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Need for Automatic Text Summarization at the Enterprise Level

Need for Automatic Text Summarization at the Enterprise Level

The concept of summarization is not something new. Most of us know it and have summarized lengthy write-ups to transform them into smaller content termed summary with all main ideas and important details included in it. Summarization is the process that involves the condensation of a large write-up into a brief, concise, and comprehensive piece of writing, covering all the necessary details from the actual piece of content.

The resultant brief, concise, and comprehensive writing obtained from this process is a summary. Manually summarizing a large amount of data into a brief piece of content may take significant time and effort. Moreover, summarizing a large document full of technical jargon and legal proceedings could be an uphill task. The process may take several days or even weeks if the document you are summarizing has tens or hundreds of pages.

An automatic text summarization is a better way to deal with this issue. A text summarization tool and algorithm have been around for a while. However, the advent of advanced technology, including NLP (natural language processing) and deep learning, gave automatic text summarization a new direction. Now, many enterprises can bank on automatic text summarization to accurately summarize their valuable information without missing out on important parts.

Some enterprises still need to understand the importance of automatic text summarization and learn about tools that can help them ensure accurate summarization easily. This article discusses everything you should know about automatic text summarization at the enterprise level. Read on to learn more.

Why Do Enterprises Need Automatic Text Summarization?

There could be multiple reasons why an enterprise needs an advanced text summarizer to automatically condense a large set of information into a brief document. Here, we will discuss a few use cases. Further details are given below.

  • Fetching Valuable Information from a Meeting Transcription

Many important decisions are made during an enterprise meeting. These decisions may include a roadmap regarding work on a project, the determination of final objectives, and budget allocation for various tasks, including marketing and R&D (research and development).

The entire meeting transcription may feature a huge number of pages. Automatic condensation of this document into a brief statement using a text summarizer will help all stakeholders easily go through the main points of the meeting. Automatic text summarization of transcription will also lead to a readily available set of necessary information that is easier to read.

  • Skimming Emails

While most enterprises have started using cloud-based team communication platforms, inter-enterprise communication is still performed through email. These emails often consist of valuable information regarding solutions offered by one enterprise to solve the issues of another.

Additionally, emails sent from one enterprise to another may feature important data regarding project collaboration. However, the limited time availability may lead to missing out on valuable information. Conversely, automatic text summarization can help an enterprise deal with email overload and skim emails faster without missing out on valuable information.

  • Repurposing Valuable Content for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can play a key role in helping businesses reach their targeted audience and promote their products and services effectively. However, despite producing new content for social media marketing, they can bank on automatic text summarization for content generation.

Automatic breakdown of long-form content into valuable short pieces for social media marketing using an advanced text summarizer could be a perfect solution. Hence, automatic summarization can help enterprises repurpose existing content and make it shareable on social media for effective marketing.

How is Automatic Text Summarization Possible?

Summarizing text without human intervention is very much possible if you get your hands on AI-powered tools using NLP and deep learning to fetch standout points from a large set of information. Here, you will learn about a few advanced and accurate summarizer tools.

  • Text Summarizer by

The text summarizer offers a perfect solution for various kinds of users. Enterprises can also leverage it for automatic text summarization. Using this summarizer is pretty simple. Paste the original content, choose the language in which it is written, and tap the summarize button.

This tool will automatically summarize the given content into a brief yet comprehensive summary while ensuring the presence of essential information. The best thing about it is that it is readily usable without needing a credit purchase or sign-up. This tool is easily accessible through various devices.

  • Summarizer by, as a website, was initially developed to host a plagiarism checker. However, it also offers other text analysis and modification tools, like an AI-powered text summarizer. It is a perfect tool for automatic text summarization at the enterprise level. It also offers various options for a bespoke summary.

Users can opt for paragraphs, key sentences, or percentage-based summarization. This text summary will condense the given content accordingly. For instance, key sentences will make bullet points featuring the main points, while paragraph mode will summarize the main idea in a paragraph.

Putting it Together

Summarization is often needed for various reasons. However, at the enterprise level, it becomes necessary because of various use cases. However, manually summarizing a large set of information may require significant time and effort. Hence, automatic text summarization is needed. Enterprises can opt for an advanced text summarizer tool to cope with this issue. We have discussed a couple of highly effective tools to help enterprises in this regard. Hopefully, you will find this article useful!