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Working from home can be a great opportunity for a modern day Mom who wants the benefits of a paying job without sacrificing precious time with her family. Here is one true story from a Working from Home Mom who found her niche at The Content Authority. Faith Kaltenbach started out over a year ago as a writer and now manages client services for TCA. Watch for more inspiring true life stories from work at home moms in our upcoming Mother’s Day series.

Faith Kaltenbach’s Life Experiences

I grew up with both feet firmly planted in mid air. Life was an educational adventure as I was homeschooled, along with my 5 siblings, so that we could travel freely. Five weeks in India, eight weeks in Mexico, six weeks in Arizona, etc, along with frequent returns home to the hills of Pennsylvania taught me at least as much as the books I always had open in front of me. I found the library in every town my family visited and as much as I loved to read, I loved to write even more. It was a good way to grow up but created a sense of spontaneity and adventure that has been hard to satisfy since! Fortunately, I’ve found some great adventures, and some have found me. Do you want to offer me a typical life? No thanks! I love the one I have!

I did take the traditional route for a time. I married a great guy, had a baby boy, adopted two special needs boys and settled into life as a wife and mom. Then, in July of 2000, Independence Day hit me hard. That day found me standing with my three sons between two coffins, my life forever changed. My husband of nine years and his brother were both killed instantly when the small plane they were in nosedived into a local cornfield. Now what? How does a woman survive something like that? Me? I went to college. It was a rough four years learning how to balance life as a single mom, find my sense of independence and make my way forward on my own two feet. I was able to graduate with honors four years later, and looking out at the faces of my sons watching Mom get her diploma was one of the highlights of my life. The month I graduated, I was diagnosed with diabetes, a disease that has taken the lives of several in my family, including my Dad. That knocked me back for a bit, but soon I was ready for the next step. I bought a motorcycle since I had been forced to give up my beloved horses. I loved to ride, but a hot muffler being a poor substitute for a warm muzzle, I went back to horses, and bought two, determined to do it on my own. Then, I met a wonderful man (thanks!) married and relaxed, very briefly, back in the comfort of having someone to lean on. A month after the wedding, he lost his job in the housing industry. Then, a doctor’s visit revealed two big surprises, one – he told me I was old, two – he told me I was pregnant! My older sons were 17, 18 and 19 at the time. We survived on his unemployment through a somewhat difficult pregnancy, and I could not be happier with my fourth son, but the unemployment was running out, and babies sure are expensive!

Paving the Way for a Work at Home Mom Career

I must admit, I was a little apprehensive when I first read about The Content Authority. I was looking for work for my husband in the job section of Craigslist when I saw an ad for “Writers wanted.” Apprehensive as I was, I was also intrigued. It sounded perfect…too good to be true, actually, but what if it was legitimate? What if I really could make money from home? With nothing to lose, I plunged in. I knew little about working from home on the Internet, but I’d heard the horror stories of people being caught up in a scam and losing a lot of time and money when they were suckered into a “dream job” working online. So, with some trepidation, I filled out an application and wrote a sample article, sending it off and hoping for the best. That was easy enough to do. I said to myself, “If they ask me for money, I’m out of here,” but TCA did not ask me for a cent. In fact, they paid me at the end of that first week. That first week was slow going for me, and I must admit the paycheck was rather small as I struggled to find my footing with content writing, but I stuck with it and quickly caught on, advanced through the tier levels and never regretting taking that first step. I moved from writing to editing, to working in customer support and then to my current position as the manager of client services. I have not looked back since, except in admiration to reminisce over where I started and where I am today.

It is truly a dream job to be able to work from home, set your own hours and make money without having to spend it. With the price of gasoline right now, I could not afford to drive far. With the price of daycare, I could not afford to send my toddler to someone else while I went to work and paid a stranger half my paycheck to raise my little boy for me. Lunch is soup and salad in the kitchen with my family and the only drifts I had to worry about navigating this winter were the laundry piles I ignored in the hallway! The only downside was that the boss did not buy it when I told him I was late one morning because it was raining. My husband is still out of work three years later but that is okay. He is wonderful at raising our son, feeding the horses and taking care of all of the housework. I will not complain if I never have to wash a dish again! I’m paying the bills!

I have enjoyed every aspect of working from home as a writer, editor, and customer support person for The Content Authority. -Faith Kaltenbach

I still love to write. Though poetry is my passion, I am enthusiastic about any aspect of wordsmithing. No one mockingly asks me what I will do with a BA in English with a concentration in writing now. No one laughs at my dreams to write because I am living that dream. Though most of my writing is done in client services now, I have enjoyed every aspect of working from home as a writer, editor, and customer support person for TCA. I work with some wonderful writers and super clients! It is an awesome company. It is an awesome job. It is an awesome opportunity and it is available to anyone who can write well. If you see me duck offline for a few minutes, it may be because I am reading a quick story and tucking my baby in for his nap, taking a break to hit the treadmill for a ten minute jog, or heading to the barn to visit my horses. I log off in the evening and enjoy time pursuing those dreams that my writing allows me to afford. I can travel because I bought a laptop (tax write-off!) and just need to log in from a hotel or truck stop and put in some hours. I love being able to earn a living for my family and still be around to enjoy time with them. Being a work from home Mom has been the biggest blessing in my life. I love my job and would not trade it for any other position for any amount of money or prestige, because the chance to be there for my family financially and physically is wonderful….beyond words.


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