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The work at home movement has seen an unprecedented amount of growth in recent years. It is obvious that the internet and technology have opened up doors that in the past were unheard of. The days of stuffing envelopes are but a distant memory. The movement will continue to see record numbers of people trying their hand at an internet venture. Many experts wonder how this new labor force will affect the population as a whole. Many wonder how the new social media explosion and work at home movement will affect things such as effective communication skills and actual physical human interaction. Some even suggest the work at home advantages may cause more harm than good. This suggestion is obviously up for debate.

There are obviously both advantages and disadvantages to working from home. One of the benefits that draw people to the internet is freeing up more time with friends and family. This can create a stronger bond and in many cases can heal old wounds. Another huge advantage is being able to create your own flexible schedule. Many of those who start working from home love the idea of generating their own schedule and being able to plan activities and events in any manner they choose. This is particularly appealing for those who have spent a better part of their working lives punching a time clock. Taking a break at their discretion is a completely new concept and often times takes some getting used to. Many are okay with the adjustment, having this new found freedom they once thought was not possible.

    Work at Home Advantages

  • Free up time to spend time with friends and family.
  • You become the boss of your day to day work schedule.
  • Freedom to take breaks when you need them.

The disadvantages may not appear as glaring as the advantages, but can have a big impact on one’s endeavor. One of the biggest problems in making the adjustment is for those who are used to being supervised. Many times people will have trouble staying focused on the task at hand. Not having that continued supervision and instruction can present a big challenge for those who are new to the game. This is where the person must find a way to self-direct themselves. It cannot be stressed enough how important this is in finding success of any kind with any online endeavor.

    Work at Home Disadvantages

  • You need to learn how to focus to become successful.
  • You have to become your own boss.
  • A normal job has less pressure than working on your own.

Many experts in the field of communication hotly debate the impact of the internet on one’s communication skills. Some suggest it has little or no impact on the person’s skills, and in some cases actually helps. Others state that not having that continued interaction with colleagues harms how well a person communicates. Proponents of the former state that skills are developed through writing and social media, where one has a constant source of bringing out a person’s creative side. The argument states that while human interaction is important, it is not the most important tool in effective communication. It can be agreed that each side has an effective argument, but ultimately the decision is up to people who are taking on the internet challenge.

It cannot be argued how the internet has completely changed the world. This paradigm shift has changed the way people shop, communicate and run their business. The effects will have a lasting impact and will continue to move forward in the future and beyond. The newest player in the rapidly changing technology field is mobile applications. With the power of today’s smartphone it is aggressively opening up new doors for the forward thinking entrepreneurs. This new shift is simply adding to the ever growing work at home field. Those who have a passion for technology and the internet are being presented with even more options. No matter what side of the equation one is on, the impact it has on everyone’s daily lives is undeniable.

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