How To Fill Out RuleSets

Writers, please fill out your Direct Order profile(s) as quickly as possible when you log on to The Content Authority’s updated site. To do so, you will go to the Write Content area, and then to the Direct tab. You should see a link called “Settings.” Clicking on Settings will bring up a page where you can enter your Direct Order Settings and create a new rule set. Use the following procedure to create a new rule set.

1. Click the Create New Rule set link.

2. Name the rule set—the client will see this name, so make it something about your writing for this particular “set of rules” such as “Sales writing,” “eBooks,” “Rewrites,” “Product Reviews” etc.

3. Set the rate per word that you want for that particular writing style.

4. Choose the word counts for the length of articles you are willing to write for that set.

5. Give a brief description of the work you can do under this rule set.

6. Tags are keywords about which you are willing to write under a specific rule set. List any area of expertise or topics you want a client to type in to search for you if they are looking for a Direct Order writer for articles in a particular niche.

7. The “Visible To” button allows you to set that rate for a particular client (enter that ID here) or to show to all clients who are looking for someone to write on those keywords.

8. Activate the rule set…or deactivate it if you are going out of town for a few days These rule sets will allow you to set client specific rates so you need not change your rate at the whim of any client who wants you to write for them on a given topic at a particular rate. You can create a number of rates for different styles and levels of writing. Please do not put any personal information in your rule sets.