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What Does “Down To Earth” Mean? How To Use It In A Sentence

What Does “Down To Earth” Mean? How To Use It In A Sentence

Have you ever listened to a friend describe you as a down-to-earth person? If the answer is yes, are you aware of the real meaning behind the expression? If you do not know anything about this, here you will clarify all your doubts.

A down-to-earth person is someone realistic, rational, and efficient. You can describe a down-to-earth person as someone with no foolish illusions. We can use it in a sentence when we need to say that someone is unpretentious and full of common sense.

Origin Of The Phrase

The origin of this expression is not specified. Yet, some sources say you can find one of the first uses somewhere between 1930 and 1932. Even though this is not an old expression, it has been around for quite a long time.

This idiom can be a reference to angels or superior creatures arriving on Earth to join humans. Angels coming down may allude to a humbling situation.

How People Use The Phrase

People use idioms to express themselves better, a boost to the way you communicate daily. They give a jolly and enjoyable twist to what you are reading. Keep in mind that some idioms are local, and when you use them, they add character to what you are saying. Sometimes you can set up an opinion by using them, depending on the context. Applying this makes everything engaging and fascinating.

In this case, people use it to describe someone straightforward. Sometimes, down-to-earth people come off as friendly or not that optimistic. But in reality, they only try not to get too distracted.


Examples Of The Phrase In A Sentence

  1. At first, I thought she was too arrogant. But then she became my friend. She is so down-to-earth.
  2. I miss my grandparents a lot. They taught me how to be a down-to-earth person.
  3. My science teacher acts in a down-to-earth way. She is wise, but she remains humble.
  4. Elijah tried to confuse me by saying that he was down-to-earth. But wow, he lied to me. That is a hard pill to swallow.
  5. People there are down-to-earth, but I cannot say that for everyone. Some of them get called selfish often.
  6. Elizabeth thought he would get mad or jealous. Still, his mentality is down-to-earth. He is mature and clever.
  7. I spent my days daydreaming. I do it too often; my mental health is getting worse. I wish I were more down-to-earth.
  8. Yesterday, I met the most down-to-earth person alive. His name is Benjamin. I am surprised that he is only fifteen years old.
  9. Nowadays, people dislike being down-to-earth. Social media teach us that we need to brag and only show our perfect sides.
  10. That was an awakening message for me. What a reality check. I have become more down-to-earth since then.

What Type Of Phrase Is It?

It is a common idiom of the English language. At the same time, you can classify it as an adjective. Below you can see some synonyms that can come in handy for you.

Synonyms Of Down To Earth


  1. Practical
  2. Realistic
  3. Sensible
  4. Matter of fact (Adjective)
  5. Rational
  6. Logical
  7. Balanced
  8. No-nonsense
  9. Level-headed
  10. Clear-headed
  11. Serious-minded
  12. Right-minded
  13. Far-sighted
  14. Pragmatic
  15. Commonsensical
  16. Wise
  17. Humble
  18. Centered
  19. Grounded
  20. Straightforward
  21. Reasonable
  22. Unpretentious
  23. Sagacious
  24. Timid
  25. Modest

Examples In Sentences

  1. She owns a lot of material things. Yet, she does not show off any of that. That is the best example of an unpretentious person.
  2. James is so timid and polite. He treats everyone too well.
  3. With discipline and time, acting with a sensible mindset is beneficial. The secret persists.
  4. Those people are not modest at all. What they try to portray is not realistic in any way.
  5. My boss offers a reasonable amount of money. Comparing my salary to others made me realize I am lucky.
  6. Katy is straightforward in the right situations. In the past, she was not, but she outgrew that.
  7. Everyone in this company is right-minded. To get into this company, you need to understand the values established by the CEO.
  8. My psychologist gave me some sensible counseling. She told me I need to become a better person. Still, everything takes time.
  9. Jonathan’s parents taught him the real meaning of being a grounded person. Now, he applies it every day.
  10. His mind is practical and logical. That is the reason why he is so passionate about calculus and statistics. He is going to study software engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Antonyms of down to earth

  1. Arrogant
  2. Bumptious
  3. Chesty
  4. Conceited
  5. Daydreamer
  6. Disdainful
  7. Egotistic
  8. Fastuous
  9. Haughty
  10. Highfalutin
  11. High-and-mighty
  12. High-handed
  13. Hoity-toity
  14. Imperious
  15. Insolent
  16. Overweening
  17. Peremptory
  18. Pompous
  19. Presumptuous
  20. Pretentious
  21. Self-assertive
  22. Supercilious
  23. Self-importance
  24. Toplofty
  25. Uppish

Examples in sentences

  1. You act in a pretentious way. In real life, you are acting up. You are like a little kid, but you are twenty years old.
  2. That supercilious man was intimidating and did not greet me when I got there. I thought people his age were nicer. But judging him will not help either way.
  3. If you continue to be that arrogant, no one will be happy around you. Not to say that you have to do things for others and not for yourself.
  4. You give yourself too much self-importance. Try to remember what I taught you.
  5. He is in a high-and-mighty mood today. Tomorrow he will come back to reality, or at least that is what we are hoping for.
  6. Mary came off as self-assertive when she posted her opinion on Twitter. Sometimes it is better to remain silent.
  7. That artist deserved better; I disagree with people that are calling him pompous. I have been following his career since day one.
  8. I know Noah is cute and all, but he is insolent, and his personality is not worth it. Do not get in his trap.
  9. That overweening manner is driving me crazy. But I cannot change it.
  10. Jacob is egotistic, immature, and loves getting spoiled by his family.

Famous quotes with the idiom down to earth

  1. “I am very down-to-earth. I have been like this all my life. Even though I am on a much different track than most people my age, I have this fantasy that I live a double life. I go on tour for a long time, but when I go back home, I like to say that I am doing things like before.” — Tristan Prettyman.
  2. “I am a person, and at the same time, I am human, down-to-earth, and not taking life for granted… Whatever God gives you is good. Enjoying life is a daily thing for me.”  — Mohamed Al-Fayed.
  3. “I love and adore down-to-earth people.” — Amos Lee.
  4. “I usually get girlfriends with common sense. Being down-to-earth is more important than what you look like.” — Sean William Scott.
  5. “I am so down-to-earth, but not this earth that we live in.” — Karl Lagerfeld.
  6. “My family has down-to-earth people, including myself. We do not act like celebrities or as if we were famous people.” — Gemma Arterton.
  7. “I am very down-to-earth, easygoing, and friendly, and I can relate to the guys when I am watching sports. I adore cooking. I am your basic girl next door.” — Marisa Miller.
  8. “I love women that are down-to-earth, that are playful, and that do not try to act only for me.” — Jacob Latimore.
  9. “People think of me as down-to-earth because I act like that. That is something I do not have to put too much effort into achieving.” — Elizabeth Banks.
  10. “Daily, people say to me, ‘You act way different compared to the way you are on-stage!’ When I am not on stage, I am down-to-earth, simple, and an entertaining friend. I like to show people crazy faces, be foolish and not take things too hard. I like laughing.” — Nicole Scherzinger.
  11. I do not think I am the star or the idol of people. I have brothers, and there is always an ambitious way of acting between us when flirting with girls. If I say I identify myself as a role model or someone to admire, they will bring me immediately back down to earth! — Ross Lynch.

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Now that we know the meaning of the famous phrase down-to-earth, we can conclude: being down-to-earth is necessary. It is also a great adjective or compliment. A genuine, down-to-earth person is excellent, and people think of them as good to be around.

But everything needs a balance, do not take things too deep or rough. Even though it is great to be realistic, being like that with no control will make you unhappy. Also, do not try too hard to be down-to-earth because down-to-earth people are like that because it is in their nature. They do not have to act like somebody else.

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