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Writing Prompts: The Author’s Remedy for Writers Block

Writing Prompts: The Author’s Remedy for Writers Block

Writing prompts can act as a sanity saver when your creative juices have run dry and the dark, threatening clouds of writers block loom overhead. Even the most productive writers turn to a prompt or two on days when stringing a coherent sentence together seems like more effort than it’s worth. If you’re a writer, you probably know all about the struggle to conjure up a worthy idea from time to time, let alone develop it into a full-blown story, or article.

Writing Prompts Defined

Prompts are words, phrases, or pictures. They are quotes, memories, or lyrics from your favorite song. Quite simply, prompts refer to anything that kick starts your creativity and gets the words flowing. Picture, if you will, prompts loosening the gunk clogging up your gray matter, prohibiting you from developing a single writable thought.

The Writing’s on the Wall

As a professional writer, a lack of ideas could pose a danger to your livelihood. Imagine going to a client empty-handed. How can that be? You’re a writer! You’re an artist, a wordsmith, a master of written expression. You’re capable of weaving words into magical literature that makes people dream, hope, form opinions, and if you’re a copywriter, buy. You ignite the imagination of others, so where is yours?

Doesn’t sound credible does it? A writer who can’t write. It certainly doesn’t sound like the kind of person your prospect wants to hire. Whether you’re just starting out, at the height of your career, or mellowing a bit, there is no reason for you ever to be a has-been, washed-up author. When all you see is a lifeless writing career, you should take the time to reboot your creative system with a few writing challenges to save you from your rut.

Freeing Yourself from the Jam

Believe it or not, writing prompts make all the difference. They are tremendously helpful during brainstorming sessions as they dislodge the ideas waiting to be written. When you need a burst of inspiration, a prompt is the answer.

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In addition to helping with dreadful writer’s block, you can use prompts to practice your skills. No author is perfect, but certain mistakes can be avoided, and bad writing habits eliminated. When you practice with prompts regularly, you will quickly find there is an overall improvement in the way you write.

Sometimes writing tends to get a bit stale and redundant, especially if you write about the same topic every day. It’s only natural to go through writing hardships, so don’t worry if it’s happening to you. A prompt goes a long way in jogging your brain, and enticing fresh ideas that can be fleshed out into complete articles.

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You can use prompts for all types of writing, including novels, movie scripts, short stories, sales copy, and web content. These and many other forms of writing have benefited from a prompt or two. The results are often amazing, which allows writers to reassess their ability. Sometimes all it takes is a word or an image to unlock a world of incredible ideas and imagination. Something good can be something great with the help of a prompt.

Keeping a swipe file of interesting writing prompts is an excellent idea. You can refer to it when you need a little distraction, or simply want to practice your talent. Prompts make you challenge your ability and push you when you need it most. They are great for gaining a new perspective and helpful for navigating your way around those tricky dead ends. Just when you think you’re down and out, a writing prompt can put you back in the game. Never underestimate the power of a picture, or a word.