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Asinine Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Asinine Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

As you learn more about English words, you will realize that some words have become obsolete and have been replaced. Others have different meanings when used as adverbs or nouns. Then there are interesting words like "asinine," but do you know the correct asinine definition and meaning?

"Asinine" refers to the state of being extraordinarily foolish or engaging in stupid activities. When used in sentences, an asinine character is not just cheeky; it's a behavior that anyone would classify as obstinate such as behaviors seen in most donkeys.

Whenever you come across words such as asinine when reading, the first thing you do before continuing to the next section is to mark the word for further analysis. Worry no more because we have all the details you might want to know about asinine. Let us start with asinine definition, meaning, and use in different contexts, then couple it up with multiple examples.

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What Is The Definition Of Asinine?

The word asinine means being or having actions that are foolish, unintelligent, or stupid. You may also define this word as being devoid or lacking any form of intelligence.

Asinine comes from the Latin word asinus, which means stupid, but it also comes from ass, a term used to refer to a donkey. In the middle ages, people started using the word ass to define someone who makes a fool of themselves; forget about the vulgar meaning of ass for a while. The word was later incorporated into the word we use today but still kept the meaning.

These examples will help you understand better:

  • We all know this is the kind of asinine assumption the boss hates and takes very seriously.
  • The board called Amanda into the principal's office because she wrote a note with asinine words and threw it to the teacher.
  • Many think Joyce's actions were asinine, but you will be surprised to know that's how she is.

Synonyms of Asinine

The word asinine is a completely acceptable English word to use. Because someone listening to you or reading your article might take offense to the word "asinine," here are some synonyms of the word that you can consider replacing it with.

  • Absurd
  • Daft
  • Foolish
  • Moronic
  • Inane
  • Sophomoric
  • Cretinous
  • Half-witted
  • Dimwitted

Antonyms of Asinine

Sometimes, you might want words that sound the opposite of "asinine." If you would like to use words opposites of asinine for your writing, here are some you may use below:

  • Bright
  • Quick-witted
  • Intelligent
  • Clever
  • Sane
  • Wise
  • Sensible
  • Brainy
  • Smart
  • Sage

What Is The Meaning Of Asinine?

Another meaning of the word is a behavior that resembles an ass. Also, define the word as having obstinate, ass, or ridiculous qualities.

This definition applies when referring to behavior that shows a complete lack of intelligence. For instance, many people refer to foolish pranks played on unsuspecting individuals in public places as asinine.

Read these example sentences to understand:

  • It is unbelievable that politicians dare to make such asinine statements on public television.
  • I find this show asinine, but my brother loves it and wouldn't miss it for anything.
  • Cate's actions are completely asinine, and everyone knows she's capable of doing anything for money.

Clarification of the Meaning of Asinine

Some people don't use this word because they feel that the audience or someone referred will not take things lightly. Let us clarify that by answering some questions below.

Is asinine a cuss word? Before determining whether asinine is a cuss word or not, it's essential to know what it means. Asinine is the state of being utterly stupid or foolish. The term is acceptable in English, and you'll not be penalized when using it in your writing.

However, some individuals still consider this word offensive. You should be wary of how you use asinine. Otherwise, consider using its synonyms when in doubt.

Is asinine a negative word? "Asinine" means failure by an individual to exercise intelligence or proper judgment. Despite the negativity the word has, it all comes down to how you use it in your contexts. Some people find the word offensive, so use it sparingly.

Distinguishing The Word Asinine With Related Words

In this case, we'll look at the words pedantic and obtuse. Do these words have the same meaning as asinine? Keep it here to know.

Is Asinine The Same As Pedantic? These two words do not have the same meaning—asinine means engaging in highly foolish behavior. Pedantic, however, means taking issue with trivial matters to the point it becomes annoying. Despite the two words having a negative connotation, they have different meanings and should not be used in the same context.

Is Asinine The Same As Obtuse? These two words describe a situation where an individual didn't use proper judgment. Despite their similarity, these words have different applications. Asinine means being or behaving in foolish behavior. Obtuse refers to being dimwitted, not sharp-witted, or slow at understanding things. Obtuse refers to being inherently slow at grasping things.

What Is The Difference Between Asinine And Didactic? People use both words to illustrate negative situations; however, the meaning varies. Asinine relates to behavior that is utterly stupid or inane. Didactic, on the other hand, refers to someone who constantly tries to act like your teacher, correcting you when you do wrong to the point it becomes annoying. A didactic person, however, cannot be asinine as they possess some intelligence to figure out what is right or wrong. An asinine person shows little or no intelligence.

How To Use Asinine In A Sentence

Asinine is an adjective but can apply as a noun or an adverb. An adjective will modify the noun next to it. In a sentence, "The contestant made an asinine remark that caused a great laugh." The object (remarks) has been modified by the adjective (asinine), describing how stupid the statement was.

As a Noun

When used as a noun, the word changes into asininity, which describes the quality or state of being stubbornly stupid. It also refers to an asinine action, statement or remark. Other noun forms of the word asinine are asinineness or asininities.

Read the sentences below:

  • It is a sad display of shame and asininity whenever the members of congress begin fighting over trivial matters.
  • Due to their asininity and obsessive arguments, the King decided to do away with them.

As an Adverb

"Asinine," as an adverb, changes to asininely. The adverb describes how someone happens stupidly. Use words such as imbecilically, gormlessly, or moronically to define such actions.

Here are sentence examples:

  • The group members have left the party due to what they described as asininely sabotaging their goals.
  • People argue that Floyd asininely spends the money he earns and might soon go bankrupt.

10 Examples Of Asinine In A Sentence

The following ten sentences offer several scenarios where the word asinine applies. If you have to use the word, make sure it does not sound offensive.

  1. The crowd jeered with asinine taunts, uproars, and racist chants whenever Green had the ball.
  2. Your mother might have allowed such nonsense in her house, but I will not allow any asinine behavior here.
  3. The Family Park show has millions of viewers, but some say it promotes asinine behavior and toilet humor.
  4. With asinine antics, you should have no problem filming them and posting them to online platforms such as YouTube.
  5. Mercy admitted that she thought the plan to revive the ailing economy was asinine initially, but she doesn't think so anymore.
  6. Television stations still insist on running asinine shows such as "prank stars" as such shows have higher ratings.
  7. Robert Hoary said that those who think he did not deserve to be in the conversation of the greatest players have asinine opinions.
  8. Many people here agree that today's music genre has become asinine and that artists should be more creative in the future.
  9. Despite his impressive resume, I still believe that Zidane's asinine behavior during his last match dented his image.
  10. In his speech yesterday, the new commissioner of police promised to stop the asinine behavior in the streets.

How Do You Spell Asinine?

Asinine is spelled as A.S.I.N.I.N.E or as \ˈa-sə-ˌnīn \ according to the International Phonetic Alphabet.

How Do You Pronounce Asinine?

The word "Asinine" is correctly pronounced as [a].[suh].[nine].

How Many Syllables Are In Asinine?

Asinine is a seven-letter word with three syllables; as.i.nine.

History & Etymology of Asinine

Asinine traces its origin from the Latin asinius, meaning "offensively silly or stupid," in reference to a donkey (or ass). The word has been in use since the 1600s.

"Asinine" also has some connection with the Latin word assal or assald, the term used to refer to a beast of burden of the horse family. People used the word to refer to someone that has made a fool of themselves.

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When Was Asinine First Used?

Asinine was first used with its current definition back in the 15th century.


Some words, such as asinine, are negative but don't sound vulgar when you use them. The word is acceptable for use in writing and speaking. Despite this fact, the word still sounds harsh or cruel when used to describe others. You should always be sure of what version of the word you plan to use. Whenever you use the word in your speech or writing, remember that some people will regard the word as offensive.

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