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Catagory Vs Category, Which One Should You Use In Writing?

Catagory Vs Category, Which One Should You Use In Writing?

“Catagory” or “category,” it may be very easy to be confused when spelling these words. We may even think that they are two accepted words within the English language. It turns out that they are not; one is not even an accurate word!

The correct spelling of this term is “category.” “Catagory” is not accepted in the English language. In fact, it is not an accurate word. The reason for this lies within the way the word is pronounced versus the way it is written.

When looking at these terms, we are quickly reminded that there are many words that we may be confused about when using them because of the way they are pronounced. Another example of commonly misspelled words due to their phonetics is “Responsible” and “Responsable.” In this article, we have explained all the intricacies of this term so that you can understand and use the word correctly on a day-to-day basis.

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The word “category” means a class or division of people or things regarded as having particular shared characteristics. Another meaning for this term is a group, often named or numbered, to which items are assigned based on similarity or defined criteria. Other definitions of the word “category” include:

  • A collection of objects, together with a transitively closed set of composable arrows between them.
  • Everything has an identity arrow, and such that arrow composition is associative.
  • One of the highest classes can reduce the objects of knowledge or thought, which can be arranged in a system—an ultimate or non-decomposable conception, a predicament.
  • A general class of ideas, terms, or things that mark classifications or divisions within a conceptual system.
  • A class of objects, together with a class of common similarities between those objects.

Grammatical Structure

The word “category” is a noun. Remember that nouns are words within a grammatical structure that name a person, place, animal, thing, feeling, or idea. In the specific case of the word “category,” it is a common noun, meaning it does not need to be capitalized because it does not reference a particular person, object, animal, or idea.


The rudimentary form for the word “category” first appeared in the 1800s in Greek as “kategoros,” meaning accuser. It later evolves to “kategoria,” a statement indicating accusation. We see it later in French as “catégorie” and in Late Latin as “categoria” during the same period. Finally, in late Middle English, it appears as we know and use it to this day: “category.”


  • Class
  • Division
  • Grade
  • Group
  • Kind
  • League
  • Level
  • List
  • Rank
  • Section
  • Tier
  • Sort
  • Type
  • Variety
  • Genre


  • Declassification
  • Disarranged
  • Jumble
  • Chaos
  • Whole
  • Irregular
  • Lopsided
  • Overlook
  • Tangle
  • Uneven

Similar Words

  • Categorize
  • Categorized
  • Categorizer
  • Categorizers
  • Categorizes
  • Categorizing
  • Category


The word “category” in a sentence is very straightforward. As it is a noun, so it shall be applied as one. Nouns can appear as the subject of a sentence but can also appear in the predicate as an object.

Sentences With Category

  1. Now that we know how many people are coming to the convention, we have created a particular category for pet lovers.
  2. The category system was designed to make sure everyone understands where to find what they are looking for in an easy and independent way, to give the guides more room to answer important directed questions.
  3. The new category for filing is determined by the number of files we can fit in the cabinet and the alphabet system we already had in place.
  4. In that category, olympian Mark Jacobs didn’t compete. However, he did win in the skateboard independent and the relay team race.
  5. The company, says the director of the financial firm she represents, puts clients into risk categories, assuring low percentages of loss.
  6. Category 5 storms are considered only remotely possible in the Northeast. In contrast, they are entirely viable in the Southeast, so much so that they come up two, maybe even three times a year.
  7. She considers these elements as essential categories for fall fashion: style, color, texture, comfort, and utility.
  8. Baseball team records are shown in 10 batting and six pitching categories, including fastest ball and home runs.
  9. The survey is 300 questions long, divided into ten categories. Some clients are glad to have their voices heard, and others become flustered at their length.
  10. The inability to complete the dissertation does not take it out of the research category. However, it does limit his resources to manage the information that is processed through him.
  11. John O’Brian, the bowling contest winner in the senior category, is the oldest person known to compete in this event and win.
  12. Information Technology and Industry are the hottest categories of investment on Wall Street for the past two years.
  13. Most of his former colleagues fell into the first two categories. The rest fell short because they were not able to complete all the tasks in the allotted time frame.
  14. It was not easy to see the category in a structured system because of the wide range of data that needed to be analyzed. However, you will understand the information effortlessly if you look at the overall structure.
  15. Small theaters made a profit showing in several important categories after the simultaneous release of the film. In contrast, bigger theater chains had fewer showings because people feared overcrowded rooms during the pandemic.
  16. About 2140 government agencies are seeking claims under the final category due to the nature of the event. Unfortunately, there is no room to accommodate so much demand.
  17. Now, post-Olympic games, there are two new categories: 3×3 basketball, Alpine Skiing, and badminton, something a few countries are looking forward to at the next Olympic games.
  18. Pick a card that supplies a topic for that category, then select one, answer the question, and score 3 points for your team.
  19. This category includes therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and other mental health practitioners available for support during these trying times.
  20. Final figures in both Olympic categories will be public within four minutes. Every country in the world eagerly awaits these results.

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People Also Ask

Is “catagory” a real word? No, the word category is not an accepted word in the English language. The word category is actually a misspelling of the word category.

What kind of noun is the word category? The word category is a simple, common noun.

How can I use the word category as a verb? The word category cannot be used as a verb; however, you may use the related term “categorize” to refer to an action of classifying something.

Final Thoughts

It is very easy to become flustered when coming across some words in the English language. This insecurity pops up because we pronounce them. It may leave us stumped when setting out to write them. Seeking the correct way to spell a word, no matter how simple it may seem or how uncontroversial it may be, is always a trait of an organized, prepared person because it reflects maturity and sensibility.

As to “category,” we use this term in our everyday lives, yet we may sometimes wonder why we spell certain words one way and not another. Seeking out the origin of some terms may help us clarify when we come into these doubts.

Suppose you are just a curious person or are verifying the correct spelling. Or maybe you are a teacher, and a student asks you for clarification, or perhaps even a grad student working on your thesis paper. No matter your position or reasoning, it is vital that you feed your curiosity for knowledge. After all, you are your best guide to becoming a better, more knowledgeable individual.