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Writing is satisfying, and it’s even better with legitimate clients that offer you writing jobs. Many businesses now have an online presence, and the demand for content has increased over the years. That means opportunities for you. However, the reality is that there is no guarantee, and many writers are struggling to find writing jobs.

What does that mean to you? Whether you’re an experienced writer or breaking into the industry for the first time, preparing adequately, knowing where to look for jobs, and positioning yourself enables you to attract clients.

That’s where this comprehensive resource comes in. We’ve found 10 ways, and expounded them in detail to help you find writing jobs in NYC today!

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

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10 Ways to Find Writing Jobs in NYC

Back to our main question; how do you find writing jobs? Well, here are ways that guarantee results in the long run.

1. Start Cold Pitching

Cold pitching is among the best ways if done right. It’s because you’re not competing with multiple people, and you have a chance to engage the client directly. It might sound hard, but that’s not the case.

Research on the businesses or individuals that need writing services and their contacts, then draft an email to them. But before you send it off, take your time to know more about their business.

Importantly, indicate who you are, why they need to hire you, and the transformation you’ll have on a particular company. Cold emails convert better when you incline your focus to the potential client benefits.

2. Network with Writers

Writers are always willing to share opportunities with those close to their network. It’s not just about competition, but also about keeping abreast of changes in the industry and being a brother’s keeper.

The trick benefits both beginners and experts. It’s here where you’ll know the niches taking the industry by storm, opinions on rates, new content marketplaces accepting writers, and much more. 

If there are writers, you’ve been stalking on either social media or at their websites, reach them out and network. Most writers are welcoming because they know interactions bring about a win-win situation.

3. Engage Local Businesses

If you can visit your local company and engage them from a professional perspective, you’ll have easily added a new client. Whether it’s a Web Company, Press Company, or yoga school, pay a visit.

Many tend to ignore local companies, but the reality is that they won’t fail to consider you when you do it the right way, and to their benefit. Who knows? You might end up getting consistent work. 

These businesses feel contented working with people in their locality who can engage in a one-on-one conversation and brainstorm when a need arises. With local companies growing exponentially, this is one of the best ways for those inquiring on how to find writing jobs in NYC.

4. Job Board Ads

Many businesses and entrepreneurs are now turning to job boards to seek writing talents. You only need to have the right skills that complement a particular job post. That helps you to stand out among the many applicants.

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Again, there are free and paid job boards. If you’re a beginner, start with the free version and upgrade with time. Keep refreshing your board and respond to ads promptly when you see them. But first, read keenly and stick to the client’s specifications. 

Here are some of the job boards you pitch to:

5. Seek Referrals

Referrals and repeat customers are the best things that can happen to you. While experienced writers benefit from this approach more, newbies who have worked on a few projects also stand a chance.

Be focused and deliver quality work. Let your client know you can work with other clients if given a chance. Some will automatically refer you to others if you make them happy, but it’s good to let them know.

Where clients are reluctant, strike a deal. For instance, tell them you can deliver a free article to every referral they give you. Don’t forget to engage fellow writers and let them connect you elsewhere. 

6. Focus on Social Media

Social media is the next big thing when it comes to seeking writing jobs. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, having the best strategies increases your chances.

Have your profiles ready and then know the tricks to maneuver the platform. For instance, the use of advanced search engine on Twitter makes it possible to see the many. 

You can find listings based on your preferred language, location, hashtag, and so on. That tells you that if you’re on the verge of knowing how to find writing jobs in NYC, Twitter has you at heart.

Facebook has some of the best writing groups. Here, be part of the conversations, and people will see potential in you. Many businesses are also on Instagram, and you can pitch them directly.

7. Ask Around

Well, this might seem an obvious way, but it’s one of the best tactics. Don’t ignore it.  Ask random friends and family at home or over coffee dates on whether they know any company hiring writers.

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Some of them also have companies, and it could be a chance to work with them if you convince them right. If possible, meet those you’ve worked with previously, they might end up being your first clients, and leave excellent testimonials.

Seeking writing jobs is extensive exercise. Interact widely anywhere you find potential clients. Create those business cards, and let family and friends recognize you.

8. Guest Posts

Guest posts work for many writers. But here is the trick; write for a popular site with thousands of followers. It’s because many will see your writing, and that where potential clients notify you.

Where do you start? When guest posting, know whether it’s a paid post or a free post. Both approaches can convert. Remember to read the guidelines of your post recipient and engage them before to know the terms.

Research appropriately. For instance, you can do a quick search on “niche + write for us” and start there. When you cross the deal, give your best. Remember to draft a professional author bio linking it to your site or social media site.

9. Building Relationships

Other than cold pitching, you can also choose to build a relationship with various brands. Use multiple ways to make them recognize you. It’s a slow approach, but one of the best.

For instance, if you came across a brand in your niche, follow their social media platforms and subscribe for email alerts. That makes it easy to know when they post. Comment, retweet, and ask questions when necessary. Nurture that relationship and inquire for a writing job at the right time.

Clients want to be sure of who they trust with work. The best way to create a bond and present yourself as a professional is to have a portfolio. That’s where your website comes in.

10. Content Agencies and Marketplaces

If you have skills to handle a wide range of projects, and social proof, you can’t go wrong with content marketplaces. Here, jobs are posted on the boards or directly to you. Clients get vetted wisely, making them secure platforms.

More so, rates are indicated publicly, so you’ll know what you’ll get in return. There is no limit on what you can earn. Your effort pays. If you work extra harder, you’ll be happy to earn decently. 

Among the best places include The Content Authority. There are multiple types of writing jobs at different levels, and the pay increases as the levels advance. Upon signing up, qualified writers get to work immediately.

Now that you know how to find writing jobs in NYC, let’s expound further by looking at the types of writing jobs available. But first, let’s help you get ready for these jobs. 

Getting Ready for Writing Jobs

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Writing jobs are legit, and they vary from one client to another. However, you have to check for possible red flags. 

With writing skills, portfolio, relevant training, and embracing the discussed approaches, you’re good to go. 

In the beginning, the fixed or hourly rates might be low, but you can command better prices with time. When it comes to payment, clients have their preferred way. It can be PayPal, TransferWise, Stripe, among others. 

Types of Writing Jobs Out There for You

There are multiple writing jobs that you can consider. Some of the most common include:

  • Copywriting jobs — Social media and advertising copy, sales pages, or landing pages.
  • Ghostwriting — Involves jobs that you write for someone. Some include book writing, legal writing, grant writing, essay writing, SEO content, etc.
  • Blogging jobs — Most common jobs. Some include SEO content, blog posts, technical writing, etc.

Time to Find Writing Jobs in NYC

Are you starting and in great desire to know how to find writing jobs in NYC? Over to you. We’ve already discussed approaches ranging from cold pitching, seeking referrals to embracing content agencies to help you. 

Don’t hesitate to check out The Content Authority and sign up as a writer. Good deals await you!

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