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What is Clout When it Comes to Social Media? Here Are 3 Tips

What is Clout When it Comes to Social Media? Here Are 3 Tips

Clout was once a controversial subject, but in today's world, where social media marketing trends are the order of the day, it's a topic every social media user ranging from influencers, marketers, to digital enthusiasts can't stop talking about.

It's because clout gives you the social media influence you require, especially when pushing a brand or seeking to benefit directly from the move. A proper approach to clout helps you to skyrocket your social engagements. You connect with many people, making it easy to let everyone know about your intentions.

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Social media presence without influence doesn't convert. But how do you get there? Well, everyone talks about patience. That's not all. When coupled with the three (3) pro tips we highlight, you'll be happy to build your social media clout and boost your Klout score.

Clout means influence. When it comes to social media, clout manifests mainly in platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. A good example is the social media influencers with millions of active followers who trust and love them.

But before that, let's first look at the concept of clout in detail. Read on to clear things up and learn more.

What is Clout?

You probably have an idea of what clout is from what we've discussed above. Well, we understand that you must be more curious at this moment. Let's get it right for you.

Clout means influence. Urban Dictionary simplifies it further by talking about being famous and having influence or wanting social media attention. Due to influence, what you put across, impacts your followers.

With influencers, a product or service endorsed is likely to generate more sales because there is a huge following. Importantly, influencers have created a long term relationship with their followers, and that's where trust comes in — that's what clout is all about!

Well, do you need it?

Absolutely yes! It's no brainer. Many brands and individuals are leveraging clout marketing, and they'll do all they can to get to the level of top social media influencers.

So, how do you go about it and have that crazy following, influence, and conversion? Let's keep rolling.

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How Do You Get Social Media Clout?

How you get social media clout goes way beyond having that Twitter or Instagram account. You need to believe and start, get the right content, focus more on your followers, and impress them. Let's expound that in the explanation below.

Don't Be Afraid to Start

You've probably heard people say that you need to be a celebrity musician, athlete, or actor to influence. Well, that's a poorly thought concept, and it's not true. The reality is that even when you're starting from the ground, you can build your way up.

Get ready and let people have a reason to follow you. But first, have a professional profile, with the right details. Start with friends and family and grow exponentially with time. Asking people to follow you doesn't cost you anything. It creates a solid base through which you attract more followers.

But letting people follow you is not enough. Have something relevant that's worth their time. That's where quality content comes in; to grow your engagements even beyond your expectations.

Create Converting Social Media Content

An enticing brand name isn't the only thing that you need. With the right and high-quality content, clout follows you. You need contagious content that others can't resist sharing. Without appropriate content, it's hard to make your way up.

The main question remains: How do you create social media content that assures clout? Here are the secrets that, when put into action, are a game-changer. Read on!

  • Structure your content in an easy to read way. Headers, bullets, and lists do the magic.
  • Create content that transforms the life of social media users. Focus on helpful content.
  • Entertain your followers. Post those funny memes and grab people's attention.
  • Trigger emotions. Social media users with the massive following have a way to trigger emotions. Embrace the idea, and your content will go viral for days.
  • Get visual with your content. Visuals make it easy and exciting to understand the content. Post quality videos and infographics, and people will like and share.

Have Timely Posting

Don't expect influence if you can't post consistently and at the right time. Develop a schedule, and put your time in it. Post at least once in a day. It's a grave mistake if you leave your social media accounts unattended for months.

It can be challenging when you're busy with other things to benefit your brand. Hiring a content agency to do it ensures there is consistency, and followers don't feel your absence.

Remember, it's About Your Following

It's more about the audience, not you. Keep the audience in mind. That will help you craft content that they'll love. If followers love it, sharing among friends becomes easy. You can have polls or even look at the comments, and you'll know your followers' tastes and preferences. Follow current trends to know the talk of the online streets.

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What is Clout When it Comes to Social Media? Here Are 3 Tips

Now that you know what clout is, and the role of quality content in influencing and connecting people to your brand, let's expound further by looking at 3 tips to help your business generate clout.

Follow or Talk to Influencers and People with Clout

Irrespective of your brand position, an influencer will help you push your product or service out there. Influencers understand what it takes to have clout because they already have the following. Many consult them, and they benefit in return.

Based on your brand, have an influencer who complements the particular niche, and let them give reviews on your product and direct people to your profile. Product reviews are an eye-opener, and if well detailed and directed to the right people, brands acquire a crazy following.

Brand ratings and endorsements from influencers also help to get part of their audience to follow you. Leveraging influences consistently while keeping in touch with your audience through good content, boosts your organic reach.

Rather than engaging the influencers, check out other people with social media clout. For instance, you can follow someone whose specialty is on mobile phones if that's what you want.

From them, you can get to know how they create influence. Don't copy everything. Pick the best practices, and customize them to suit your brand. That way, you'll have come up with even a better approach than them.

If you can find a way to link with even the micro and nano influencers or other social media' evangelists' to retweet and share your content, you'll have made a brilliant move towards building clout.

Be Everywhere

Remember, you're looking for a large and active following, and you need to get attention from all the corners.  Be on multiple social media channels. It might not work for many people, but at least leverage popular sites.

Many people are now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, and you should not miss out. More so, focus on those platforms where you get the most audience, based on what you're targeting and the type of content that you put across.

For instance, if your content is mainly video-based targeting the gen Z, it will do well in TikTok and Instagram than when you focus on posting it on Twitter. Embrace tools across the various social media channels, to know the analytics. That helps you to target the audience who will follow you easily.

More so, monitor your influence to know where your brand lies and how to help you improve. Retweets, replies, and likes will tell a lot about your influence, but clout third-party score applications give you detailed reports, indicating where you need to focus more.

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Interact Extensively

Clout results from effective interactions. Your content will not convert to the maximum if you don't post and engage with your audience. That helps to keep in touch, boost confidence, and give some love in your account.

Be part of the conversation, and answer those questions that people want clarifications on. If someone mentions, tags, tweets or writes something about your brand, respond with love. Well, don't waste time arguing or being rude, it might not end well.

Here are the ways on how to ensure you interact extensively across social media:

  • Have a blog where people find content. Involve content creators and veterans in guest posting, and they'll share your content widely.
  • Leverage appropriate and creative hashtags to gain followers and use them as you interact across social media.

Now, Leverage Social Media Clout like A Pro

Many brands continue to struggle in generating influence. Now that you know what clout is when it comes to social media, go ahead and actualize the 3 tips in your brand. It pays in the long run.

Need any help to grow your brand online presence while enjoying the engagements and conversion? Let us hear from you!