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The services offered at The Content Authority fall under two basic categories: content creation and content submission. Our content creation services include original content writing, content rewriting, eBooks, and Press Releases.

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  • Standard Orders
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  • Direct Orders
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  • eBooks

You can order custom content from us in a variety of ways. Our most popular service is “Standard”-type content orders, where your order is given to all qualifying writers at or above the specified tier. This type of order best ensures speedy delivery of your content.


There are four tiers available for Standard orders: Basic, Great, Excellent and Expert.

  • Basic (0.012 USD per word). This tier consists of content written in English and is suitable for article marketing sites with no quality requirements. This tier is not recommended for most clients.
  • Great (0.018 USD per word). This tier consists of content written in English and is best for article marketing sites with little to no quality requirements. These articles will be higher quality than Basic but WILL NOT pass high quality guidelines set by sites like EzineArticles.
  • Excellent (0.023 USD per word). Excellent content can be used both for article marketing and basic on-site articles. These articles will meet content standards set for sites like InfoBarrel, EzineArticles and Hubpages.
  • Expert (0.065 USD per word). This is our recommended tier for high quality web content and sales copy. These articles will feature author expertise and will be written with a high degree of authority. Content written at this tier will be acceptable for any purpose, from sales copy to engaging blog commentary.

Rewrite orders are articles written using content you provide. The text you provide will be used to create a sentence-by-sentence rewrite. The resulting article will pass unique-article duplicate checks.


  • Standard Rewrite (0.009 USD per word). These articles should be considered the same quality as Basic Standard Orders. They will be written in English and should be used for the purpose of posting to article marketing sites with no quality requirements.

Direct Orders allow you to order directly from a single writer or a group of writers of your choosing. Pricing is much more flexible and you can expect consistent results with this type of order. More and more of our clients are opting to create Direct Orders and this service is quickly moving to surpass our Standard Orders as being the preferred method clients order content through us.

Given the nature of how Direct Orders work, we highly recommend contacting support ([email protected]) so that we can find the best writer for your budget and project. You can also choose to find writers through orders written for you with our Standard/Rewrite services or through our built-in search tool.


Direct Order pricing is based on the preferences and settings of the writers you choose. Orders can be as little as 0.015 USD per word or as much as the writer chooses. Quality is writer dependent and you can expect some amazing results with the right writer (contact us so we can help find the right one for you!).

Why get stuck ordering only a few articles at a time? The Content Authority offers an advanced on-site bulk ordering service where you can order large amounts of articles using a simple CSV file. Use multiple labels, unique sets of instructions for each article, and any other option you can think of while placing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of articles at the click of the button.

Read More About Bulk Orders



eBooks are becoming a popular and unique way to market your services and yourself. eBooks written by writers at The Content Authority are very high quality and meant to be displayed proudly on sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as on your own site (perhaps as a gift for someone signing up for your mailing list).

This service is set up similarly to Direct Orders in that you dictate who writes your eBook as well as set a price per word for the copy. Unlike Direct Orders, however, you must choose at least 3,000 words for the minimum length of the copy.

Along with the copy, you can opt for further services including formatting, editing and cover design. Formatting includes making the copy “prettier” such as making headings, bolding text, and creating hyperlinks (when applicable) while also including a saved version of the eBook in a popular eBook publishing format (.mobi). Editing, as you might expect, includes professional editing of the content for grammar, spelling, and wording. After getting your approval of the initial copy, our editors will go through the text to make sure the spelling, grammar and punctuation of the eBook is suitable for publishing. Our cover design service features a pleasant cover design with the title of your eBook and any applicable stock images.


  • Cost per word. You need to order at least 3,000 words at a bare minimum of 0.025 USD/per word.
  • Formatting. Formatting is based on the length of the eBook which starts at 24.00 USD for 3,000 words.
  • Editing is based on the length of the eBook which starts at 24.00 USD for 3,000 words.
  • Cover design is 35.00 USD