as a scrabble word. However, you can use the word “hexagon,” which will give you 18 points.

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Another difference you should note between the words “hectagon” and “hexagon” is their popularity. Though both words refer to polygon angles, “hectagon” is rarely used. Perhaps, it’s because it is not easy to see this shape. However, the word hexagon is quite common; you are likely to come across this shape often. Examples of places you can get a hexagon are snowflakes, a pencil base, a honeycomb cell, a tie, and a ball.

List Of Examples Of Hectagon And Hexagon In Sentences

Aside from learning the definition, usage, and difference between a hectagon and a hexagon, you also need to know how to use these words. Despite the fact that the word “hectagon” is rarely used unless referring to a 100-sided polygon, we will give sentences on the various ways to use the both words.

Example sentences with the word hectagon

  1. I would like an interior decorative mirror that has a hectagon shape.
  2. The sales representative informed us that each hectagon shape was designed to hold a specific place.
  3. I watched as a pretty hectagon snowflake fell from the sky.
  4. The lesson today was on calculating volume in hectagons.
  5. Mary watched keenly as the hectagon structure was being launched.

Example sentences with the word hexagon

  1. The chef insisted on making a hexagon cake and then slicing it into six equal parts.
  2. Most kids have a hard time believing that the balls played in football matches have several hexagons.
  3. The hexagon wall clock will increase the curb appeal of your room.
  4. I was glad they chose to use hexagon tiles for the office floor.
  5. The preacher was talking to the congregation about the hexagon and what it symbolizes.


Hectagon and hexagon are among the few words people confuse because they have near spellings and refer to polygons. If you have used these words as synonyms, now you know the right position. As you learn, take time to practice both terms, and that will help you use them correctly.