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Audacious Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Audacious Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Reading opens you to a new world of stories and fables written for entertainment and to improve your vocabulary. It also gives you confidence when using new words in your writing or speaking. Today, we read about the audacious definition and meaning, a word many use to describe an act of extreme boldness or courage.

The word “audacious” refers to being disposed to venturing into actions that are risky or might be considered adventurous. The word also means something that does not follow customs. Daring, brassy, brazen, insolent, and imprudent are acceptable synonyms.

When you come across a new word and want to use it in your daily conversation, it’s essential to know what it means. You might want to understand how to use it when speaking as well. This article on audacious definition, meaning, and usage will go a long way in helping you to use the word correctly.

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What is the Definition of Audacious?

“Audacious” means being incredibly daring or bold. You may also describe it as taking on a recklessly brave endeavor. The word also means being brazen or not restrained by any sense of shame or decency.

“Audacious” is mainly used when describing an individual or an organization’s action. When the word audacious is used in this context, the person has no problem doing actions others might consider unconventional or shameful. For instance, if your friends decided to sing and dance on the street to raise awareness on some controversial topics, you may consider them audacious.

Here are examples to help you understand better:

  • The bookmaker has been generous with the odds, but it’s only an audacious bid to increase bets on horse races.
  • While many have accepted same-sex unions, some view it as an audacious plan to ruin the sanctity of marriage.
  • President George Bush’s plan to go after the terrorist organization was considered by many to be an audacious move.

What is the Meaning of Audacious?

Another meaning of the word “audacious” is the state of being extremely original without any reference to prior solutions or ideas. You may also define this word as being highly inventive without following any structures of conventional wisdom.

When the word is used in this context, it primarily describes ideas or solutions to specific challenges, not individuals. When an action or idea is defined as audacious, it means that it is not one that people would typically result in, thus, considered original. Additionally, these ideas are also considered audacious when they are bold or unconventional.

Here are some example sentences:

  • With all the different companies heading out to space, one quickly forgets that heading to the moon was once considered an audacious project.
  • When Jeff Bezos launched Amazon, it seemed like an audacious plan to sell items globally through the internet.
  • The concept of forming super teams might seem audacious to any fan, but Real Madrid began this concept back when Beckham was playing.

Clarifications on the Use of Audacious

If you look at the various meanings of audacious, it’s easy to think that the word means the same as brave, abrasive, or condescending. But is that really the case? Read on for complete clarification.

Does Audacious Mean the Same as Brave?

These two words do share an element of similarity as they both require courage to achieve. Nevertheless, they do not have the same meaning: being audacious is being ready and willing to take on bold risks.

On the other hand, being brave means being strong in the face of fear. A person can be bold to undertake unconventional tasks but still fearful. Additionally, a brave person can be courageous in the face of fear but be cautious or prudent, the opposite of audacious.

Does Audacious Mean the Same as Abrasive?

The words might seem to have the same meaning, but this is not so. Audacious is the willingness to handle awkward or unconventional situations—being abrasive means having little to no regard for people’s feelings.

It’s possible to argue that both actions need some boldness to accomplish; however, you cannot use these words in the same context every time.

Does Audacious Mean Condescending?

No, condescending is the feeling of being superior to others, but not being very daring or bold like in the case of audacious. Therefore, these two words are entirely different and cannot be used in the same context.

Is Audacious a Negative Word?

No, the word audacious cannot be taken as a negative word. By definition, being audacious is having the courage to accomplish extraordinarily bold or daring tasks. Some people consider this act of reckless boldness rude or unrestrained.

Nevertheless, the word applies in negative and positive situations; thus, it cannot be classified as entirely harmful.

The two questions below arise whenever you think of audacious as a negative or positive word. They include:

Is being audacious rude? A rude person has terrible manners or has offensive or obscene features. A bold action can be rude; however, these two words do not mean the same thing.

Who is an audacious person? An audacious person is considered original but recklessly bold at the same time. For instance, if a young lady attends a church meeting in a very short and extremely sexy dress, her actions would be considered audacious.

How to Use Audacious in a Sentence

The word audacious is an adjective, meaning it modifies the noun next to it. For example, in a sentence, “Terry is an audacious lady.” The word audacious modifies the object (lady)—additionally, the word audacious changes when used as a noun and adverb.

When Used as a Noun

“Audacious” becomes audacity when it is used as a noun. The new word describes a state of boldness in matters imprudent. The new word means fearlessness. You may use other noun versions of the word audacious such as audaciousness or audacities, which is the plural of audacity.

Have a look at the sentences below:

  • The thief who stole my friend’s game console last week had the audacity of emailing him asking for the password.
  • I never thought Scottie Pippen had the audacity of calling out his teammate Michael Jordan in his new book.

When Used as an Adverb

When “audacious” is used as an adverb, it becomes audaciously. The new word illustrates how an action is unconventionally, bravely, or daringly completed.

Here are sentence examples with the word:

  • There was a time that the well-known rapper Lil Wayne audaciously considered himself the best rapper alive.
  • It’s common for some athletes with several accomplishments to audaciously refer to themselves as the best in their respective fields.

10 Examples of Audacious in a Sentence

The following ten sentences incorporate the word audacious in them. Use these sentences to understand how best to use the word in your writing.

  1. Many considered his move during the meeting audacious, but in the end, these actions saved the company from bankruptcy.
  2. The plan was considered audacious since the English army outnumbered the French and knew the terrain well.
  3. I believe that Diego Maradona’s “hand of God” against England was audacious but should not have been allowed.
  4. Brian is considered audacious by many of his colleagues because of his ambitious and audacious plans.
  5. Many believe Russia’s intentions are audacious, but in the end, the country only wants to have firm control of the resources.
  6. Perhaps, the best idea to eliminate public and school shootings should be audacious, but many gun enthusiasts disagree.
  7. Shirley always says she doesn’t like dating men with a history of making audacious decisions, but she might change her mind.
  8. Owen had an audacious idea of coming into the wrestling ring suspended by a cable, an idea that cost him his life.
  9. Politicians are not to be trusted as they make audacious promises while campaigning but never follow through with them.
  10. Harry had every opportunity, to tell the truth but chose to tell an audacious lie instead.

How Do You Spell Audacious?

The nine-letter word “audacious” is spelled as A.U.D.A.C.I.O.U.S or as \ ȯ-ˈdā-shəs \ according to the IPA.

How Do You Pronounce Audacious?

The word “audacious” is pronounced as [aa].[day].[shuhs].

How Many Syllables Are In Audacious?

“Audacious has three syllables, au. da. cious.

Synonyms Of The Word “Audacious”

Antonyms Of The Word “Audacious”

  • Cowardly
  • Fearful
  • Timid
  • Afraid
  • Careful

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History & Etymology of Audacious

Many people used the word “Audacious” from the mid-16th century. It comes from the Latin audere, which means “to dare.” The Latin word later changed to audacia, meaning “daring, boldness or having courage.” The term also traces its roots in the French audacieux from audance, meaning “to be bold.” When the word changed to aucacious, audaciously, or audaciousness, the word initially meant a bold sense of shamelessness in the 1590s.

When Was Audacious First Used?

People embraced the word “audacious” from the 1550s, but it was first recognized as an English word in the 1590s.


Reading various books and articles that incorporate the word audacious might look tedious at first. However, with regular reading comes more understanding and increased confidence when using the word in the future. Additionally, writing down different sentences with “audacious” and practicing how to say the word correctly will go a long way in your journey toward mastering the English language.

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