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How to Write Essays Faster: 7 Tips to Boost Your Progress

How to Write Essays Faster: 7 Tips to Boost Your Progress

Essays are something that college students face daily, and they have to handle them notwithstanding their personal desires, mood, etc. Of course, there are students who easily deal with such tasks, and these do not morally affect them. Still, the majority of students feel depressed when they have to write another essay and realize that they are going to need to spend hours or even days to produce a good one. If you are one of those who suffer every time they are assigned a new essay, read on, because we have something special for you!

In this article, we will discuss some tips that could help you handle writing assignments faster without sacrificing the quality of the final result.

Tip #1: Ask for Help

The first tip refers to getting help when you feel that you are most likely to lose the struggle. Let’s have a look at some ways to get assistance with your writing. First, you can turn to an essay writing company, like Bid4Papers, and hire a professional to help you handle this task. Of course, you may say that this looks like cheating, but we want to let you know that such companies are absolutely trustworthy, as long as you choose the ones that adhere to legal restrictions, of course. Moreover, such companies can offer you different kinds of assistance within your budget. You can order a full paper, or you can ask for a part of it. For instance, you can read a guide on how to compose a hooking introduction for your essay and write the introductory part on your own, but ask a helper to write the body part for you. Such assistance will cost you less but will still meet your needs.

Secondly, what about making a barter deal with your mate? That may sound strange, but give this option a chance. If you have a friend who likes writing but, for example, can’t stand doing any assignment that you are good at, why not help each other out? In this case, you’ll do something that you enjoy, help your friend, skip this overwhelming writing, and save yourself some money. These are the four benefits you can get! They say, “Opposites attract”, so maybe it applies to you and your friend. Next time you have a writing assignment to deal with, just ask your mate if he/she can do you a favor and whether there is anything you can help him/her with in return.

Tip #2: Get Inspired with Samples

Another tip is to read samples written by professional academic writers and follow them. You may ask, “Where can I get these samples?” – on helping websites, as well. Compared to the customized assistance discussed in the previous tip, this option will be free in most cases. Writing websites often run their own blogs, and the content is usually written by their experts.

So, how to use such help? Find a reputable service, browse their blog or samples section, and find the one that is closest to the essay type you have to handle.

Tip #3: Create an Outline

Planning your duties is not only a good idea for everyday life; this skill can also help you with your college writing. When you have to write an essay, mull over the points you want to discuss in it. After that, write an outline, and only then should you get down to the writing process itself.

Your outline will be the writing guide that will help you stick to the plan without getting off track.

Tip #4: Start with the Body

The body is the largest piece of the essay, and it will definitely take you much time, but though it might sound strange, starting the writing process with the body paragraphs can boost your progress. When one starts their writing with an introduction, they spend a lot of time predicting what will be discussed in the essay. Well, these “predictions” often take a while because you write a thought, delete it because it seems useless, write something new, edit, and so on. This happens because, at this stage, you have no idea where your research will lead you and what issues will be covered. Thus, introduction writing may feel more like guessing. So, find the issues for discussion, critique your arguments, focus your reading, and finally, do the introduction. When you work on the introduction after the body is already written, you build your presentation upon the facts you already have, and this boosts the process really well.

Tip #5: Choose Interesting Topics

People always do things that they like a bit faster. This can also work with writing an essay on an issue you are interested in. If your professor provides you with a list of topics to choose from, have a look and choose the one that’s to your personal liking. At times, even a paper on an easy topic can take you more time to complete than one on a topic you appreciate.

Sometimes, professors are open for discussion, and if you are given a topic you do not like, you can always ask your professor to modify it and make it more interesting for you. Of course, not all professors will be ready to listen to your ideas, but you better try in order not to regret not even asking.

Tip #6: Motivate Yourself

Despite the notion that an extrinsic reward is not a really good idea in most cases, it can still be a great booster for everyone, children and adults alike. Before you start working on your essay, think about what you would like to do or get now. Of course, a new car doesn’t count. It should be something down-to-earth that you can really do or get right now. Well, maybe you have been putting off going to the cinema, or you have already rejected your bestie’s coffee proposal, or you want to dine on something you do not allow yourself to eat very often, yet you really love it, etc. Give yourself permission to do this just after you are finished with your essay.

Tip #7: Limit Distractions

When you are working on a project that does not inspire you, there is a real problem in that your body and brain always want to flee. Well, in such a situation, you should rise above this feeling and sit still while working on your project.

Of course, distractors can be different, and even when working on a topic you enjoy, distractions are highly possible if you live on campus and have roommates, if you live with parents who can come to your room anytime, when you are working at a cafe with lots of people rushing around, etc. In this case, you should pay close attention to the place you choose, and if it is possible, ask those who are around you not to disturb you for some time if there is no vital necessity.

If you have to write an essay, but the thought of the time you are going to waste embarrasses you, consider these tips that can help you boost the process without sacrificing the quality of your writing. Hope you will find one that works for you. Good luck!