Bulk Orders

Do you need a way to place orders faster without having to fill out the online form?  The Content Authority offers the Bulk Order tool as solution for clients who wish to place their orders through a CSV spreadsheet.  The Bulk Order tool also offers you more advanced methods of ordering content, such as giving you the ability to request a specific keyword to be created as a HTML link and placed in a specific part of the written article.


  • Order your favorite types of content.  Order Standard and Direct Orders with a CSV file.
  • Saves time. when placing large numbers of diverse orders
  • Easy to use. use your favorite spreadsheet software to manage ordering
  • Advanced ordering features.  Offers the ability to specify keyword placement with HTML link
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Order Your Favorite Types of Content

The Bulk Order tool allows you to order Standard and Direct-type orders in bulk.  Standard orders go to all writers and are produced based on tier.  The tiers, ranging 1 to 4, start at basic quality and end at expert.  Direct orders allow you to order directly from specific writers or select pools based on multiple writers.  Often the choice for clients who have found a writer that meets the needs of their projects, Direct orders offer the most consistent and reliable way to get content that meets theming needs across entire domains/brands.


Save Time Ordering In Bulk

When you’re ordering a lot of articles, it can be tedious having to type in a bunch of things–over and over–on a web form.  This arduous process is particularly time consuming when it involves a variety of keywords, levels of quality, instruction sets and labels.  The Bulk Order tool breaks some of the restrictions required for a simple, accessible online form and allows you to place complicated orders with ease without having to spend extra time placing multiple orders.


Easy to Use

The Bulk Order tool is easy to use as it uses CSV spreadsheets.  Simply use your favorite spreadsheet software (like Microsoft Excel) to modify our easy-to-understand templates and then upload the file to our website using the tool.  We’ll automatically check the file for errors and tell you if we find any (and where you can find the errors).  When your file is all set up and ready to go, it’s as easy as pressing a button!


New Advanced Ordering Features

A forerunner of some exciting new features coming to the web ordering form, you can now choose keywords to be placed in specific parts of the article.  This placement process, specifically designed for clients needing a single link in their article text, guarantees correct placement through an automatic check when the writer attempts to submit the article.  This feature is entirely optional and you do not need to use it if you choose not to do so.


Need Help? View the bulk order tutorial