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Existant Vs. Existent: How Are These Words Connected?

Existant Vs. Existent: How Are These Words Connected?

Can you tell the difference between these two words, “existant” and “existent?” You do not need to be ultra-smart to spot the dissimilarity in the spelling; the challenge is pointing out how these words are connected and the difference in their usage. Luckily, this existant vs existent overview solves any confusion.

The connection between “existant” and “existent,” besides their almost similar spelling and pronunciation, is they are both adjectives. However, “existant” is an alternate spelling of “existent.” “Existent” is the ability to directly or indirectly interact with reality, specifically the universe.

Are alternate spellings correct English words? Is it correct to use “existant” instead of “existent” when writing or speaking? You probably still have numerous questions about “existant’ and “existent.” By the time you are done reading this article, you will have understood the connection between these words and how to use them correctly.

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Definitions Of Existant And Existent

For most people, the knowledge of words is as shallow as knowing that the word exists. Some do not care much about the definition as long as they use the word correctly. But unlike what a large percentage of people think, definitions of words are vital as it helps people to have a common understanding of the word or subject.

So, before we start to distinguish between the words “existant” and “existent,” this article will discuss the definitions of these words. That will help us to be on the same page when reviewing the connection and differences.

The Definitions Of Existant

When we searched for the meaning of “existant” on Google pages, the page asked, “Are you looking for existent?” That shows that this word is not commonly used. However, on doing further research, we found that “existant” means “still existing.”

Cambridge Dictionary defines the word “existant” as a French word that means “existing.” However, note that most sources define the word “existant” as the incorrect form of “existent” and “resistant.”

The Definitions Of Existent

The definition of the “existent” is being alive, enduring, or progressing with life.

Existent also means occurring, present at the moment, now existing, at this time present, or continuing.

Other Meanings of Existent

The word existent has several meanings, and it is essential to understand them. Learning the various definitions will help you better understand the words. Here is a look at other meanings of the word “existent.”

  • Existent also means prevailing in realism or like it should be happening.
  • Another definition of existent is modern or contemporary when compared to a thing in the past.
  • Other sources define the term as being within a specific space or place.

How To Use Existant And Existent In A Sentence

Regardless of the number of words and the definitions you know, you will not communicate effectively if you do not know the best way to use each word in your sentences. That is why you will find that many people will easily define a word but need help to use it in their sentences.

Are you ready to learn how to correctly use the words “existant” and “existent” in your sentences? Learn from the tips below.

How To Use The Word Existant

As discussed above, most dictionaries do not recognize the word “existant,” and those that do define it as an incorrect spelling of “existent.” As a word that most dictionaries define as a wrong spelling, it is best to avoid it.

Some people assume that using alternate spelling is okay as long as the people who read it will understand. However, this is a mistake, especially when referring to “existant.” That’s because it is also a common misspelling of “resistant.” Therefore, using it might confuse those who read your content.

How To Use The Word Existent

The word existent has different definitions and usage. We will discuss how to correctly use the word to help ensure that you do not make a mistake in the definition. Here is a look at the way different philosophies use these words.

According to the materialism philosophy, the only existent thing is matter, and everything else results from matter modification and movements.

According to the rationalism philosophy, every existing thing results from strings or reasoning.

But generally speaking, “existent” means living, surviving, being, or having existence. Though most people use this word when talking about something alive, the general use of the word is when referring to something that exists, either living or nonliving.

Existant Vs Existent: What’s The Connection?

The connection between the words “existant” and “existent” is that one of the words, “existant,” is a misspelling of the other word, “existent.” The only reason “existant” exists is that some people are not keen when learning the spellings. So they misspell words like “existant.”

When referring to something that is living, ongoing, or current, you must be cautious when spelling the word. Note that a slight mistake like writing the letter “a” instead of “e” will result in you having a misspelled word in your message, email, research, or report. Though it might not do much damage in an informal setting, the mistake is worse in a formal setting.

Existant Vs. Existent: 3 Grammar Based Differences

Here are three grammar differences between the words “existant” and “existent.”


Languages exist so that people can communicate effectively and improve how they operate. So, when you are torn between two related words, find the popular one and use it. That’s because this is what most people will understand. In the case of “existant” and “existent,” the popular word is “existent.”

That is no surprise, given the word “existant” is a common misspelling form of “existent.” Note that a common misspelling does not mean the word is correct. Using it in your writing means you are using an incorrect word. Therefore, it is best to avoid using the word “existant.”

Correct Spellings

Make sure you use correct spellings each time you write down any information. Correct spelling shows the reader that you have mastered your language and comprehend what you are saying. The word “existant” is incorrect. The correct spelling is “existent.”

Syllables And Pronunciation

The word “existent” has three syllables “e.xi.stent. The stressed syllable of the word is “xi.” The correct way to pronounce the word is “uhg.zi.stnt.”

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Bulleted List Of Examples Of Existant And Existent Use In Sentences

From the information above, the word “existant” is an incorrect spelling. Therefore, it is best to avoid it and only construct your sentences using the word “existent.” In that connection, the article will construct sentences that will only feature the word “existent” not to confuse you.

Example sentences of the word existent

  1. Humalog is one of the oldest existent forms of Indian soap operas.
  2. TikTok was non-existent seven years ago.
  3. The treatment lies within the range of the existent data.
  4. The team wants to upgrade to more existent machines.
  5. The suggestion was to revamp this existent store before opening new ones.
  6. Some believers still question whether God is existent.
  7. This year, tourists were nonexistent, even during the peak season.
  8. Mohr had to bring several books to class to clarify the existent approach to mental health.
  9. You cannot claim to have developed an existent theory.
  10. I am looking for an already existent charity organization to support.

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Unlike “existent,” the word “existant” is an incorrect English word. So, it is best to avoid using this word in your sentences. After reading this article, you now clearly understand the connection between these words. Practice the sentences above to help you better understand how to apply the term “existent” in your vocabulary.