Types of Writing Assignments

Standard orders can be found in the Writer’s Area. They are original articles that you write for publishers that feature good spelling, grammar, and research. Unless the publisher states otherwise, these articles need to be entertaining-to-read, informative essays written formally and in the third person. Articles that appear in the pink highlighted areas are the oldest articles in the queue and need to be completed before non-highlighted articles.

Rewrite orders are articles where you rewrite an existing article provided by the publisher. When you choose one of these articles, you are provided with text from the publisher. You rewrite the existing article sentence by sentence (or whatever method you choose) to create unique content from the original article. You can take a different perspective using the same idea in different words to create that article. To do this successfully the article must be different enough that it will pass our duplicate article check. Research needed for these articles are minimal if at all. Attention: we have automatic features that prevent duplicate content and submitting articles too similar to the original. Please do not use spinning techniques or software.

Direct Orders are placed from the publisher directly to a particular writer based on his or her profile. You develop your own profile including pay rate, maximum length of articles and the number of articles in your queue at one time. Prompt production of article material can encourage client satisfaction and your direct order status a writer.


Quality Level Expectations

All TCA writers are TIER RATED based on Mechanics, Keywords, Paragraph Construction, Organization, and Titles.

Tier 1

  • Mechanics at this level experience some grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.
  • Keywords for this level are used the proper number of times and with the client’s exact spelling and instructions.
  • Paragraph Construction includes keywords and related information in a weak format, but shows progressive improvement with article experience.
  • Organization of information is somewhat together, paragraphs weakly constructed.
  • Titles include the keyword but lacks originality.

Tier 2

  • Mechanics include almost no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.
  • Keyword is used in first and last paragraph and is in the article the proper number of times as per client request. Keyword and the keyword phrases should be spelled exactly as client requests.
  • Paragraph Construction includes the first paragraph that contains introductory sentence, body or explanation, and conclusion. Paragraphs are at least three sentences in length containing pertinent information with keywords blended throughout the article.
  • Organization of information is well constructed paragraphs with beginning, middle and conclusion.
  • Titles are original, between 4-8 words long and include the keyword.

Tier 3

  • Mechanics include no grammatical spelling or punctuation errors.
  • Keywords include specifications that the keyword specified by the publisher must appear in the article at a 2% density (2 x per every 100 words) any secondary keywords or keyword phrases must appear at least one time or as directed by the publisher.  Main keywords or keyword phrases should be included in the first and last paragraphs and then distributed evenly throughout the article. Keywords must all be included and spelled exactly how the client requests including capitalization and misspellings. Some clients will request a higher or lower density, if not adhering to the 2% density is expected.
  • Paragraph Construction for this level of writing includes the keyword in the introductory sentence, body of article and concluding sentence. All paragraphs are at least three sentences long and contain well-constructed and useful information with clear transitions to the next paragraph with a strong conclusion.
  • Organization of information is very organized in cohesively constructed paragraphs and subheadings.
  • Titles should be unique, eye catching, with keyword woven carefully into the wording. It should be 4-8 words long.

Tier 4

  • At the Tier 4 level, the writer style is expert, extremely polished and professional. This writer is able to produce technical writing skills, sales copy material and high-level content flawlessly. This level includes the same criteria as Tier 3.